06 November 2009

Getting Sketchy & the Goreng Pisang

Uhm I'm kinda bored in office.. and with boss not around, I played with my newly installed GIMP.. (since obviously I can't install photoshop in office..) Well, it's not bad afterall! I can make...... tadaaaaaa!

[caption id="attachment_542" align="aligncenter" width="233" caption="Vio's Sketch"]Vio's Sketch[/caption]

It's a sketch of Vio's passport photo that was mentioned here. Now tell me what do you think? ;)

Ah.. today I went to Toa Payoh Library with Dena & Iggy after having lunch together. We collected free gifts for new mothers! I got to know about this from Ira. She just had a baby but know about this earlier than us! haha.. Anyway, the gift was not bad. They give a height chart, CD, magazine, and my favorite item is.. Baby Journal! Hmm.. Last time I wanted to buy something like that for a keepsake, but somehow in the end I didn't buy it. Well, now I got one for Vio! Ohh.. if only I can fill it in office... Wahahaha..

Annnddd.. talking about library... that reminds me.. Few months back, I finally found the small stall near TP Library that sells very nice Goreng Pisang that I used to like during IA time.. Yeah.. IA time!! That was like... hmm.. let me count.. 7 years ago? Wow... how time flies..

Anyway, my colleague during IA, Cindy, was telling me that the Goreng Pisang in that stall was nice, and I remember that I like it a lot that time.. Annnddd.. I was so happy I can find that stall again, as it's very difficult to find a nice Goreng Pisang in Singapore..

[caption id="attachment_551" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Me & My Goreng Pisang"]Me & My Goreng Pisang[/caption]

When I tasted it again that time round, it was sooo crunchy and the banana was sweet.. nice!! But the sad news is... today I just found out that they're closed liao... :(  My goreng pisang....... But the good news is... I just found out that Philips canteen also selling goreng pisang with exactly the same taste!! Hmm.. maybe the seller decided to move to Philips canteen instead? ;)


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in this picture.. his eyes look bigger...n clear..

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