08 November 2009

Weekend Part II - Causeway Point

Daddy was having meeting in RP on Sunday. When daddy was going out from the door, Vio was crying a bit, and finally stop when he realized daddy is not bringing him. But pi was saying that his face looked sooooooo sad..

So since the weather was good (not raining), I brought Vio to Causeway Point to play and see daddy after his discussion. It was my first time bringing Vio in MRT for quite a distance and he's awake. Hehehee... Well, luckily Vio is such a guai boy. He was happy to take MRT and even asked to be seated in the seat (instead of his stroller). Then I put him to standing position, facing out. He was so excited to see different "scenery" from the windows.. Hehee..

And he was one very friendly baby too.. He was looking at a young Indian lady sitting beside him and called her "uh.. uh.. uh.." And the cute thing is that lady was just smiling shy shy at herself and try not to entertain Vio, even though Vio was touching her arm liao.. haha.. very friendly baby... ^^

Reaching Woodlands MRT, we took a lift down to the passenger service, and inside the lift there was a couple with their baby girl which looked smaller than Vio, and then they're talking to their baby:

Them : Baby, say hello to koko/didi... Is he a koko/didi?
Me     : How old is she?
(OK to be honest I was expecting a 6 - 7- 8 month answer)
Them : She's six.....teen months.. going to seventeen..
Me      : Oh.. mine is ten months
Them : WOW! He's quite big sized...

Haha.. that's how the conversation goes.. Anyway as I was thinking, I think the part of Vio that actually looks big is.. hmm.. his head... coz his body is not THAT big.. but his head does look bigger than other babies... Ohhh.. maybe he got a smart smart big brain inside his head? Hehe..

In Causeway Point, I brought Vio to see Cerisi sale and Metro sale. I almost bought a T-Shirt for Vio. It was nice and the material is very comfy. Somemore it's only $8 for a Cerisi T-Shirt! That's quite a deal ;)  But.. there's only size 1, which is just nice for Vio now. I wanted to buy a bigger one so he can wear it longer. So in the end didn't buy anything..

While waiting for daddy, I brought Vio to play with Barney cars just in front of Metro. Ooohh.. he's such an expert at steering the wheels now! And when daddy came, he was saying that Vio looked so excited playing the cars.

[caption id="attachment_565" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Behind the wheels"]Behind the wheels[/caption]

After that, we brought Vio to play "trains" and not long after, go home. In the MRT home, again, Vio was being a friendly baby. He was smiling and looking at the lady sitting beside me. And this time, the lady was reciprocating Vio's call. She plays with Vio and Vio was smiling! Oh so cute.... And it was all the way to Lakeside MRT! Heheee...

At home, Vio must be so tired from going out that he naps for 3 hours! 3 hours! That's kinda amazing..


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