31 March 2010

Updated First 20 Words List

[caption id="attachment_1144" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Manyun"]Manyun[/caption]

Just look at that mouth!!

LOL. It's very cute hor? (but after sometime of seeing it, it'll start to be irritating.. hahaa) Vio like to make that kind of expression lately. So cuteeee.. and sometime he'll just do it and admire himself in front of the mirror.. hahaaa..

Anyway... sometime I go I posted Vio's first words, right... Now, I just remembered that there were some "missing words" not included in the list yet. So here goes the updated one!

  1. Ball (or Bo-a == bola)

  2. Mamama (mommy)

  3. Dadadada (daddy)

  4. Nanana (nai2)

  5. Jezzzzz (Jesus)

  6. Berrrhh.. (bird)

  7. Pa-po (referring to a chinese song dvd that he likes)

  8. Baaa.. (banana)

  9. Paaa.. (Opa)

  10. Ji taaaaa… (ji tan == egg)

  11. Pecah  (= break)

  12. Jatoh (= fall down)

  13. Daaa.. (da xiang = elephant)

  14. Mammmm.. (eat)

  15. Bobo (=sleep)

  16. Peee... (apple)

Wah.. 4 more words to go to reach 20 words!

30 March 2010

Another Chance Flying Away.....

Am feeling soooooo down now.... :(

I was just informed that I would need to go to German next week for some urgent connectivity test. I was soooo happy to hear that. (And confused at the same time too, as my sister will come to SG next week). But anyway, I have to go, as I'm the only one who know the system well. And apparently the customer can't have any delay, as the system should go live on end of April. Hahaa! Don't you want to laugh to hear that? Going live end of April, and now we're still discussing about connectivity test! The user can't even start testing yet! Tsk tsk tsk..

Anyway, apparently because I'm holding Indonesian passport, the processing for Visa to go europe is..... 10 days.. Yeah you read it right.. 10 days only to apply for Visa?? And the sad thing is, for most other countries, only need 4 days. Only Indonesians, Filipinos, and few other countries need 10 days.

Arrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... soooooooooooo so so so so sad.............. So since the customer can't wait, my team lead will go there again (even though he doesn't know what to do also) and I won't go.......... :'(  There goes my last chance.......... :(

So sad so sad... why so unfair.. Indonesian passport need 10 days while most other countries are only 4 days.. :(


29 March 2010

Let's Celebrate!

One day after work, a colleague and I was discussing about our 2009 bonus that will be paid on March. And just thinking about it kept both of us all smiley all the way home. And our home is very far from office, btw. Can you imagine 2 ladies keep smiling for 1 hour in MRT? Lol..

And finally it was time for the bonus pay-out! We were quite satisfied with the result (not that the bonus is very big, or something.. it's just that our expectation was low.. hahaaa). So we decided to go for a celebration! (Actually regardless of whether the bonus is good or not, we've planned to go for a celebration anyway).  And since we felt like eating western food, we finally went to Jack's Place @ United Square.

[caption id="attachment_1133" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Our Soup & Garlic Bread"]Our Soup & Garlic Bread[/caption]

We ordered set lunch, which came with main course, soup, dessert of the day, and drink. For the soup, the soup was the day was cream of cauliflower and chicken. The taste was so-so. Not so bad but not so nice too. But with a happy mood, maybe almost anything will taste nice? LOL.

[caption id="attachment_1132" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Annie & Her T-Bone Steak"]Annie & Her T-Bone Steak[/caption]

Wow look at that steak.. the serving's so generous, don't you think? ;)

[caption id="attachment_1134" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Me & My Rib-eye Steak"]Me & My Rib-eye Steak[/caption]

As far as I can remember, the baked potato in Jack's Place is the best that I've ever eaten! And my memory is actually right. It really does taste heavenly.. Let me show you a more closed up...

[caption id="attachment_1135" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Rib-eye Steak"]Rib-eye Steak[/caption]

Just look at the baked potato!! Sluuuuurrrppp... It came with sour cream and bacon bits, and the overall taste was just peeeerrfeeecccttt... I wonder why other restaurant doesn't serve this side dish? Mostly they will serve the potato as either fries or wedges or mashed potato. Only Jack's Place and Delifrance serve baked one (with this style). But of course, Delifrance's one can't be compared with this one. I love the one at Jack's Place so much! :)

Oh ya.. dessert of the day was some assortment of fruits served with nata-de-coco.

Oh oh baked potato... when can I eat you again... LOL..

26 March 2010


"Jiiiiiiii..... Taaaaaaaaa.."

That's Vio's fav word now (other than jatohhhhh).. He actually wanted to say "Ji Dan", which means egg in Chinese. But somehow, the last letter was omitted by him...

And he's saying it, with style!


[caption id="attachment_1128" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Jiiiiiiiii...."]Jiiiiiiiii....[/caption]

Everytime he says "Jiiiiiii", he'll do the act-cute thing and smiling.. hahhahaa! So cute hor?? And for the "Taaaaaa.." will be his hands straight to the front, also with smile.. Haha..

23 March 2010

A Newfound Toy - Umbrella!

[caption id="attachment_1122" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Umbrella & Me"]Umbrella & Me[/caption]

I suppose every object that a baby seldom see before, will always be appealing for him to play with! Well yeah we seldom let Vio see an opened umbrella at home, and we don't bring him outside if it's raining. So it's just natural that he almost never see an opened umbrella in front of his eyes. Well, actually got la, a couple of times when he was smaller. But before he can touch or play with it, my MIL would've been screaming to stop him from playing, in case it pokes his eyes or something..

Now that he's bigger, he's soo excited to see mommy open an umbrella for him to playy.. heheee..

[caption id="attachment_1123" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Spin It!"]Spin It![/caption]

And apparently, there's many ways to play an umbrella... You can spin it, sit underneath it, use it like an adult do, or you can also.. sit on top of it!

[caption id="attachment_1124" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Umbrella.. Where will u take me to?"]Umbrella.. Where will u take me to?[/caption]

20 March 2010

Love You, Daddy

[caption id="attachment_1118" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Muackss"]Muackss[/caption]

Awwww.. isn't it such a sweet thing? Vio loves to hug and kiss daddy from behind! Maybe it's his own way to tell daddy "I love you"? ;)

Oh yeah something cute... whenever Vio see daddy just came home, the first thing he'll do is.... to ask daddy to play with him! Like maybe he'll pick up a ball and go towards daddy.. Look like asking daddy to play with him. Whereas if mommy's the one who just came home, Vio will fast fast approach mommy and.. lift up his hand, asking to be carried! hahaaa.. maybe daddy's more fun to play with? ;)

Just for rememberance... the following is the list of words Vio can say so far, in the order that the word first came out of his mouth:

  1. Ball (or Bo-a == bola)

  2. Mamama (mommy)

  3. Dadadada (daddy)

  4. Berrrhh.. (bird)

  5. Baaa.. (banana)

  6. Ji taaaaa... (ji tan == egg)

  7. Pecah  (= break)

  8. Jatoh (= fall down)

  9. Bobo (=sleep)

Wah so far only 9 words yaa.. I hope the list is getting longer soon.. LOL..

19 March 2010

Mini Album - Little Prince Gallery

Woah has been a while since I last uploaded my last scrapbook project here, hor? Let me upload the latest "project" that I've completed.. All of the photos are from Vio's studio photoshoot last Dec. Hope you like it! :)

[gallery columns="4" orderby="title"]

16 March 2010

Changing PD!

I'm soooooooo gonna change PD that Vio is seeing...

Last night, since Vio still refused to eat for 2 weeks now, we decided to bring him to the PD we normally bring him to. Actually from the beginning I didn't really like the PD that much... But since it's very near to our place and he also has after office hour consultation, so I thought nvm la.. Anyway we normally seldom bring Vio to see a PD, and we will bring him only after we're back from work..

Apparently the queue was suuuupppeeeerrrr long yesterday. There are more than 10 patients before Vio's turn! Woah.. We waited for about 1 hour before it's finally our turn.. tsk tsk tsk.. Oh yeah, before I forget, @ 14.5 months, Vio's weight now is 11.4kg, and the height is somewhere around 84cm. Which is more than enough for a 2 year old boy...

The thing I don't really like about the PD is that he's not really spending time to say "hellooo" to the baby to make the baby feel at ease with him. He also doesn't really want to explain about things, just say everything as "it's normal".

So yesterday, as usual, the PD was wearing a mask (which of course scare the baby, don't u think?) I've checked with my friend, and according to her, her PD is not wearing a mask, and her baby loves to go there.. oh yeah.. soo.. yesterday, as usual, my PD didn't try to be "friendly" with the baby, just talk briefly to us, then want to check on the baby directly. And Vio, seeing that a stranger want to touch him and insert something alien in his clothes, cry incontrollably. He cried and cried and tried to escape from this "scary person".  And I can see that the PD was quite upset because of it. Everytime Vio saw that the PD is approaching, he started crying sooo loudly that I can hear other babies in the waiting room started crying. Crying is contagious, eh?

I've never seen Vio cried until like that. He almost vomitted from too much crying! The PD was saying that Vio was having a stranger anxiety and that we need to bring him out more. Then I was thinking: hey, he was perfectly fine with other people, even people he doesn't know and only pass by at the lift, Vio will normally smile at them, and sometimes want to shake their hand! Well, I think if the PD at the first place at least tried to smile or play for a while with Vio to make him feel more comfy, Vio didn't need to cry until like that :(

And in the end, as you can guess, the conclusion from the PD was: Vio is perfectly normal. He's just going thru a normal phase of choosy eater. Even when I say Vio can just take 2 spoon for a whole meal, he said it was fine. Can you imagine: only 2 spoon for the whole meal, and the PD is not concerned at all? I'm not sure whether I can trust the PD's words or not :( He still can say that at Vio's age, he should be getting more nutrition from solid instead of milk. So we should give him solid more. But how can we give him solid if he refused to open his mouth while seeing we're going to feed him something!

Actually we wanted to have the next dose of injection for Vio at the same time. But seeing how much Vio dislike the PD, we decided to look for another PD to do the injection. Hopefully Vio will like the other PD... And pi&I was saying to each other that we're not gonna go to that PD anymore...

Ah, talking about crying... here's a photo of Vio wanting to be out of the stroller. No, it's not taken yesterday.. Just a cute photo of him pretending to want to cry.. hahaa..

[caption id="attachment_1096" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Let me out!!"]Let me out!![/caption]

15 March 2010

Busy Busy Boy

Now that he can walk rather stable, Vio loves to go around the house here and there, for almost the whole day. Sometimes he'll bring balls around, or any other objects that he was playing, such as bottles, bowls, plates..

[caption id="attachment_1090" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Here and there"]Here and there[/caption]

The positive side is... we don't have to keep following him super closely (as what we were doing before), as he can more or less keep his balance rather well. Even if he fell down, it will be to sitting position, and after that, he'll say "jatohhhhh".... Hmm.. seems like most of his words dictionary are from Indonesian language hor? He choose to say "jatuh" instead of "fall down" or "die dao".. Another word is... "bobo" instead of "sleep" or "shui jiao"..

But actually he can understand all 3 languages! If we ask him (in any of the 3 language) to do things, he understands them, and will normally do as told.... kekekekee... for example:

  • It's so hot... Can you help to turn on the fan please?

  • Can you put the dirty clothes in the pail please?

  • Can you throw this rubbish please?

  • Can you bring the keys outside please?

Isn't he a smart boy...

[caption id="attachment_1092" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Walk walk.. Here and there.."]Walk walk.. Here and there..[/caption]

13 March 2010

Too Many Stressed/Lonely People?

I'm wondering whether the number of stressed/lonely people in Singapore increased lately?

This morning on my way to work, I'm standing near to of a guy, which I thought was inconsiderate. The MRT was full packed, people are standing like sardines in a can. And this guy was sitting sloppily, his legs are stretched to the front such that noone can stand in front of him. When I saw him this morning, I kinda thought that I think I saw him before.... And not long after, I remember clearly. I really did saw him before. Because he started talking to no-one! No, he's surely not talking on the phone, as he just turn off the handphone. He was just like grumbling and talking (to himself I suppose), I just pretended I didn't see or hear him.

And few weeks/months back, also inside MRT, few times I saw this old uncle, speaking loudly and singing (with a bit of dancing and clapping hands) inside the MRT! It's like he's having a show or something. And after finish with the chinese version, he also did another show in English. He first talk loudly, inviting people to watch him, then continue with the singing and clapping hands. His voice was quite nice, actually. But I can't help feeling sad and also scared.. Sad because they might do that coz they're lonely and need attention? And scared because... not sure how mentally stable they are.. How if they suddenly attack me or something? Kekekekee.. ok maybe I'm thinking toooooo far..

12 March 2010

A New Addiction

I was sooooo bored in the office this week, with most of my jobs already finished (waiting for my system to be tested now. I'm sure when the user starts testing, I'll be super duper busy!)

So since I was so bored, and with nothing much to do, I started looking for something new to do... and then based on recommendation from a friend, I started my journey on... Restaurant City in Facebook! LOL.. Hey, I don't normally play any game in Facebook at all, ok.. This would be the 2nd game I tried on facebook (out of sooo many games and so many people playing for so long already.. yeah I know I'm kinda late...) and I like it!

In this game, we can design the layout of our restaurant, where we want to position the table, chair, door, window, other decoration.. And based on the coins we have, we can buy new furniture, flooring, etc to decorate our restaurant. And we can also learn new recipe if we have the ingredients. Sounds kinda normal, but I tell you, it's addictive! Hahaha! We can even design the toilet and garden in our restaurant.. I love this kind of designing thing :) Just that, the coins never seem to be enuff to buy the nice nice decoration/table/chair/etc to put in the restaurant..

Oh, I was quite confused on what to name my "restaurant".. For now, I name it "Munch House" kekekekee... not so creative ya? Still looking for a new creative name now...

[caption id="attachment_1085" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Restaurant City"]Restaurant City[/caption]

That's the current layout of my restaurant. I think I want to change the flooring. Brown, pink, and yellow is just toooooooo "dangdut", don't you think? Hahhaaa.. Wait wait til I have more coins first.. I also want to change all the chairs and tables.. wah I guess that wun be so soon... Changing all will needs loooooots of coins.. LOL...

Oh yeah, one thing I also like about this game is that we can hire our friends to be our employees.. They'll be either a cook/waiter/janitor.. hahaaa... Hmm.. now my hand is itchy to start playing on this game again... But must endure!! Can't let my boss see me play this during office hour.. LOL.. Just now he saw my screen and commented: "Wah.. Restaurant City ya.. my son also playing it.." LOL.. Lucky it was still considered lunch hour... Ahem.. before 2 pm is considered lunch hour la hor? ^^

10 March 2010

Our Honeymoon (Taiwan) - Part I

Ahem ahem... I know this is kinda late to write the details of our honeymoon, but hey, better late than never? ;) Before my memory starts to fail me, I better write about this first!

Pi has heard many positive "review" of Taiwan from his friends/colleagues, so he wanted to go Taiwan for our honeymoon, and I'm the type that will be happy to go anywhere.. Hahaa.. So one day, we went to this Natas Fair at Singapore Expo, and saw that one of tour package from SA Tours had the places we wanted to visit (the must-visit place was Alishan and Taroko Gorge), so we booked it straightaway. I remember we actually booked it for 26th Dec 2007, so we don't need to take so many days of leaves. But somehow, the person handling our booking must be blur or something, she wrote it as 13 Dec 2007! And that day I was in a rush, as I remember I need to go home early to watch Swan Lake show with Allie. So after booking, we only checked some fields, such as our names (that's the most important thing right?) and kinda assume that the date would be correct!

Oh yeah, I think I should mention this, for the first time ever, pi & I was quite lucky! There was a promo that we will get a sure-win thing if we pay using Citibank credit card. Initially I thought, with our luck, maybe what we'll be getting is... hmm, let me see.. Pen? Book? LOL... But guess what? We got a Electric Steamboat & BBQ set! Waaaaaahh.. Soo happy.. Ahem, not that we use it often.. I think so far, we have used it twice only.. LOL...

Reaching home, we put the form aside, and kinda forget about it, until few weeks (or was it months?) later, when someone from SA Tour called me, I think it's about the briefing or remaining payment or something, then she mentioned the date "13 Dec 2007". And I was saying that our departure date was "26 Dec 2007", but she said she was sure it's 13 Dec and ask me to check the form again. To my horror, the form did write it as 13 Dec!! Aiyoooooooo.. and by then, nothing we can do to change it back to 26 Dec since it was already few weeks before departure date. Felt kinda upset, coz what we paid should be for more "peak" period (well, 26 Dec must be a super peak period right?) but in the end, going for a not-so-peak period. But there was no use keeping ourself upset about this, just let it go and enjoooyyy the trip ^^


Oh oh, finally our departure day was coming. I remember we were quite excited. We're meeting the tour guide in the airport in the afternoon, then we checked in (our flight was China Airline, about 3pm+). And a pleasant surprise is.. The plane was quite full, so we were upgraded to Business Class! Yippeee...

The journey was about 5 hours+, and the movie played during the journey was The Bourne Ultimatum.

When we reached Taipei, it was already quite late, I think about 8pm - 9pm. And once we went out of the airport, it was sooooo collddd we literally run to the bus. OK not as cold as snow season of course, but it's our first time going to a place during winter time, even though not as cold as snowy places. And considering we're from Singapore where it's hot hot hot hot hot summer all year round... Hmm.. the coldest weather in Taiwan that time I guess should be about 10-15C..

Since it was already late at night, the tour guide (we have 1 tour guide from Singapore, Gene, and another local tour guide, Tony) brought us to a nearby mall (Tai Mall) where we have our dinner in the foodcourt.

[caption id="attachment_1079" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="First Meal in Taiwan"]First Meal in Taiwan[/caption]

We bought beef sukiyaki served in hot plate. And I must tell you.. It is veeeeeeeery delicious. Moreover compared to Singapore food that's mostly bland in taste.. LOL.. And the mall was cutely decorated with cute figurines for Christmas.. I love it!

[caption id="attachment_1080" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Tai Mall"]Tai Mall[/caption]



We woke up very early morning to start our journey.. But we didn't feel sleepy, coz we're too excited maybe.. kekekekeee...

After breakfast, we took a bus to Jioufen Old Street, which was, as the name suggest, and old street.. LOL.. The street was quite narrow and the decoration was traditional Chinese. It was nice! There were many small shops along the street, selling food and other stuff. Here we tried (and bought) a lottt of packets of mochi. The mochi there are niceeeee! We bought quite a lot for our family and friends. And here we also bought some ocarina, which is Taiwan's traditional music instrument.

[caption id="attachment_1081" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Jioufen Old Street"]Jioufen Old Street[/caption]

Oh yeah.. we reached there quite early morning, so most of the shops were still closed. But not long after, the shops started to open.. And you know what? Small cars and motorbikes are also going thru this street! Tsk tsk tsk.. such a small street and yet some cars still wanna go thru the street..

Afterwards, we took a train, followed by bus, to go to Taroko Gorge, which was huge huge huge mountains of marbles. The view was amaaaazing. We suddenly felt like we were just small small ants as compared to the nature.

[caption id="attachment_1082" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Taroko Gorge"]Taroko Gorge[/caption]

I think the photo doesn't really do the place justice. The real one was muuuccchh nicer.

That night, we stayed overnight at Promised Land resort.

<< to be continued >>

09 March 2010

First Visit to the Zoo

On Sunday, we brought Vio for the first time to the zoo. The zoo friends card (from pi's company) was already booked 2 months in advance. That time, it was the earliest available timeslot for the card.. Wow! Seems like this card is so hot.. Anyway, actually that day my parents were also in SG, but they weren't interested to go to the zoo again, so they chose to go around SG themselves.

So we also brought my MIL and our maid to the zoo (since there are 4 adults that can go to the zoo for free). We went with full enthusiasm, thinking that Vio will be very excited to see all kinds of animals.. Elephants, tiger, monkeys, etc etc..

We started off from home at about 9:30am. Yeah it was quite late already... annddd... apparently that's the timing of taxis change shift... We waited for 1/2 hour for a taxi to stop and pick us up! Tsk tsk tsk.. And during the journey in the taxi, Vio fell asleep... And he was still sleeping when we reach there, and watch the first show about monkeys and other rainforest animals. He woke up during the 2nd show that we watched, which is mainly abt sealion. But it was soooo crowded that I think he can't see much.

So after that, we brought him to see the elephant show. And guess what? .... He's not interested at all! When we pointed the elephants to him, he pointed back the "fan" that's rotating above our seats.. -_-  Apparently, fan is more appealing than the biggest animal on earth.. LOL..

And when we brought him to see a polar bear, he didn't feel interested to see the gigantic bear swimming around. Instead, he keep saying "ball.. ball.. ball.." as there's a ball in the pool where the polar bear is swimming..

Apparently, Vio is still too young to appreciate the zoo. We felt quite disappointed that our visit to the zoo didn't turn up to be the way we expect it to be. As in, Vio didn't really enjoy the zoo, maybe coz it was so hot... Or maybe coz he has not enuff energy to be excited (as he refused to eat almost anything). 

Maybe we should try again next year or even later than next year..

[caption id="attachment_1075" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Singapore Zoo"]Singapore Zoo[/caption]

08 March 2010

The Trouble Eater

For the past few days, Savio refused to eat!! This time more serious than ever, since he's not even willing to open his mouth to try the food. When he sees food, his mouth will shut tight. I wonder what's wrong with him? There are so many possibility of the causes, and we don't know which one is the real cause:

  1. The big teeth is coming out?

  2. He has sorethroat/ulcer?

  3. He's bored with all food?

And he even sometime rejects milk. Sooo worrying! When I tried to give him the biscuit that he once love, he'll open his mouth, but after few seconds, spit the biscuit out. And he doesn't even want to eat banana, the fruit that he loves so much! But there's a new biscuit that he just tried, and he can finish it. Maybe he's just bored of the old one?

I'm not sure whether it has any relation with the method used by my old maid to make him eat: she'll say that she's giving him biscuits, and hang the biscuit in front of his mouth to make him open his mouth. Once he opened it, she'll slip the spoon full of porridge to his mouth instead of the biscuit. I didn't agree with the method, actually. But since my MIL seems like didn't mind the method (as long as the baby's eating), I just closed 1 eye. But now I kinda regret. Maybe somehow it now caused Vio to dislike mealtime? And maybe not believe in what we'll give him to eat? *sigh*

He's getting skinnier again now, and I feel that when he walk, is not as stable as before. As in, he'll fall down easily because the feet is not strong enough. Well, he doesn't have enough energy coz he didn't take any food! He even doesn't want bread, which he normally like very much too.

Out of desperation, finally on Sunday we brought him to... KFC! LOL.. Yeah not a good place to bring a baby for a meal, but better than not eating at all, right? So we let him try the mashed potato.. and he likes it! He can finish the whole bowl! Wah I was sooooooo happy.. At least there's something that he's eating that day! hahahaa...

So going back home, my MIL tried to imitate the mashed potato, even reuse the same packaging from KFC. But somehow, Vio just knew it.. He didn't even want to open his mouth to TRY.. *sigh*

Well, today I met a friend during lunch time, and she mentioned that her baby (same age as Vio) is also going thru exactly the same phase! He refused to eat anything after breakfast. Not even milk, bread, etc. Feel so relieved that there are other babies going thru the same thing. So tonight I'll try making the breakfast that my friend's baby like: Swedish Muesli.. sounds nice hor? Kekekkeee.. I hope Vio will want to eat it tomorrow morning! ;)

PS: we've also just bought a multivitamin for Vio to boost his appetite. I hope it's working! Otherwise, need to bring him to see paediatrician liao :(

05 March 2010

At His Own Time

It's just amazing to see that a baby can suddenly do something by his own..

Like for example, we have this little doughnuts stacker, the baby's supposed to put the doughnuts through the standing "stick" base. And since the box has the sign "6m+", which means that the toy is for 6 months+ baby, when Vio was 6 - 7 months old, we kept trying to show him how to put the doughnuts thru the stick. But he didn't seem to be interested at all. All he was interested in was to either bite the doughnuts or throw them around!

That goes on until we kinda give up teaching him to put the doughnuts thru the stick. And then, the stacking toy was kinda "buried" under all other toys, and Vio didn't get to see them much, until recently when I tidied up the toys, and he saw the doughnuts again.

When he started playing them again, it was justtt.. amazing! Without us telling him that the doughnuts need to go thru the stick, he put them thru the stick! Isn't that amazing?

[caption id="attachment_1064" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Stacking the doughnuts - Savio Style!"]Stacking the doughnuts - Savio Style![/caption]

Ahem, of course for now he's stacking them as according to which doughnuts his hand can reach first. but sometimes he's getting it correctly too.

[caption id="attachment_1065" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Stacking the doughnuts - correct way!"]Stacking the doughnuts - correct way![/caption]

Now, next stop is.... shape sorter! Kekekekee.. since Vio 11m+, we have started showing him how to put the correct shape to the correct hole. But again, he doesn't seem to be interested. All he does with the small shapes is... spinning them or throwing them around, only to catch them and throw them around again. Soo... all the small shapes are now scattered around the house, some maybe hidden under the sofa or under the bed or under the TV console, I'm not sure... but I know for sure that the number of shapes we are left to play with is getting lesser and lesser.. WHAHAHAA.. I hope when it finally occurs to him that it would be fun to put the shapes into the holes (instead of spinning/throwing them around), there's still some shapes left for him to play with.. hehehee..

Becoming Less Wiser?

I have just had one of my wisdom tooth extracted yesterday! But of course, it does not making me less wiser.. wahahahaha..

Early last week, my gum was swollen, and according to the dentist, I need to extract my upper right wisdom tooth coz it's getting "longer" such that it's biting my gum now. And the bottom wisdom tooth is not out yet. I hope it won't be out ever!!

So since my parents is coming to SG, I scheduled the extraction to be yesterday. At least I'm getting an MC on that day, so I can accompany them going around before the extraction.. kekekekee.. So yesterday, I brought them (and Vio) to IKEA, which is near to Alexandra Hospital, where my tooth will be extracted.

It was their first time going IKEA, and they quite like it. And Vio love it a lot. According to my parents (who was taking care of Vio when I went to the hospital for a while to get my tooth extracted), Vio was sooo happy he kept running around, and wanting to climb the tables, and also busy spinning the TV console base for TV.. ahahaa.. He kept walking around for about 1 hour.. wow... amazed he didn't feel tired.. hehehee..

Oh, anyway, the extraction process was (luckily) simple one. And it was so fast!! Just when I thought the lady doctor is going to start doing it, she said that it was done already! I was so amazed... Not much of "krrkkkk" sound that I was expecting (it's the sound of teeth roots I guess).. The process was like.. less than 10 minutes.. (including the anesthesia injection!)

And sadly, since it was just considered a simple extraction, she didn't give me MC for the next day. I was kinda hoping she'll issue an MC on the next day (so I can accompany my parents going around again) hehehee... hey, even my boss this morning said to me: "oh, so finally you didn't extract the wisdom tooth? Why are you here today?" *sigh sigh sigh*.. I want MC!

Well, honestly, since this morning I saw some bleeding again, I was tempted to go to a doctor to get an MC for today.. After all, I got an "excuse" to get an MC.. Hahaa! But in the end, my conscience stop me.. kekekekekee... That's a proof that I'm not becoming less-wiser without 1 of my wisdom tooth, eh? ;)

01 March 2010

Latest update on "A booo"

When we ask Vio the standard question: "What's your name?", there are only 2 possible answer:

  1. No answer

  2. "A booooo"

I wonder whether he really refer to himself as "A booo" ?

This morning while I carry him in the living room, he pointed to his photos displayed in the living room and said "A boooo"... And when I point to the photos and ask "Who is that?", he tap his own chest to say that the baby in the photo is him. So.. does that mean... "A booo" = Vio? I wonder where he learned "A booo" from... hahahaa...

Anyway.... when he was sleeping, I measured his height. And it comes to be.... 84-85 cm! Wahhh.. maybe when he's 2 years old, we'd really need to pay for his MRT & bus fare liao... :S

And so far, he has 7 teeth now! The bottom left has shown its face on Friday.. The 8th one (top left) is coming real soon.. No wonder last week he drools a lot..

Oh oh.. have I told you... now he prefers to sleep "nungging" style? When he feels like sleeping, he'll turn his body and find a comfy position for his nungging style, more often with pillow under him. Hahaaa.. so cuteee..

[caption id="attachment_1059" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Nungging"]Nungging[/caption]

A Blessing in a Bad Day

I won't deny that I hateeeeeee hate hate supporting one of a system at work. Sadly, I'm the only one supporting that system and all the problems will come to me. The system was soooo utterly very very poorly developed, and the database design is really cannot make it.. I've never seen a system so badly developed as that one. I think not even in my university time I'd develop something that bad. I'm not exaggerating here.. If you need to support the system, you'd know what I meant. The processing and all was actually supposed to be simple, but the developer made it such a way that it's complicated, and even so troublesome and time-spending to maintain.

And last friday, the big boss requested to change some of the figure in the report. And with this so-called "great" system, it's not just a matter of changing the value in db, and "poof!" the report is changed. Well, I think a system should behave that way! Sadly, this system design makes things difficult since it copies the data from one table to another table, and from the other table to some other table etc etc etc.. so I need to trace the code to see which data need to tweak and which process need to be re-run... And instantly, on Friday I was such in a baaaaaad mood!

To lighten my mood, on 11am, I decided to go for Laines make&take session. (Laines is a local scrapbook store in SG). Well, initially I didn't intend to join it, as the thing to make isn't that interesting. But hey, going to a scrapbook shop will certainly brighten my day, won't it? ;)

So finally I went to join the make&take, we made a Valentine's door hanger. Not bad, at least I can hang it on my door! haha.. And the thing I love about make&take is... having a discount voucher for shopping! That day the promo was 4 item for 40% off. And so I grab 4 items that I like, and I see this 1 paper that I like! But that makes it as 5 items, right? So the additional 1 paper would need to be paid as a normal priced item.

When I went to the cashier to pay, the conversation goes like this. FYI, I frequent the shop so often (most of the time to see see and oh-ah only, and sometime to buy something small), until almost all the shopkeeper know my face liao :">

Cashier: You own a VIP card, right?
Me: Umm.. No, I'm a privilege cardholder
Cashier: Waaattt? You've been coming here for so long, how come still holding privilege cardholder? Currently we have a promo: spend min $50 and you'll get upgraded to VIP (normally must spend a LOTTT to be a VIP member, that explains why I'm not a VIP yet hahaaa)
Me: Oh.. I think my items are less than that... No need la..
Cashier: Hmm.. tell you what.. I'll give 15% discount for the normal-price item (that's the VIP discount), and issue you a VIP card.

Waaaaaaahh.. I was so happy! The cashier girl was so nice to me! I got Laines VIP card now... (15% off normal priced items) kekekekee... At least I got something happy in the blue day :)