04 November 2009

If Only..

.. 1 day is 30 hours

.. weekends is 3 or 4 days, and working days is only 3 days

.. I can spend more time with Vio everyday

.. I don't need to work while the $$ still rolling in :p

.. .. .. .. and the list goes on..

Somehow I feel like I'm not spending enough time with Vio. In the morning before going to work, I'll play with him only for about 10 mins before going to work. And almost everyday, he'll cry to see me and daddy going out without him. And that will make feel very sad.. every.single.working.day. And after work, I can only reach home around 7:15pm, while Vio is going to sleep at 8:30pm. We only have 1 hour+ together, and in between I need to shower and have my dinner. Sometimes I bathe/have dinner only after Vio is sleeping just so that I can have more time with him.

[caption id="attachment_441" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mommy & Vio"]Mommy & Vio[/caption]

Sometimes I envy those full-time mom who can spend the whole day with their babies. Well, of course the thought of being a full-time mom has crossed my mind millions of times, but with the current situation we have, it will only be just a dream. And IF I become a full-time mom, I must have a maid too. Hahaha.. At least until Vio is a bit bigger, otherwise I think I will suffer (instead of enjoy) from having to cleaning the house everyday, cooking, and taking care of baby whole day all by myself.  But then... having a maid in Singapore is already $600+/month by itself. Add that to the cost of our daily living and the monthly allowance for pi's parents, AND our savings for the future.. Ah well.. I can see that it's impossible for me to be a full-time mom. For now. 

Or how about being a part time working mom? Or a 4-working day a week? Actually that thought have just crossed my mind yesterday. But I'm not sure how my boss would react to that idea, most likely he'll object to it, and I'm too paiseh to ask.. *Sigh* we can't get the best from both worlds, can we? ;)


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