30 November 2009

11 Month

Wah.. Vio is 11 month today.. time reaaaaaally flies too quickly.. I feel that he's so big now (as compared to few months back). Vio looks sooo tall now. Even when we went to the church, we met a little boy and his family, the little boy's grandma was saying "xx, say hello to didi.." then "wah how come didi looks bigger than you?" And apparently, that little boy is already 2 years plus.. haha...

As usual, every 29th of the month is Vio's "photoshooting" timeee... This time, I took photos of him with... his BALLS!!

[caption id="attachment_850" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Master of the Balls"]Master of the Balls[/caption]

It's amazing how he's not getting bored with Balls after being "mesmerized" by it for few weeks liao. Normally with other toys, the "chemistry" don't last that long.. After few minutes of play, he'll get bored of it liao. But not with balls.. The whole day, he can just keep chanting "balls.. balls.. balls..." and busy crawling around the house to catch (and throw) his balls..

.. which is a good thing actually.. considering balls are cheap and long lasting! As in they won't spoil coz you throw them too much. They are meant to be thrown around!

[caption id="attachment_851" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Posing with the ball"]Posing with the ball[/caption]


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