28 September 2009

First time called "Mama"!

It's been a busy busy weekend for Savio ;)   As Nai2 & Kuku Wie2 was going to Genting for a short holiday, pi & I took turn to take care of Vio, pi was taking on Thurs, while I was taking on Fri. Hmm.. so I finally started to teach Vio how to read, using Glenn Doman method! Today is the 5th day, and so far he has been a very attentive "student".. kekekekeke.. and I have also finished doing the math dots card! Finally.. phew.. that was a lot of effort.. But gonna wait for a while before I start flashing that one..

Oh yeah back to Vio.. one full whole day with Vio and I didn't take any photo! Woah, that's amazing.. and that's coz... his photos this month is already reaching 500!! WAHAHA.. coz got new camera mah.. so I loveee to use it..

On Saturday morning, pi & I brought Vio to Chinese Garden to see the lanterns, via Jurong Lake park. Hm.. actually the photos look nicer than the real thing.. kekekeke.. wonders of a camera ;) Oh ya.. sadly.. this year there's no lantern festival!! Sob sob.. wanted to bring Vio there to see the lanterns.. I started to regret not going to last year's Hello Kitty one... I saw some photos from the internet and it looks really cute actually.. But it's 1 year too late.. lol..

[caption id="attachment_324" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="A walk in Jurong lake park "]A walk in Jurong lake park[/caption]


Here's when we reach the Chinese Garden:


[caption id="attachment_333" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="@ Chinese Garden"]@ Chinese Garden[/caption]


And I just love Vio's face here:

[caption id="attachment_334" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Oh oh I almost got it!"]Oh oh I almost got it![/caption]

 The weather was starting to get hot by the time it's 10+ am.. So we went home, and Vio was asleep on the way home.. Then in the evening, we brought him to NTUC to buy some ingredients for cooking fried noodles for pi's mom, as that day was her bday.. and then we went home to cook for her! She's quite pleased (and very starved) by the time she reach home from Genting.

On Sunday morning, we brought Vio to church for the first time. Heee... we had wanted to bring him there long long ago, but there's always something on.. so the plan was postponed for many many times.. After that, uncle Hendri, auntie Ira, and Celestine was coming for a visit..

[caption id="attachment_329" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Visit from Celestine"]Visit from Celestine[/caption]

Vio was quite afraid of Uncle Hendri at first, but after some time, he wants to play with him liao.. A scary thing is.. Vio keep wanting to grab Celestine's clothes/diapers.. eeekks! so scary! Considering Celestine was still so "fragile".. Luckily nothing happened..

Well, hmm.. something happened actually.. When I was preparing Vio's meal (cereal with pumpkin), suddenly I heard a loud cry from outside.. When I reached the living room, Vio's face was all red, and he screams (and cry) "mamamamamamama". Apparently he almost fall down the sofa! So scaryyy!!!! Pi said his head & body was already down, so he was upside down, but luckily his head haven't touch the floor yet.. Phew.. But it's a blessing in disguise.. It was his first time saying "mamama"! So happy! And so happen that on that same day, he was also calling "nananana" for the first time, which we interpret as "nai-nai".. so nai2 was also very happy!

That day, we're also doing online application passport for Vio, and the requirements is a photo of Vio with white background and clear facial feature. Now that's a tough one! We took countless photos of Vio that day, but it was soooo difficult as he was so active and he keeps moving! Finally there's 1 that hopefully can fulfill all the requirements..

[caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="233" caption="Vio's 1st passport photo"]Vio's 1st passport photo[/caption]

Now that I look at the photo again, the background seems like gray hor? I hope they're not so fussy and can accept this photo.. otherwise we might need to bring Vio to take photo in a photo box.. woah I think it'll be tough..

We also ate snowskin mooncake from Kia Hiang.. it was so yummy!! There were durian, blueberry cheese, green tea, and chocolate.

[caption id="attachment_331" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="yummy yummy.."]yummy yummy..[/caption]

On the same day, we also brought Vio for dinner at Jurong Point Subway (together with Wie2 and Martha). Vio was of course not eating. Lol.. Wie2 wanted to try Subway very very very much and she's going home in 2 days time..

That day, Vio was quite a trouble-sleeper.. He wanted to keep playing during afternoon nap time.. He refused to sleep! Until he got very tired and fall asleep in his high chair during eating cereal time.. Isn't that cute??

At night, Vio was also quite difficult to be made to sleep. He kept turning his body, go to sitting position, and Wham! throw his back hard on the bed, and giggled. Then I put him to sleeping position again, and he'll repeat his action for countless times (I'm sure it's more than 20 times). Sigh.. he can even do it with his eyes half closed! Until finally.. he fall asleep when he throw his back to the bed.. lol.. Ah well, isn't it a busy weekend for him? ;)

25 September 2009


Feeling very productive.. I finished 2 LO in 1.5 hours! Well... it's 2 simple ones lah.. but still.. considered very fast ;)

[caption id="attachment_317" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="8 months - Stand"]8 months - Stand[/caption]


  • Paper: Basic Grey Offbeat

  • Embellishment: Basic Grey Offbeat Sticker & Chipboard, Little Yellow Bicycle Journalling Tag

  • Alpha: Basic Grey Offbeat

And here's the other one:

[caption id="attachment_319" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="playful"]playful[/caption]


  • Paper: Basic Grey LilyKate

  • Embellishment: Basic Grey Offbeat Sticker & Chipboard, Little Yellow Bicycle Journalling Tag

  • Alpha: Thickers!

23 September 2009

7 years

Today marks the 7th years since pi & I started dating.. wow.. how fast time flies! 7 years does sound very long, don't you think? ;)

We had a long weekend this time.. bcoz of the Hari Raya.. and speaking of Hari Raya, surprisingly, 1 of my malay neighbour actually gave us (homemade, i think) cookies! So many types! And all are very nice... well, last year they didn't give any.. this year they give is coz of my MIL sometimes talk to their mum.. hehehee.. and so, we also bought a tin of bengawan solo cookies to return their favour.

And also, seems like we have a never-ending relative visiting session! Wie2 is now visiting until end of Sept, and suddenly, another pi's relative, Ko Amu & his wife also called to say that they're in sg! Woah.. so many relatives lately.. So this week, we postponed our plan to bring Vio to church again (for dunno how many weeks liao..) Hopefully we can bring him to church next week!

So while pi, Wie2, and my MIL was accompanying them to shop around Bugis, mommy was busy snapping photos of Vio in daddy's new hat! kekekeke..

[caption id="attachment_310" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Stylo Baby"]Stylo Baby[/caption]

Naughty Face
Naughty Face

Now tell me.. don't you think he look so adorable and cuteee?

Vio also love to dance during the weekend.. esp when daddy is singing "ducky duck" to him.. And he also crawl faster! Even though it's still not correct, because he's dragging his right leg... His legs look more like sitting position compared to crawling position.. lol..

[caption id="attachment_312" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="This is my crawling style.."]This is my crawling style..[/caption]

And sadly... it's very very difficult lately to get him to sleeeep!!! Esp at night! Now he don't like to be carried in craddle position.. He likes to be in upright position.. but in that position, his head always pop up, put down on my shoulder.. then pop up again.. *sigh* i hope we can settle in a new sleeping routine soon... on Friday night, vio even slept at 10:30 pm! wow! that's 2 hours spent on making him sleep..

Ah.. we also brought Vio to Marina Square on Sunday, to accompany pi buying crocs.. finally he bought 1! Hopefully it's very comfortable.. I was also tempted to buy 1.. but the one that I want has no disc, so maybe next time lor.. ^.^   Afterwards we went to Suntec and bring Vio to Toys R Us.. It's his first visit there... hehehee.. He was so happy to see many many many toys.. and got angry when we took things that he was playing with away from him..

[caption id="attachment_313" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Halloweeen!"]Halloweeen![/caption]

And while at Toys R Us.. it was Vio's feeding time.. so we gave him milk.. and... he POO.. aiyo.. bad bad bad habit.. he loooooooves to poo while eating/drinking milk since he's little baby.. haiz... so it was my first experience to change him in public places! Luckily there's a baby room there..

[caption id="attachment_314" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="@ Suntec"]@ Suntec[/caption]

16 September 2009

A new...

[caption id="attachment_304" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="sony-ericsson-t707"]sony-ericsson-t707[/caption]

... handphone!! Yup yup.. I got a new handphone last night! Kekekeke.. seems like I got lots of new gadget this week hor?

[caption id="attachment_305" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Side View"]Side View[/caption]

To tell you the truth.. I don't really know much about this handphone.. I just like how it looks like.. heheheee... and I haven't played much with it, so no review to be given (yet).

Last night pi and I went to JP to recontract our MIO plan. Yeah as you might have known, we need it rather urgently.. as there's no internet connection at home now! And internet is just a basic necessity nowadays.. lol.. The queue was quite loooong.. but luckily we're given an "X" queue.. which I supposed means express.. so the wait was not too long.. And the Singtel guy was saying that the earliest apptment to install the new modem would be.. 24 Sept! Woah that's still rather long.. 1 more week without internet! So we protested and say that we don't have a modem at home (because our current one spoiled, and Singtel was saying not replacing it unless we recontract), and now we need to wait (and pay) for 1 more week without using the service at all! Lucky the guy was quite nice.. He finally gave a free 1 month waiver for the mio plan! heheeee.. so in the end pi & i was quite happy and don't mind waiting for 1 week. lol.. but 1 thing that upset us.. the queue for paying was so LONG.. walao.. wanna pay also need to queue for that long -_-

Ahh... and today lunch time I went to Robinsons to play Spin the Wheel for cardmember's birthday month. Same as last year, I'm aiming for the Shop for Free.. But last year I got $10 John Little voucher with $60 min purchase, which is useless as it can't be used with any other discounts. And this year I got.. a spa voucher.. haiz... so disappointed.. Esp coz I just got another spa voucher from comex and that one is much more interesting compared to this one....

Latest LO

Well, not really the latest actually.. since I've completed them weeks ago.. Haven't came out with any LO lately.. mainly coz there were relatives visiting so I can't see much of my scrap table :(

[caption id="attachment_298" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="busy baby"]busy baby[/caption]


  • Paper: Crate Paper Little Sprout

  • Embellishment: Crate Paper Little Sprout Die Cuts, Crate Paper Rub-ons

  • Alphas: DCWV

[caption id="attachment_299" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Precious"]Precious[/caption]


  • Paper: Prima Mommy & Me

  • Embellishment: Crate Paper Little Sprout Die Cuts, K&Co Chipboard, K&Co Wild Saffron buttons, 7G Baby sticker, Colorbok vellum

  • Alphas: die cut, courtesy of Ming from the forum!

[caption id="attachment_300" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="First Tooth"]First Tooth[/caption]


  • Paper: DCWV Baby Boy stack

  • Embellishment: 7G Baby sticker, MM die cuts embellishment, tooth diecuts courtesy of Jojo from the forum, Heidy Swapp border rub-ons

  • Alphas: October Afternoon

15 September 2009

Many spoilt things = many NEW things!

It's just amazing how can so many things spoilt at the same time! Somewhere early last week, suddenly my 2 year old Akira TV refused to wake up from its long sleep. It's not really surprising actually, considering the TV was bought at a warehouse sale in Jakarta. Yes yes.. it's Jakarta! Not SG! We brought it all the way during one of our flight back to SG. Who knows how bad treatment it gets during the flight! In fact, we were quite surprised that it can last quite long :D

Apart from the TV, my newest and latest fan, was also misteriously dead! Don't ever buy Taiyo fan! It's only a few months old! I think it can't take the "work load" at my place, where it's always on.. kekekekek..

And.. (that's not all)... my beloved Internet (and home phone) is also misteriously not working! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhh... and btw, I've just confirmed with Singtel, since it's few days after the 2 years contract end, they're not going to replace it unless we sign a new contract! What the.... -_- such a lousy service!

So anyway... pi and I anyway were taking leave to go to Comex on 11 Sept 2009. So... we begun the day with.. cake cutting and photo taking! hehehee.. yeah haven't got the chance to cut the cake the day before as pi got class until very late..

After that we went to collect pi's GCIP cert somewhere near Amoy, and went to a complimentary 30 mins back massage from TrueSpa @ Taka. It was quite nice and relaxing! And surprisingly, not so hardselling.. Afterwards we went to have Ayam Penyet for lunch (yummy!) and finally heading off to Suntec to go to the Comex..

[caption id="attachment_289" align="aligncenter" width="289" caption="Canon Digital IXUS 100IS"]Canon Digital IXUS 100IS[/caption]

Introducing.. my new digital camera! A bday gift from pi.. hehehehee.. I love it very much! We got it at Comex at quite a steal, as got lots of freebies: SD 16GB (I don't think I'll ever make it full!), extra battery, casing, SD card reader, and also LCD protector (that.. uhm.. I stupidly took out the wrong side....... so in the end.. it can't be used... haiz...) Aiyo, I should've asked for a tripod too as a freebie!

[caption id="attachment_290" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Samsung LE26B350"]Samsung LE26B350[/caption]

And just look at how pretty our new TV is! Uhm apparently it's quite difficult to find a TV smaller than 32"! We finally bought a 26" Samsung HD TV from Series 3. I don't really know what Series 3 means, but anyway the pic was great! Vio was very attracted to the new TV, and he loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He can even smile to the TV! Maybe the old TV was too small or the color not attractive enough.. Uh-oh.. is that a bad sign?? Shouldn't let him watch too much TV.. Oh yeah, we also got a new DVD player as a freebies from this TV.. not bad.. considering our DVD player is already half-way spoilt (sudden stops midway the movies, and continue after 1-2 secs..)

Other than that.. pi also bought a new LCD monitor! oooohh.. finally we have a LCD monitor! And finally the bulky old monitor will go from our house.. kekekekek... apparently all the LCD monitor nowadays are also HD ready. wow.. the pic was gooood, and pi was happy playing Marvel games with veeeeery nice graphic!

That's about all of our purchase from Comex.. spent >1k! Aiyo.. broke broke.. and.. we got 2 spa vouchers from Atos Wellness! kekekeke.. just nice hor.. can use together at the same time :D

During the weekend.. took a lot of photos and videos (HD one!) using my new camera.. kekekekek.. so far I quite like the photos.. much easier to take photos of vio, compared to using the old olympus camera.. and the videos have a very LOUD voice, with clear picture! happy happy..

[caption id="attachment_291" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Playing with daddy"]Playing with daddy[/caption]

We also went to Leo & Mereel's Wedding at Raffles Hotel. It's the first time we bring Vio to a wedding! It's a garden wedding, so can't dress him too "thick".

[caption id="attachment_292" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Savio.. Can I have your teether too?"]Savio.. Can I have your teether too?[/caption]

Ohhh.. how cute babies look when they're together... It's the 2nd time Savio meets Koko Allen!

[caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Savio & Allen's Family =p"]Savio & Allen's Family =p[/caption]

Vio was also having fun time playing with the leaves! Oops.. Vio is not environment-friendly.. as he's 'killing' few leaves.. haha.. but he's having fun and laughing..

[caption id="attachment_294" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Playing with Leaves"]Playing with Leaves[/caption]

We also just found out that Vio can understand simple instructions.. He can clap his hands when we ask him too! Amazing right? ;)

Vio also loves to play with daddy. He laughed his heart out last night, when pi pretending to cough and cough and cough. He laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.. arrgghh.. so cuuteeeeeee...

10 September 2009

Happy Birthday to Me ^.^

Kekekek... Turning 27 this year! How time flies.. I feel like I'm still 25? Kekeekeke...

Had a fun meeting Yenn, Hazel, Xinhui, and Cyn at Marche last night. The food was greaaaaaaaaat and the company was fun.. I love their Today's special crepes with pineapple cream and strawberry, topped with tiramisu ice cream.. Sinful but so yummy!
Crepes... Yummy! 

   And for the main course, as usual, I'd go for their Rosti:
Rosti with Chicken Cheese Sausage 

 The part where we're taking photo of Hazel's cute expression was fun! I love her look here.. so cute! *pinch pinch*
Noo.. Don't take my photo! 

And here's the "attendee" (except Cynthia who came late!)

[caption id="attachment_277" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hazel & Yenn"]Hazel & Yenn[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_278" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Xinhui & Me"]Xinhui & Me[/caption]

And now.. I'm gonna enjoy myself for a spa.. heee.. it's been much more than 1 year since I last go to a spa! Woah.. now is the time to go!


Latest update! I went to Inahamani for aroma therapy facial.. The place was not bad! There are quite a lot of indians there.. Hmmm... actually I've just realized that I seldom see non-chinese in other spa! Anyway... when I told them that I already booked for apptment at 2:30 pm, they don't seem to have my name there. They don't even know which promo I'm going for, and asked for the voucher! I said I only saw it in the internet, and it never ask me to print the voucher.. but anyway, finally they let me in.

The facial was ok.. Surprisingly there's no "extraction". So at the end of the spa, I still feel not as "clean" as usual. And after they finish their marketing (and I insisted in saying no, as usual), they want to send me to the door and say "see you again" but I got confused coz I'm supposed to pay $30 for it, so I was just standing near the cashier. Argh!! I should've just replied "bye" back.. lol.. And they still ask me how much I need to pay.. So actually.. I can save my $30! Coz they thought I got a complimentary facial! But anyway... now is tooooo late.. :D

After the spa.. I went to TCC Cafe near PS to have my sinful treat: tiramisu! It was reaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy yummyyyy... I was sitting outdoor, as indoor was very noisy. I want to enjoy my tiramisu in a tranquil moments.. lol..

Oh yeah.. this photo is taken on my bday, before going to work.. kekekek..

[caption id="attachment_286" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Happy Family"]Happy Family[/caption]

09 September 2009


What a sleepy sleepy day.. *yaaaaaawnnn...* Yeah last night Vio kept turning left and right, left and right, left and right, starting from around 2am in the morning! He even "woke up" and move his buttock up for few times(into crawling position, but only his buttock. His body is still in sleeping position) and keep chanting "ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta" all this with his eyes closed! How cute is that.. haha.. It might be coz he played and laughed too much during the day with his Ku-Nai2 that he loves very much!

So now I'm feeling suuuuper sleepy.. How am I going to self-read on MQ... Aiyo.. MQ and Webservices... 2 things that I don't like in programming.. But now I need to do MQ... followed by Webservices.. lol.. Anybody out there can help me?? :p

Well.. at least tonight I'm meeting my ex-colleagues from Integro for dinner at Marche Vivocity! Keekekekeke... I wanna try their crepes.. Seems like lots of raves on it in the internet.. :D Now waiting for 6pm.... but now is only... 11am... haiz...

07 September 2009

A weekend with relatives

Pi's relative was coming on Saturday, and they just informed us on Friday! Wow quite rush hor.. There are 3 of them coming, in 2 different flights.. 2:40pm and 8:05pm. And since pi got class on Sat morning - afternoon, I went with my MIL to fetch the first batch, and of course we're bringing Vio with us!

Vio was dressed sooo handsomely in a red jumper ( that he used on his first CNY too, but that time was waaaaaaay too big for him ) Btw is it called a jumper?? or is it still considered a romper?

[caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Handsome baby"]Handsome baby[/caption]

On the way to the airport Vio was asleep.. and even when we reach airport, he's still sound asleep for a while. But the flight was delayed, so Ku-Nai2 came out around 3:25 pm instead of 2:40 pm. Vio was getting bored while waiting, so he wants to be carried. While waiting, we also met Uncle Budiman who's fetching his parents which happen to be on the same flight. And... Vio was scared of him! Vio was crying when Uncle Budiman wants to play with him.. lol..

And I also accompany pi to fetch the 2nd batch from the airport that evening. Going twice to the airport in 1 day is quite tiring. Somehow I feel like the journey (in the taxi) is waaaay longer during the 2nd time round.

Sunday... we went to Jurong Point for shopping.. bringing Vio with us, but pi was staying at home coz he got assignments due on Monday. During the shopping time, Vio has got 3 new clothes from both Ku-Nai2! Thank u Ku-Nai2! One of the new rompers was the Disney Baby Mickey one which I almost bought for Vio during the Taka Baby Fair last Friday. But since I just bought 2 new PP-Pants for Vio, I decided not to buy it for Vio.. kekekekek..

During the shopping time, Vio also got tired & bored. I brought him to play Fisher Price toys at Kiddy Palace. He was so excited pushing all the buttons and wanted to pull all the toys towards him! Woah.. there was a big box that almost fall on thim since he keeps pulling.. the box was really BIG.. so scary.. Lucky this mommy is fast at reacting.. kekekekek.. During shopping at NTUC session, he wants to sleep while being carried. And Nai2 insisted that she wanted to carry Vio home. Must be very tiring.. Imagine carrying a 9kg+ baby walking around!

By the time we're back from JP, it was surprisingly already 2:30pm! Initially pi wanted to bring them to Sentosa that evening, but since they're already tired, they decided to just go to Chinese Garden... I didn't want to go. I was feeling tired liao. They're so strong hor! And somemore they want to bring Vio with them.

That night, Vio didn't sleep well.. I think he was tooooo tired from going 2 places in a day. He cried for few times and woke us up :( And.. as usual.. he keeps turning and turning with his foot always ended on top of my tummy.. haha..

On a sidenote, Vio is getting faster in getting up to sitting position! Such a smart boy.. And he can also wave "bye-bye" now... Isn't it cuteeeee? *Sigh* I wish he will always be THIS cute! =)

And another very cute thing that Vio did this weekend.. he loves to purposely cover his face using any fabric (anything! his clothes, selendang) and suddenly un-cover it and he'll laugh happily! He's playing peek-a-boo using his own hands! Lift hand up (cover his face), put hand down (uncover his face) and laugh.. He looks super cuteeeeee...

[caption id="attachment_267" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Family Photo"]Family Photo[/caption]

And here's a photo taken of Vio and daddy!

[caption id="attachment_268" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="with daddy"]with daddy[/caption]

03 September 2009

Sitting Up!

Few major milestones onVio:

  • He can sit up by himself from both lying facing down and facing up position! But of course only if there's something he really likes that he want to grab, such as the packaging tin of U-I oil (that's his fav!)  Twice I tried to take the tin away from him, to videotape the "process" of sitting up from lying face up position. But Vio got super angry! He cried LOUDLY.. well.. in the end I only managed to get photos of his crying face wahahaha..

[caption id="attachment_263" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I don't look handsome while crying, hor?"]I don't look handsome while crying, hor?[/caption]

  • Vio can creep (not crawl) backwards.. Yup yup.. backwards! Quite cute actually, when he see something far ahead that he want to get, he starts creeping, and he gets further and further.. lol..

  • One of Vio's favourite activity now is... to stick out his tongue, stick it to the outer part of his top lips, and bbwwrrhhhhh.. Saliva will go everywhere..

  • Vio likes to "rotate" while sleeping in mommy's & daddy's bed.. I wonder how he did it? Few times in the night I'll put him back to the correct (vertical) position. But in few mins time, he'll somehow rotate himself to the horizontal position and his feet will always be on.... my tummy! *sigh*

Hmm too bad I haven't taken photo of any of the "activities" mentioned.. But anyway, here's 1 of Vio's photos that I like... I'm loving his expression! And loving the cheek he's making!

[caption id="attachment_254" align="aligncenter" width="179" caption="Chubby me"]Chubby me[/caption]

And here's another photo of him on 4 "legs"!

[caption id="attachment_264" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="on all 4"]on all 4[/caption]