30 June 2011

Caitlyn 2 Month: Chatter

At 2 months old, Caitlyn likes to make very cute baby sound: goo goo.... ga gaaaa.... it's sooo cute... And we can see that she's much more of a chatter than her big brother... Ah well, she's a girl after all.. lol...
Caitlyn 2 month
Caitlyn 2 month
Don't you think she looks so cute? She's definitely getting chubbier ;)


Oh, here's a photo of mommy and vio with Caitlyn. Lately Vio likes to make ugly faces, I think he learns it from his friends at school :(  You can see that he purposely make his eyes to look all white :(


[caption id="attachment_2162" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="mommy. vio, and caitlyn"]mommy. vio, and caitlyn[/caption]


25 June 2011

Tummy Time

Haven't got much chance to write a blog lately. I just wanna show off a photo that I think kinda cute


Haha don't you think it's cute??

14 June 2011

Caitlyn's First Hair Cut

This is a belated post..

When caitlyn was 39 days old, she had her first hair cut! We didn't plan to shave all her hair until all botak, but what we had in mind was to cut it very short until almost botak.

Nai2's friend was helping us to cut the hair. But she insisted that it'snicer if wejust cut a little bit so it will grow nice when it'slonger.. Hmmm.. So in the end, only a bit of her hair was cut. She didn't really look like she has cut herhair.. Lol..

I guess we'll cut herhair short ourselves when she's no longer so crybaby :p


Oh yeah, she did cry a little bit when her hair was being cut..

13 June 2011


Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel!

For the last few days, caitlyn's colic is getting better! She no longer cries uncontrollably for few hours! She still cries, but its more of normal baby cry, not the hysterical one.. Phew! I hope those periods are really over!


On a side note, here's the statistics of the 2 babies when we visit the paediatrician last week.. Or is it 2 weeks ago??

Weight: 4.75 kg
Height: 53.7cm

Weight: 14 kg
Height: 97.4 cm

Wow vio is almos 1 meter! The PD menioned that vio is right st he end of the chart, at 97 percentile! Tsk..


See how much he loves to be a baby again.. Lol..

09 June 2011


Vio's way of thinking is getting more and more logical each day. Sometimes it's amazing to see how much he actually understands things and knowing how to reply to our questions.

When his favorite soft toy (hippo) was being washed and not there to accompany him in the bedtime, pi was asking him:
Daddy: vio, where's hippo?
Vio: swimming
Daddy: huh? Swimming? Where?
Vio: in the bathroom
Daddy: Huh? Show daddy!

Vio then quickly ran to the bathroom and pointing to the pail, saying "there! There!" And hippo was really there, swimming in soapy water inside the pail! What a smart boy..

His fave word lately is "buy?" lol.. when we don't have something that he was asking for, he'll ask us to buy for him! Tsk! I wonder who teach him that..
Vio: tennis ball mana?
Mommy: we don't have tennis ball
Vio: buy? (with hopeful tone)

And he can talk few short sentences at 1 go to. Fo example, when I'm playing with him and Caitlyn is sleeping in her day bed, but starting to move and about to cry. So I'll rock the daybed and hoping that shell sleep again. Vio will be upset and say "mommy, baby still sleeping! No disturb baby!"

02 June 2011


Seriously, having a colicky baby is not fun.

Sadly, that's what we're having now... For the last 3 days, Caitlyn has cried soooooooooo LOUDLY starting from 7 pm with no apparent reason. And it's almost unstoppable. And it can last for hours. *sigh* 

We've went to the paediatrician to ask about this (and at the same time, also for her jabs and Vio's last jab). According to the PD, seems like Caitlyn has a rather bad resurgitation (milk being spit-up again). No wonder she's been a crybaby and always seem to be unhappy most of the time. Apparently it's because the milk is stuck at her throat, and some will also be spit out of her mouth. Poor poor baby... She must be feeling so unwell.. :(

According to the PD, this is caused by the formula milk she's been drinking... So he suggested us to change the formula milk to hypo-allergenic one. Well, the best of course if she can be breastfed totally, which is what I'm working on right now. We've reduced her formula milk intake and try to total breastfed her. Hopefully she's getting enough! Quite worried that she's not getting enough. Seems like she looks a bit happier after that. More smile on her face and lesser cry.. If she's not getting enough milk, she should be crying all the time, hor? Hmm...

[caption id="attachment_2149" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Pretty Baby"]Pretty Baby[/caption]

Ahhh don't you think she look so pretty when she doesn't cry? ;)

[caption id="attachment_2150" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Caitlyn, don't cry..."]Caitlyn, don't cry...[/caption]