30 November 2010

One.. Two.. One.. Two..

Vio is a sporty little toddler. Other than kicking & dribbling balls the whole day, he also likes to do adult's warm-up movement!

[caption id="attachment_1835" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Morning Time Exercise with Daddy"]Morning Time Exercise with Daddy[/caption]

25 November 2010

Story Alive "Hansel & Gretel"

Just felt like it's been a million years since the last babies outing. So we decided to have a short one. Only Iggy, Celestine, and Vio joined the outing.

We went to City Square Mall to have lunch together and watch the free story telling session from Leap Schoolhouse: "Hansel & Gretel".

[caption id="attachment_1827" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Attendees"]The Attendees[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1828" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Waiting for the show"]Waiting for the show[/caption]

The show begans with promotions about Leap Schoolhouse (but of course. What do you expect if the show is free?) And apparently, the show was targeted mostly for bigger kids. It involved asking few kids to answer questions, go to the stage many times to help setting the scene for the show or to act as Hansel & Gretel.

[caption id="attachment_1829" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Show from Vio's Point of View"]The Show from Vio's Point of View[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1830" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Daddy = My Personal Sofa"]Daddy = My Personal Sofa[/caption]

Though Vio didn't seem to understand much of the show, he managed to sit down during the whole show. I suppose he enjoyed the scenes of koko and jie-jie going up and down the stairs. And looking at them setting the scenes for the show. Haha.. Overall, it was quite ok.. At least we got a short outing (finally!)

24 November 2010

Our Little Reunion

It's that time of the year again~

Time for me & my friends for our bi-annual "reunion". This time round is for late celebration of my & Allie's bday. (very very late, that is.. hahaha). We went to Shin Sapporo Ramen at Suntec. I just realized that I (almost) never try real Japanese Ramen before? Or have I? I can't seem to remember... Well, maybe it's because I'm not a big fans of noodle, especially thick ones (I find them to be yucky). And Japanese noodle for me = udon, which is thick. I only like thin noodles.

Well, this ramen shop sells thin noodles too. I ordered their signature ramen: miso ramen (spicy), and changed the noodle to thin ones. It was not bad.. At least I think I'll try to order ramen again next time. Provided it comes with thin noodles..

[caption id="attachment_1820" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Gang"]The Gang[/caption]

We purposely didn't order any side dish.. Coz we wanted to try this interesting waffle shop that Allie & I spotted before meeting up at the Ramen shop. And.. as usual, it's card & gift-giving time!

[caption id="attachment_1821" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Shy Bday Gals"]Shy Bday Gals[/caption]

This year, I got a white 2-way scarf. Thank you galsss.. I like it... :D

After dinner time, we walked to the waffle place, and *ahem* stop for a while to take photos with the christmas tree.. wahahha..

[caption id="attachment_1822" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="O Christmas Tree.."]O Christmas Tree..[/caption]

Wah I think Vio would've loved the xmas tree bery much! It's made by all balls! I'm sure he'll scream "BALLL!!!!" and get so excited and want to take the balls.. Hoho..

And finally... the waffle place! The promotion that made Allie & I interested to have the waffle was a big standing banner picturing a cup of cut waffle with ice cream and belgian chocolate only for $5.8! It sure looks yummy! So we wanna ordered the one pictured in that promo.. And guess what did the person say? That menu is no longer available.. Tsk tsk tsk.. And they still put it up soooo big! Somemore it's a standing banner, which they have to pack up each night when the shop close. And they still put it up! Such a trap!

Though felt so cheated, we were already there. So we ordered 2 plate of waffle with ice cream (Rum & Raisin and Tiramisu). And.. at least.. it's nice... yummmmyyyyyyy..

[caption id="attachment_1823" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Yummy Waffle with Ice Cream"]Yummy Waffle with Ice Cream[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1824" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="4 of us, again"]4 of us, again[/caption]

As you can see, the walls are all covered with post-it notes. We were just wondering.. Do you think that it's all written by someone who's paid to do it?? I mean, the person who wrote all that are not really customers.. but more of the employees themselves... But ah, well... I guess we'll never know.. :)

19 November 2010

Hot Wheels Update

Following the Hot Wheels Craze here, check out how fast growing our Hot Wheels collection are:

[caption id="attachment_1814" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Latest Hot Wheels Collection"]Latest Hot Wheels Collection[/caption]

They're combined into a quite long circuit, with many "stunt actions" that happen very fast. The pic in the photo exclude 1 set of Hot Wheels that apparently can't be combined to make the track even longer..

In the meanwhile, here's Vio (with his orange moustache) wishing everybody a good weekend! :)

[caption id="attachment_1816" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I'm a grown-up boy with moustache!"]I'm a grown-up boy with moustache![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1815" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Have a good weekend, everybody!"]Have a good weekend, everybody![/caption]

18 November 2010

Toddlers & Hair Cut

I guess most parents of toddlers will know that toddlers and hair cut just don't go well together.

Vio hates hair cut. No.. I think that's an understatement. Let me emphasize: Vio hates hair cut. Ah.. That looks more like it :D

For his first haircut, we brought him to a hair salon in Taman Jurong, and unexpectedly, there was no problem at all! He didn't seem to know what the auntie was doing to him. The 2nd time round, we brought him to yet another salon in Taman Jurong. At first he was ok, then after few mins he started to realize something, and cried. The third time round, he cried sooooo loudly, and it was difficult to keep him still for the haircut.

After that, Vio's hair has always been cut by a neighbor, in the comfort of our own home (or in the neighbor's home), with many many toys to entertain him, but yet of course he's still crying. Though I think not as bad as before. He's just afraid to hear a "machine" coming near to his head. If it's only scissors (hence no machine), then it wasn't so bad.. 

Then sometimes back.. At Philips' staff sales, they have some units of Kids Hair Clipper to go at very low price! The retail price was supposed to be more than $100, but at that time, it was going at $35 only! So, on impulse (and thinking of the long benefit it has in the future to come), me and some other colleagues that also have toddlers, bought it. Somemore the box say it's ultra-silent, and designed for Moms. That's just what we need, isn't it? ;)

So... we decided to try it out during the weekend! The set was quite complete, really. Other than the hair-cutting machine, it also has scissors and comb in it, complete with the brush to clean the unit, and the hair length setting, not forgetting VCD with real children getting haircut using the tool (with happy faces, I must emphasize) AND it even includes robes for hair cut! Very thoughtful indeed..

So first things first.. we made Vio sit on his chair, facing the TV..

[caption id="attachment_1807" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Ready for My Haircut"]Ready for My Haircut[/caption]

Then we announced that he'll watch videos of koko getting hair-cut, and he would have his hair cut that day too, just like koko! (Though he didn't seem to understand it.. he just knew that he's going to watch something).

And so the video was on... and the machine was on (with 3 mm setting).... and.... yeah yeah you're right.. He's scared with the sound.. He kept looking at the machine to ensure it doesn't get any nearer to him. Though I must admit, the sound wasn't so bad. I mean it's not as loud as normal haircut machine...

Luckily daddy was brave enough to quickly snip Vio's hair and 1 of the back part, and.......... whoooooooopsssss!!!! Apparently 3mm setting is tooo short for Vio.. he looked botak at one part of the back hair now! *sigh*  So we adjusted the setting to 6mm.. and continue the hair cut with much struggling from Vio..

[caption id="attachment_1808" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Stop it, please!"]Stop it, please![/caption]

One-third of the hair cut done, and the video was changed to Barney show (which is Vio's fave show at the moment). He still struggled here and there, but after sometimes he just sit there quietly, though sometimes still trying to move his head away from the machine. But in the end, we managed to cut off (well, almost all) of his hair!

[caption id="attachment_1809" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Crime Scene Photos"]Crime Scene Photos[/caption]

And would you like to see the new Vio? Here he is... tadaaaaaaa...

[caption id="attachment_1810" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="New Hairstyle"]New Hairstyle[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1811" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Back View"]Back View[/caption]

It wasn't too bad, was it? (At least for the first try...) Actually we feel quite proud of ourselves to be able to cut Vio's hair all by ourselves! Haha.. Though not as nice as going to the salon.. But then we're not having high hopes on this.. And neither is Vio :D

Btw, can you see the botak part in Vio's back hair? I hope it'll get to be covered up soon..

Vio was so happy with his new hair (after the hair-cutting episode was over, and he already bathed) and kept smiling while looking in the mirror.. Hehe.. And.. Daddy & Mommy's smiling too, feeling proud of our accomplishment of the day :D

16 November 2010


After our trip to Jakarta, Vio seems to show much more interest in his ride-on toys. One fine day, he can suddenly steer his ride-on car pretty well! (going backward, forward, turn left and right). That's quite an achievement, I should say. That car isn't really easy to steer around, but Vio likes it now, and he can steer it from room to room rather well (and high-spirited), especially if mommy's accompanying him in riding his other ride-on toys (which is a train). I should say that the ride-on toys are quite sturdy ya. I can sit on it and play and it's comfy enough for me! Even daddy can sit on his train ride-on toys. (Sadly, as much as I want to, we can't fit in the car ride-on toys) hahaha..

Now, what does it have to do with pumping, you say? Ah... for few times, Vio has seen daddy pumping his bicycles, and he wanna "help" too. Just that we don't normally let him to. One day, I decided that he can also play with the pump (supervised, of course). But the thing that he should "pump" is his car wheels! (Not that it need to be pumped at all). Ah well, that's why people call it "pretend play" right? :)

[caption id="attachment_1803" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="One.. Two.. One.. Two.."]One.. Two.. One.. Two..[/caption]

Ah.. doesn't he look like a professional at work? *smile*

15 November 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

< to us, that is..>

We've just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Wow has it just been 3 years? I feel that we've been married for very long already.. (in a good way).

Both of us took leave on that day, but apparently pi had meeting in the morning, so he can only take half day leave.. which is good. Because it gave me ample time to prepare a little something for him: I decided to try baking cupcakes!

I think it's my first time baking cakes in Singapore.. wahahahaha... My oven has been under-utilised for very long, hor? I've bought all the necessities in a cake shop in Toa Payoh which is quite complete, just that I need to walk quite far from my office (about 20-25 mins of walking!). And 1 visit is not enough to buy all the things, since I'm so fickle-minded, especially in choosing the not important but fun stuff, such as: which paper cup design should I choose? What size?? Can you imagine I can spend like 10-15 mins just to decide that? And coupled with walking time and the time I need to have my lunch, you can see why 1 visit is not enough in my (already) extended lunch-hour (1 1/2 hours haha). Oh, must say thank you to a friend who has given me self-raising flour and cranberries to make the cupcake!

So... the baking process begun.. Based on recipe from internet, I wanted to make vanilla cupcake with cranberries, topped with chocolate toppings.

As can be guessed, Vio got scared by the sound of mixer, and he kept tugging me to play with him. So finding a time to make the cake (and the topping) was proven to be quite difficult, as Vio always came to nag me to play with him. Nevertheless, here's the vanilla cupcake, fresh from the oven! (though I'm not sure why the top part is not smooth as in picture.. some cracked up. But that's not a problem lah.. since anyway it will be topped by chocolate topping. And I'm not having high expectations on it anyway...)

[caption id="attachment_1797" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Fresh from the Oven"]Fresh from the Oven[/caption]

I tried 1 piece, and yummm.. It was not bad... The texture was quite soft :)

As for the chocolate topping, I decided to substitute the required cocoa powder to use chocolate drink that I already have, but reducing the sugar. And.... it's not apparently working well. The topping came out to be reaaaaaaallll sweet. Next time, should follow recipe and use real cocoa powder, or melted chocolate bar instead.. But anyway, it works well as the topping (though the color is not chocola-tey enough). Just that in the end, we didn't eat the topping.

[caption id="attachment_1798" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cupcake with Chocolate Frostings"]Cupcake with Chocolate Frostings[/caption]

Oh well, it doesn't look too bad right? (Repeat: I'm not having high expectation. Haha!)

And here's the cupcakes prepared specially for pi...

[caption id="attachment_1799" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cupcakes for Pi"]Cupcakes for Pi[/caption]

Though not as pretty as those sold in the shops, it's the thought that counts, isn't it? ;)

Not long after, pi came home with a stalk of pink roses. Thank you, darling! :)

We had our dinner at Ambush, a European restaurant with apparently, rather affordable prices. I ordered German sausage with Rosti; the sausage was real nice! Vio love it a lot (and so does mommy)! Pi ordered paella, which is a Spanish food. The taste was quite unique. The only thing is... the portion was quite small. I didn't really feel full after eating it.. Haha... I think they encourage people to order more side dishes.. :p

Looking back at the last 3 years, overall it was a great. Surely there are some ups and downs, but I'd rather we look at the more "up" side. And since I'm currently pregnant, I can't help but remember the sweet little things pi had done, especially during my first pregnancy. Some of them are listed here (just in case my memory fails me!)

  1. He woke up in the middle of many nights whenever I had sudden leg cramps, and massaged my leg until I was feeling better, and of course, willingly without complaint.

  2. He didn't let me do any tiring housework during my pregnancy, and took over all of them. These were brooming, mopping, and cleaning the toilet. I was left only with dusting, which was the easiest housework.

  3. Despite his dislike of guys who carry their girlfriends' or wives' bags, he was more than willingly carry my bag when I'm pregnant.

  4. He has no complain and is very supportive of my pregnancy complaints, which is always the same for many many nights in a row, and always try to help to lessen the discomfort.

  5. ... and many other small things that can't all be mentioned here..

All in all, thank you dear for these three great years :)

11 November 2010


Ahem... obviously... Hahahahaaa... (I'd been worried if he's not..)

He has 16 teeth now. Wow, 4 more big molars to go, and his milk teeth will be completed! They all just came so fast one after the other after weeks (or months) of no additional new teeth..

And the last time we measured Vio's height, it's 90cm! Not sure how reliable the measurement is, since Vio kept moving around, wanting to "help" us in the measurement process. But if it's right, by right we should've started paying for his MRT and Bus fare.. and he's not even 2 years old yet! Ah well, I guess I'll just wait until the person in MRT really inform us that Vio need to pay the fare.. hoho..

And.. as part of the growing process... he's finally showing signs of how his long-beloved Crocs shoe is getting too small for him. If he's sitting down in the stroller, or anywhere at all, he'll take off his own shoes. It's like he can't stand wearing the shoes for too long!

We have actually bought a new pair of shoes for him in Jakarta, but being a kiasu parent, we bought it too big. Well, so can use for longer time mah... *blink blink* and somemore it has ball picture on it.. I hope he can start using it soon (and not trip/stumbled coz it's too big for him).

In the meanwhile, suddenly I remember that Vio also has this new sport shoe, a souvenir from Opa and Oma from their last trip to China, and yes, this shoe was biiiiigggg too. Way too big for him, but Vio seems to love it.

[caption id="attachment_1791" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Check Out My New Sport Shoe!"]Check Out My New Sport Shoe![/caption]

And he was so happy to see Daddy wearing similar kind of shoe as him..

[caption id="attachment_1792" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Look, Daddy! Our shoes look similar!"]Look, Daddy! Our shoes look similar![/caption]

And.. is it just my feeling or Vio does get a little bit chubbier?? I think so! His appetite seems to increase lately, well at least it's much better than last time (when he only eat 0-5 spoon for each meal). But he sure is getting heavier lately! I'm guessing he's around 12.5 kg (or more) now..

10 November 2010

Hot Wheels Craze

Hot Wheels is a new craze now (well, at least in my home).

It all started 1 week back, when we brought Vio to Toys R Us to redeem the vouchers we have. I went there with Thomas train tracks set in mind, since Vio doesn't have a train track set yet. And in the movies, all boys have train track set, yeah? No need to be Thomas, actually. Any nice train track set will do.

Apparently, pi went to see the other tracks, and he fell in love with Hot Wheels tracks (which age guide was printed as 4+). And since he looked like he want it verrry much, we end up going home with 2 box of Hot Wheels tracks: 1 with the loop track, and the other with color changing cars. And not forgetting, while we're choosing the toys, Vio was also busy choosing something by himself: he tear a box of car toy to take out the contents! Dotz... So in the end we must buy the car too... And guess what.. that's the kind of car that he already has a looooooot... and this one in BLACK color.. -_-  oh well... he chose it himself..

[caption id="attachment_1787" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hot Wheels Car Track"]Hot Wheels Car Track[/caption]

Back at home, daddy was equally excited as Vio he wanted to open both tracks at the same time! Luckily I managed to hold the opening part of the other box to few days later.. Otherwise all will be "finished" in 1 day, and no more new surprises for Vio, right?

The track was quite good. The car can go thru the round track, and then hit some objects we put at the end of it (i.e. bowling pin), and Vio was so excited to play it! Especially when there's a bowling pin to be rolled away by the car.

[caption id="attachment_1788" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Playtime with Daddy"]Playtime with Daddy[/caption]

Until now, playing these tracks has been Vio's new fave activity. He can play with it for about 1 hour each time! Wow that can be considered very very good. I hope he'll still love these tracks in the months to come :)

09 November 2010

Craft Session - Fish

We had our very own first craft session during the long weekend!

Actually it's pretty simple. The materials used were only paper plates, glue, marker, and crayon.

[caption id="attachment_1783" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Fish In Progress"]Fish In Progress[/caption]

Obviously, Vio was looking at me cutting the paper plates and draw the fish eyes. He then helped me with the gluing of the tails, and of course, the fun part: decorating the fish with his crayons!

He was quite excited to do it, though he seems more interested to continue his work of art in the bigger "canvas": the floor, which is his favorite "canvas" so far.

And here's Vio, proud with his new fish masterpiece:

[caption id="attachment_1784" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Proud with my new fish"]Proud with my new fish[/caption]

08 November 2010

West Coast Outing

We had a nice outing to West Coast with our Uni friends. They've never tried the go-kart before, so we recommended it to them. Apparently, weekends are very busy time for the go-kart rental. Sooo many people want to rent the go-kart, we even need to put our name down in the waiting list. Tsk! (But that's maybe coz we want the family go-kart, which I suppose they don't have a lot).

[caption id="attachment_1775" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Looking Cool in the Go-Kart"]Looking Cool in the Go-Kart[/caption]

Oh, don't worry. We didn't let Vio ride the go-kart by himself. His foot can't even reach the pedal yet! We borrow one of the go-kart just for photo-taking.. Hehee :p

First riding the go-kart, pi & I started complaining that the go-kart was smaller than the one we ride on last time. It was soooo squeezy that pi's leg kept brushing one of the go-kart part while pedalling. And Vio & me can't sit comfortably too. It's like we all squeezed in to a kid's go-kart!

[caption id="attachment_1776" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Our Squeezy Go-Kart"]Our Squeezy Go-Kart[/caption]

Halfway down the road, pi has just realized that apparently the go-kart seat can be adjusted!! Aiyo... and the person never tell us.... So after the seat was adjusted, it was all nice and not-so-squeezy already :p

After the go-kart session, we walked to West Coast Plaza which seems to be near, yet so far. Quite tiring to walk there.. We found an inexpensive restaurant and decided to have our dinner there (though pi&I apparently both thinking to have our dinner at Thai Express)..

[caption id="attachment_1777" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dinner Time!"]Dinner Time![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1778" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Sharing a Straw with Daddy"]Sharing a Straw with Daddy[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1779" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Group Photo"]Group Photo[/caption]

05 November 2010

First Kick!

Last night, I felt the first kick!

I just got a feeling that the baby was moving, so I put my hand on the tummy, and true enough, not long after, there was a soft kick from the baby! Feel so happy :)

Actually 2-3 weeks back, there was the same feeling but feel much stronger. It certainly feel that the baby was kicking hard, but then, for that time, by right the baby kick shouldn't be felt yet. So until now I don't know whether that time was really baby kicking, or it's just my imagination? Hmmm.... Or maybe.. the baby was busily somersaulting inside.. Haha..

Oh.. unlike the previous pregnancy, I'm having back-ache for 1 week+ now. Actually it's more of right-buttock-pain. It's ok if I just sit down and do nothing. But if I move or walk around, then can feel the pain. Maybe I sprained a muscle or something. Hope that it will go away very soon... Coz I start to feel old: have to walk slowly and do things slow so that the pain is not too bad.. :(

04 November 2010

Puncak Trip

While we're in Jakarta, we also went to a 1-night trip to Puncak (Taman Safari) with my family. The hotel was already booked from 1 month before, it was Hotel Seruni, which is located quite near to Taman Safari.

For the journey, there are 2 cars. We're joining my parent's car. During the journey, Vio suddenly say "ee".. which means he wanna poo-poo! Oh wow.. and I've asked him few times that morning to poo-poo but he refuse to. And in the middle of the road, he said that he wanna poo-poo.. -_-  So we stop in one of the car-stop and go to the toilet... And reaching the toilet, Vio just refused to squat and do his business! Guess he's not used to poo in public toilet. After many minutes of struggling, we finally gave up and return to the car, in which Vio start to say "ee" again. Then I said that he can just poo in his diapers then we'll clean it. Thankfully though, he didn't poo in his diapers. He waited until we're in the hotel! hoho..

The journey itself was 2 hours plus (luckily didn't have traffic jam). We stopped in a restaurant for meal (I can't remember what's the restaurant name). Anyway, the food takes decades to come, but luckily there are kids playground inside the restaurant, though it seems quite run down.

[caption id="attachment_1763" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Waiting for our food"]Waiting for our food[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cousins"]Cousins[/caption]

Vio seems to like the above thing so much. Now that I think of it, I can't seem to remember seeing it in Singapore before. And I like to ride on it when I was a little girl too :p

Reaching the hotel, it was about 12pm. Sadly it was too early for checking-in. So... we decided to go to Taman Safari first. On the way to Taman Safari, there were rows of stalls selling bunches of carrots. Apparently we can feed the animals in Safari carrots! (It's been a very long time since I last went to Safari. So I almost can't remember a thing). We bought a few bunches, and Vio was excited to see it. He thoughts that he can eat the carrots -_-

In the Taman Safari, we'll use our own cars to drive thru a lot of animals, and while on the way, we can feed them. It's quite nice, actually. Looking at how the animals eat from sooo near (you can even see their teeth!). Some animals seems like can't see well, so they're based on nose to find food. And they will sniff sniff your car's glass window to know where the food is, and some even left their marks on the window: their saliva! Yucks....

Oh yeah, Vio also feed the animals few times (holding on the carrots from the car, while the animals grabbing it from car window). (Too bad I still haven't got all the photos yet... It would've to wait for another 2 weeks :(  )

Some parts of Taman Safari put lots of notice of where the windows shouldn't be opened, and people aren't allowed to go out of the car. Obviously, this was where the tigers and lions are. The lions were basically can walk around beside the cars, so it's very dangerous for people to walk around, especially if the lions were happened to be hungry.....

At the end of the the journey, we went to some sort of theme park which is still part of Taman Safari... and Vio was scared to see elephant.. maybe the size was too big.

We went to watch the cowboy show which was quite good, but waaayyy toooo LOUD. Practically the whole show, pi & I was busy hugging scared Vio and covering his ears at the same time. After the cowboy show, we watched motorbike show which was very scary. 5 motorbikes run around a globe in very high speed! Tsk tsk tsk... 1 second of miscalculation and we can wave bye bye to all 5 motorists... Highly dangerous...

Afterwards, we wanted to watch the dolphin show, but then.... it begins to rain... *sigh* so, we decided to end our journey there and went to the hotel.

The hotel room was much nicer than expected. We booked the bungalow type, and it was big, with comfy big bed and big bathroom. At first we thought that the exhaust wasn't working, so we opened the window a little bit so it's not stuffy inside. Apparently the exhaust was working after all, but we forgot to close the windows, and..... the next morning, Vio had 3 mosquito bites on his face... Ohh.. my poor baby got bitten by mosquito again...

The next morning, by 6am it was already bright outside. We're out of the room by 6:30am, and it was surprisingly hot! The sun was shining very brightly. And I thought that it's supposed to be a cool area (I've already put on jacket and long pants for Vio hahaa). We let the kids play in the playground for a while (There were many photos... but as mentioned, I haven't get it yet...) and then we bathe and have our breakfast.

[caption id="attachment_1765" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="In The Hotel"]In The Hotel[/caption]

Have I mentioned that the fried rice in the breakfast was YUMMY YUMMY?? I've tried many stalls in Jakarta, hoping to find that nice Indonesian fried rice, but to no avail. And there I was, finally get to eat the nice fried rice that I want to! It was just so nice I keep taking it again. A little bit spicy, just the way I like it. Wahahaha..

Hmm.. anyway, after breakfast, we laze around the hotel, and after that it's time to go back. On the way, we stop by Cimory to buy some snacks and of course, their famous milk products! (I just remembered that I still have some yoghurt and milk left in the fridge in Jakarta.. *sigh* how I wish I can bring them here.. hahaa)

And that's the end of our trip to Puncak...

03 November 2010

Our Days in Jakarta

Hmm.. it seems that it'll be a loooooong way to go before I can get the photos from my bro's camera in Jakarta. So, I guess this post just need to make-do with the photos I have in the handphone, which is not a lot.

Basically our days in Jakarta was full of malls. Jakarta has maaaaaannnnyyy malls, each day we're going to a different one, and there are many new malls that we haven't got chance to step into yet!

First day, we brought Vio to Taman Anggrek (TA), which I haven't visited for years. Surprisingly, it still looks the same as when I went there years ago. We went to Timezone, and let Vio (and pi) tried out Bom-Bom Car!

[caption id="attachment_1754" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Vio & Daddy in Bom-bom Car"]Vio & Daddy in Bom-bom Car[/caption]

... which Vio was apparently very afraid of (coz someone bumped to their car), and so Vio stopped just few minutes after the session has started. And that left pi alone playing bom-bom car in the midst of kids! Haha.. That sure looks fun... It's been a while since I last play bom-bom car myself :p

After that, we let Vio play basketball game (still inside Timezone), and of course he enjoys this one a lot.

[caption id="attachment_1755" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="I love basketball!"]I love basketball![/caption]

And while at home... Vio spent most of his time playing with Koko Marcell and Cici Cheryll. As mentioned before, with Cici Cheryll, it was mostly pushing pink-color baby pram around the house (luckily Cheryll have 2 of them), while with Koko Marcell, Vio mostly was playing ball!

[caption id="attachment_1756" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vio, Marcell, and Cheryll"]Vio, Marcell, and Cheryll[/caption]

Marcell was very nice to Vio, accompanying him play (for example: Vio love this hammering toy that Marcell has, and Marcell will pull out the pins for Vio to hammer), but he was very "naughty" to his sister. Just love to purposely make her cry. Haha..

Cheryll, as mentioned before, love to snatch toys from Vio. On the last few days, we can see that Vio's getting more possessive on the things he's holding on to, so it doesn't get snatched by Cheryll. Haha! Nevertheless, they enjoyed playing together. No bad memories remembered whatsoever :p

[caption id="attachment_1757" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Sharing a Chair"]Sharing a Chair[/caption]

When Vio wakes up in the morning, the first word he said wasn't "Daddy" or "Mommy", but "Koko Marcell?" or "Cici Cheryll?" instead. *sigh* He just can't wait to play with them again!

I love this photo of Vio taken on 1 morning when he just woke up:

[caption id="attachment_1758" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Big Laundry"]Big Laundry[/caption]

Oh... and just to mention... when we're in Jakarta, 1 of my close-friends during high school just happen to give birth to a beautiful baby girl! So one of the days we visited her in the hospital (and have a small reunion). Paiseh to say that I didn't even know she was pregnant -_-   That shows how long we haven't been in contact with each other haha..

[caption id="attachment_1759" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Small Reunion"]Small Reunion[/caption]

01 November 2010

Chinese Astrology Gender Prediction

Do you think that Chinese Astrology Gender Prediction is accurate?

2 days before I met with my gynae, I tried to do the gender prediction from internet (just for fun). Mostly are based from the Chinese Astrology which is believed to be 99% accurate, and it's based on mother's lunar age, and the lunar month of conception. Out of soooo many website (and not all are based on chinese astrology), all returning the same result: I'm having a boy!

So let's see... am I in the 99% group, or in the 1% group?

[caption id="attachment_1751" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Week 15"]Week 15[/caption]

As the gynae was scanning, she looked closely at the bottom area, and though I can't seem to differentiate whether there is or there is not something between the thigh, she said "Ah... I think I know what's your baby gender... There doesn't seem to be anything there, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a GIRL".  Wah I was so happy to hear it. I sure hope she's correct! We'll just see more clearly on the 20th week detailed scan next month! :)

Conclusion: I hope I'm in the 1% group.