26 June 2012

A Day In The Life of A Working Mom

I've been thinking for a while to make something like "A Week in The Life", but I'm not sure whether I can do it. It does seem like a lot of work, and at the moment I feel like I'm really BUSY enough.

So well, today as I'm surfing the net, I read some entries about A Day In The Life of A Working Mom, and it's kinda inspire me a bit! So here it goes.. My day on a normal Tuesday. No photos, though. I haven't taken any photos today!


7:50 am
Pi woke up first (at 7:30am) and took a shower. When he's done, he woke me up for my shower. Kinda surprised that Caitlyn is still sound asleep at this point. She would normally wake up at 7:30am. Maybe she's very tired as she slept quite late last night (close to 11 pm!!) and we just returned from a short trip to Jakarta yesterday.

8:05 am
I finished my shower, and as I opened the bathroom door, Caitlyn was awake! (We really need to do something about that door. It is very noisy when we open or close it!) As usual, Caitlyn is the happiest just after she wakes up from her night sleep. She looked at me happily and smiled soooo sweetly. However when I'm away from her for a few more centimetres (I need to comb my hair and put on some moisturizers etc), she cried and looked at me anxiously, afraid that I will leave her. Luckily Daddy come to the rescue! He played with her while I'm finishing my morning beauty regimen.

8:15 am
I had my breakfast. Today's breakfast menu was chicken steak, it was quite nice. Meanwhile, Vio has just finished his shower and getting ready to go to school. Today is his first school day after a one month holiday. He refused to put on his socks, but after sometime, he's finally ready and go to school with Nai2. I kissed him before he went off. Today he brought "Spiku" cake that we brought from Jakarta as his snacks to eat at school. His school actually provided some snacks for the students, but the teacher mentioned that sometimes Vio refused to eat and will just sit there while other kids are eating.

8:30 am
Time to go to work! I waved and kissed bye-bye to Caitlyn, and surprisingly she didn't cry at all, and even didn't ask me to carry her! (She would normally do that every time I wave bye bye). Apparently she's going for a shower, and yes she loves bath time very much, so that explains why she didn't want me to carry her. I took MRT to Caldecott MRT (changing at Buona Vista), and checked my emails along the way. I'm really wondering why didn't I get smart phone sooner?? To think that I'm getting it only recently! Yeah I'm always one step behind when it comes to technology.. LOL..

9:30 am
Reach office! I switched on my laptop, washed my water bottle and took some warm water. There's nothing much for me to do in office, so I spent the whole morning surfing net and downloading digital scrapbook files.

12:00 pm
It's lunch time! I went to the Market, planning to eat my favorite sliced fish soup with ee mee. But today the queue was very long, so I ended up eating Mini Pot Noodle, which was also not bad. After that we had Belgian Waffle with Rum 'n Raisin ice cream in Creamery. It was deeeeellliiiicciiiiooussss... I think that they have the best belgian waffle in town! After ice cream, we went to a nearby mama shop to buy some baskets. I'm in the midst of organizing my ever-growing scrapbook supplies that are VERY messy now. I'm really hoping that I have a bigger space to store my items and to do my crafts! All I have is this small table (which top is already half-occupied by my papers), a small cupboard under the table that contains our photo albums, as well as scrapbook albums, etc, and a drawer to contain all my other stuffs. Now I also hang my items on the wall so that it's easier for me to get things that I'm looking for. When horizontal is not possible, go vertical! LOL!

1:30 pm
Back to the office again, and still surfing net and chat with a friend. This is the time when I read the entries about "A Day in The Life of A Working Mom", and I'm kinda inspired to write about today! So here I am now, typing all these at 4:50 pm.

7:00 pm
Reached home, and greeted with the sweetest smile of Caitlyn and hopeful face of Vio, saying "Something?" He always hopes that I bring him a little something from office, and if I did, he would be sooooooo happy. But on this particular day, I didn't get him anything. The two kiddos were having dinner (in front of TV), so I took a bath, then play with them for a while, then have dinner with pi. And followed by playing with them again until around 9 pm

9:20 pm
The 2 of them slept fairly fast today! Since both of them has slept, I'm free to do my hobby! Lately I'm into organizing my supplies and coloring stamped images, so I did just that.

10:15 pm
Pi and I watched How I Met Your Mother (Season 7). It's our favorite show of the moment! We watched 2 episodes. I think it's wishful thinking if we plan to watch only 1 episodes. It's confirmed that we will watch at least 2 episodes. The serial is just so funny and fun to watch. And it's only 20 mins each!

11:00 pm
We're feeling rather tired today (maybe coz it's the first day of work), so we went to bed early.

14 June 2012

Scrapbook Layouts for My Niece and Nephew ^^

It's been a looooooooong while since I posted my scrapbook layouts here... Well, partly because nowadays I do more of digital scrapbooking, and when I'm doing paper scrapbook, normally I would be too lazy to take photo of it.. Haha..

Anyway, these are 2 layouts.. 1 for my niece and 1 for my nephew.. Specially ordered by my sister, who wants a layout that she only need to paste the photos on, and framed it.

I cut the names using Silhouette machine, and I quite like how the overall layouts looks ;)  Forgive the dark and unprofessional photo.. These are taken and cropped using my handphone.. :p

In Love with Coloring (Prismacolor and Sansodor)

I'm simply in love with coloring (and stamps) right now!

I recently bought a set of prismacolor pencils (after my previous Luna watercolor pencils set being completely destroyed and thrown around by my 2 angels). I had read that this seems to be the best color pencil around. They're not cheap, though. But I don't regret this purchase for even a little bit now!

The first time I'm coloring (and blending with sansodor and paper stumps), somehow the result didn't turn out to be nice. I had some difficulty on the blending part. Though I had made sure that the stumps are wet with sansodor, the color didn't seem to blend nicely. What have I done wrong? Or did the ebay seller I bought the pencil from sell the fake prismacolor? :p

Hours of reading online tutorial later, I went home and try coloring with the new "knowledge" that I've gained from the online tutorials. And voila! I can color it nicely! Well, at least I think that it looks nice (with gradient colors and all).

Not too bad for a beginner ya? I quite like the "shades" of the bear. I used 3 different shades of the pencil.

And here's one more:

I kinda think that the cat is such a cutie (after I color it)... Ooooooo.. I'm just soooooooo happy now that I can color (quite) nicely.. Haha...

Some tips for successful coloring:
  1. Color one area first and blend with sansodor. Once done, add a darker shade, and blend again with sansodor. And after that, add yet another darker shade and blend again (in circular motion, pushing towards the center). It is recommended to use 3 shades for each color
  2. While blending, do it at an angle. So you're blending with the sides of the stumps instead of the pointy tip of the stumps. This was my previous mistake! I thought that I should use the tip of the stumps! Once I use the sides of the stumps, the blending works like magic!

12 June 2012

Vrooom.. Present-Shaped Card

Another card made for Vio's ex-class mates in Apple Tree, whose birthday is today! (Vio is invited to his house. Seems like lately Vio likes to go to his house to play).

Please pardon the blurry photos. It was taken using my handphone in the wee hours of the night, when all are asleep!

The card is made with my beloved Silhouette machine. And of course.... washi tapes! Haha.. Do you see the cars tape used? I'm in love love love with it!

A card for sweet baby boy

Just to share a card recently made for sweet baby Collin that just arrives at the world! We went to visit him over the weekend.

The card was made using my Silhouette machine (which I still love very much, but still wishing that it's a cameo instead. It will be perfect if it can cut 12" paper so that I don't need to trim all the papers down to fit! I feel that all the trimmed papers are kinda "wasted"..)

Anyway... the card was supposed to be a moon-shaped card... Does it look like a moon?? Haha I surely hope so! I got the inspiration from my new book: "Card Sketches for Paper Crafters" (that I got at Paper Market at 50% off! Yippyyy!) and I just love love love that book! I won't be running out of idea soon! ;)  And of course, the card is covered with washi-tapes. With recent "craziness" of washi tapes (which resulted in rolls and rolls and rolls of tapes I have now), I better find a way to use them!

11 June 2012

Project Life: June 2012 (Week 2)

Some pages for week 2 of June 2012

This week, we went to Gymboree Harbour Front (again), for a free class that we got from Ben's birthday party. Vio was suuuuuuuper excited about it, and the teacher mentioned that he was really good (as in really happy in the class). Caitlyn was quite alright (she doesn't understand much yet), but she really enjoyed the bubbles and parachute part.

This week is also SUPER HOT week... And one fine day, it was raining, and just so happen that Savio & Caitlyn had a looooong afternoon nap. So soon after they woke up from their nap, we brought them for a walk in Jurong Lake Park (just a stroll). They enjoyed it a lot, especially since we let them picked up the things from the grounds (fallen leaves, etc). And they just looked soooo cute when they hold hands together!

I have a few of these cute headbands (for phototaking purposes, of course). Don't know why, I just LOVE these kind of things.. haha.. And seems like Caitlyn quite like them too (especially the turtle, she asked me to put it on her again and again and again..)  But of course, they only lasted a few seconds on her head.. :p

07 June 2012

Project Life: June 2012 (First Week)

First week of June is here!

The hot favorite at home now is the ball tent. But unfortunately, they play it the unconventional way..

The just LOVE to turn it outside down, sit and JUMP on top of it. Sigh.... The ball tent's days are numbered.. Now it can't stand straight anymore... When it stands, it will be slanted to one side.. wahaha.. Well, at least it's better than it being a white elephant ya? ;)