13 November 2009

Captured Moments

There are 2 expressions of Vio that I can't capture using my own digital camera. I'm so happy that our last photoshoot can capture these 2 valuable expressions..

Throwing the balls

This is the first one. It's a photo of Vio closing his eyes tight while throwing something. Oh yeah, he likes to do that. He will close his eyes tight tight if he feels scared of doing it, such as throwing things around, opening the door to see daddy's behind it. Isn't his expression cuteeee?

Crying face

Haha.. this is the 2nd one.. it's his crying face!! Look at how he can arch his mouth to form a n-shape.. kekekekek... it's also difficult for me to capture his cry.. well.. if he's crying, i can't possibly be "busy" taking photos of it right? ;)


Annz said...

how cutee.. hehehe..

g baru baca2 blog elo neh na.. ^^ btw, itu foto2 di jkt? emang udah pernah dibawa pulang ya??

ourlittleblessing said...

Alow annaaaa... itu foto2 di sg kok.. hehehee..
belom dibawa pulang.. rencananya desember ini nihh.. nanti mau ngerayain ultah pertama dia di jakarta.. mestinya tanggal 3 jan deh... dateng yahhhhhhh! ^^

Annz said...

lho.. kok namanya masa kecil, kirain di indo hehe.. sip2.. pasti dateng kl sempet hehe..^^

ourlittleblessing said...

ohh.. soalnya yang punya orang indo sihh... hihihi... ^^

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