29 September 2010

Pregnancy: Week 11

We went for a check-up again, and this time round we asked for earlier time slot (so that the waiting time is not so long). And we get the.... 8:40am slot.. Wow yeah that's early... In the end, we reached there only at 9am.. Haha! But apparently the gynae was out, delivering a baby. So we waited for about 20-30 mins, and finally it's our turn!

[caption id="attachment_1676" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Week 11"]Week 11[/caption]

Now we can see a more "baby" shape... with head, hand, and foot already formed. We can also see the baby moving its hands and foot! So cute! But we've forgotten to take video of it... Maybe on the next check-up we'll take the video..

Ah yes... the gynae mentioned in the next check-up, we might be able to tell whether it's a boy or a girl! (If the baby's cooperative, that is..)

28 September 2010

Jurong Lake Park + ABC Waters

We saw this flyers about Lantern Celebration in Jurong Lake Park, combined with the opening of ABC Waters (a new water fountain) and the new bridge. And the tickets was only $2, so we decided to just buy it and come to the event. (Even though we think: aiyo.. the name given is ABC waters? Come on... Can't you find a more innovative name..) But anyway, just to have something on the weekends lah...

We reached there around 5:30 pm (the event is from 5pm - 10pm), and you know what? Apparently we don't even need to buy tickets in the first place. For the tickets, we can only get free goodie bag, can join in some games, and can also join the lucky draw. The place was quite crowded and the air was humid (as always). And surprisingly, Vio refused to go down from the stroller, and once we managed to get him down, he refused to walk! He only want to be carried... Maybe there were just too many people that he feels uncomfortable..

[caption id="attachment_1669" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Don't put me down, daddy.."]Don't put me down, daddy..[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1670" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Baloons.. So Big!"]Baloons.. So Big![/caption]

Oh yeah, since Vio's fav words now is "So Big!" (for example: "Bus.. so big!!", "Ball.. so big!"), when he saw this baloon, he also said.. "Baloon.. so big!!"

Initially we wanted to join in the games, but there were so many people (and we must queue to join the game), so we decided not to join it. Vio was already restless, he doesn't like it there. And neither was I. Somehow the weather was too humid and there were too many people that I felt very tired. And we didn't know whether we did win the lucky draw, because it was only announced at 9pm that night. And for us, by 6:30pm, we head back home already.

The only item worth mentioning in the goodie bag was the lantern. It's shaped like a ball, so Vio kinda like it (to kick around, I mean). And somehow, at first he refers "lanterns" as "emons". Don't know where he get the words from. I originally thought he's referring to "Doraemon" hahaha..

Anyway, here's the lantern given out in the goodie bag..

[caption id="attachment_1671" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="This is my lantern!"]This is my lantern![/caption]

20 September 2010


It was my MIL's birthday. As usual, we bought a cake (though in the end, it was celebrated one day after the actual day, coz apparently she went to attend her beloved MLM seminar on her birthday).. Tsk tsk..

[caption id="attachment_1662" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Blowing the candles"]Blowing the candles[/caption]

On weekend, we also ate out at a famous vegan resto in Singapore, Lingzhi Vegetarian Resto @ Novena Square. Originally we wanted to eat at Miao Yi again, but since we have vouchers for Lingzhi, might as well tried it.

The place was quite nice, we had our own place with round table and cushioned chair, quite exclusive.

[caption id="attachment_1663" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Before the dinner"]Before the dinner[/caption]

While waiting for the food, Vio kept himself occupied with the mirror.

[caption id="attachment_1664" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Smiling to the handsome boy"]Smiling to the handsome boy[/caption]

The food was quite nice, though kinda oily. There's 1 dish that's the nicest amongst all: it's made of mushroom that's deep fried and with some seasonings. It actually tasted like pork ribs!

[caption id="attachment_1665" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Fav Dish of the Night"]Fav Dish of the Night[/caption]

But overall, Miao Yi is much nicer (and cheaper!) compared to Lingzhi. I wonder why Lingzhi is more famous then?? I guess next time, we'll go to Miao Yi Restaurant again for vegan food :D

18 September 2010

Latest Addition!

And introducing the latest addition to our family........ Tada!!

[caption id="attachment_1656" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="iPhone 4"]iPhone 4[/caption]

Woah-hooo... Didn't expect to get it so soon... I thought we'll have to wait for another 2-3 weeks. We were so excited yesterday when the Singtel person said that it's gonna be delivered to us on the same day!

And.. can you believe it... For the first time ever, we're actually following the trend?? Hahahaa.. Somehow normally we're 1 trend too late.. But now we got something that's still on trend :D

The first impression... oh it looks so sleek and nice to use!! Very user friendly, and (quite paiseh to say this) I actually just knew that it can connect to wi-fi!!! Ahem ok don't laugh at me.. I'm not really following trend on technology.. So I think it's very cool that it can connect to wi-fi (and so, we can download the apps for free, without data charge whatsoever).

So last night, I've downloaded few apps, all for Vio actually. All are free mini games for toddlers, and I think they're really not bad! This morning Vio was playing with one of them, and he really laughed it out. Apparently he was playing Talking Tom Cat.

[caption id="attachment_1657" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Talking Tom Cat"]Talking Tom Cat[/caption]

I think this app is reaaalll cute! The cat can response to ur touches (purr happily, or angry if u punch him). And the best part is, he can imitate whatever u say, but in cute voice. And this what makes Vio laughed to his heart content. Vio said many things and the cat said the same thing back, and "HAHAHAA" he'll then start laughing (and the cat can laugh back too).

I'm sure there are many other great apps out there! Can't wait to discover more apps. Guess we'll have more time to play with it during the weekend ;)

17 September 2010

Me & The Balls

[caption id="attachment_1651" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Balls & Me"]Balls & Me[/caption]

See, I'm holding 2 big balls with my hands! Actually I can do it for quite long time already, but mommy keep forgetting to take photo of me :p

Another thing I love to do: I love to give a new face to my balls. I find that they're too plain, so.. well of course I better draw something on them. Isn't it such a brilliant idea??

[caption id="attachment_1652" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Giving new face to my ball"]Giving new face to my ball[/caption]

Ah ah.. I can also construct very simple words together now... Like the other day, when mommy told me she needs to go to work, I said: "no no.. mommy kick ball.." then I get ready in my kick ball position! After playing for few minutes, mommy again told me she needs to go to work, and I know she has to go already.... so I then turn to nai2 and say "nai2.. ti qiu.."  Wow ain't I amazing? I know which language to use to which person.. =)

14 September 2010

Building Blocks

Vio likes his Lego building blocks more and more lately. Especially it comes with this little figurine that he dearly calls "uncle". Actually it should've been "koko".. but nvm... now too late already since Vio already refer to the little figurine as "uncle" hahahaa..

He's also getting a little more creative lately. Last time, he would just choose the same size blocks and stack them together to build a high tower, then destroy the tower and rebuild it again. Now, he likes to combine different sizes of blocks to build a tower that looks slightly different :p  Just look at the photo of proud Vio and his creation. Yes, he designed this building by himself, though stacking them together sometimes is with mommy's assistance. But the design is purely Vio's!

[caption id="attachment_1647" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Proud with my building"]Proud with my building[/caption]

13 September 2010

B'day & Mooncake Celebration

We had a long weekend, and it just coincides with my birthday!

Nothing really special, actually. We just went out to eat at the restaurant of my choice. Well, I chose Tony Roma's, coz I want to eat that very yummy pork ribs one more time! I tried their pork ribs quite sometime ago.. Actually it was my first time eating pork ribs, and OMG they're soooo yummy! Until now I still remembered how nice it was! I tried pork ribs at few other restaurants, but nothing can beat Tony Roma's, at least as far as I can remember.

So we went to the branch in Suntec, and seated by the koi pond. It was quite a nice view..

[caption id="attachment_1637" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Browsing thru the menu"]Browsing thru the menu[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1638" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mommy & Vio"]Mommy & Vio[/caption]

We ordered the original baby back pork ribs, salad, and potato skin. Actually I had high expectations on the potato skin (the description sounds so nice, and many people ordering them). It was quite nice, but I think a bit overcooked, so it tastes a little bit bitter.

[caption id="attachment_1639" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Original Baby Back Pork Rib"]Original Baby Back Pork Rib[/caption]

The first bite to the pork rib, it was........ okay.. Wow I was quite surprised. Where was that explosive nice feeling I had last time? The pork rib was nice but wasn't as fantastic as the one in my memory. Pi even commented that he thinks the ones served in Billy Bombers was nicer.. In the end, we conclude that maybe for pork rib, the first place where we ever tried the dish, we'd think that it's the nicest one. For pi, he tried pork rib the first time at Billy Bombers, so in his memory, Billy Bombers have the nicest pork ribs so far. So.. maybe our conclusion is right? Hmmm...

As for Vio, he was all excited to see the dish came with CORN... He started making a noise: "Yumi... Yumi (chinese word for corn).. corn.. corn.." and of course, we gave it to him, and in the end he ate the whole 2 corns all by himself.

[caption id="attachment_1640" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I just can't have enough of corn!!"]I just can't have enough of corn!![/caption]

During the weekend, we also had our mooncake! Actually this year I only bought 2 pieces from Kia Hiang restaurant, as they're selling per piece, rather than per box. I've wanted to buy Raffles Hotel's one, but sadly they're only selling per box. Don't think that we can finish 8 pcs of mooncake all by ourselves!

[caption id="attachment_1641" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mooncake"]Mooncake[/caption]

I bought blueberry cheesecake and durian flavour. As usual, Vio was excited to see me bringing home a new food. He thought it was something like fruit... So when he see me bring it home, he say "wash.. wash.. eat... sit down..". He asked us to wash it, then eat together. He even sat down nicely waiting for the mooncake to be given to him! Tsk tsk tsk.. Amazing how he can just know that there's a nice food to eat.

Oh so, we cut the mooncake during the weekend, and yes it's yummy! Vio love it so much that he asked for somemore (too bad there's no more).. and he was happily licking the box to get the remaining left-over.

[caption id="attachment_1642" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Somemore mooncake?"]Somemore mooncake?[/caption]

09 September 2010

Banana & Pregnancy??

I just came across interesting articles on the internet: apparently there's a recent study about correlations between a mother's diet and the gender of the baby she's carrying. Wow, isn't that an interesting topic? When I first heard about it, my first thought was: but i thought it's the man's sperm who determines the baby's gender. How can a mother's diet be part of it? Well, apparently the question was: which sperm actually makes it to the egg. The researcher believes that certain nutrients or eating habits can make women's body to be more hospitable to certain sperm.

So what did the research say? They claim that the women who have boys had:

  • high potassium intakes

  • bigger appetites

  • having breakfast cereal

Now that I think of it, before I was pregnant with Vio, I was:

  • Eating lots of bananas (which is high in potassium). Mostly because it was just the easiest fruit around and we're lazy to buy others

  • I'm always eating more than other normal gals

  • It was a period where we just love to have cereal as our breakfast. Well, it's something considered "new", as we're getting bored with bread as breakfast.

Wow, that's all 3 points mentioned! And yes, Vio is a boy!

Oh oh, I hope the 2nd one will be a girl! I seldom eat banana nowadays, not having breakfast cereal also (but have rice as breakfast instead), and eat generally lesser (coz I feel so sick of the food in SG). Well, well.... we can only wait and see..


Our little boy really love singing :)

When we're having breakfast one day, suddenly he came over, singing the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". So cute to hear him sing! Though his singing voice is very soft, we know what he wanted to sing. Amazingly, he also sing it with tune! (Though sometimes out of tune). But still... he's still learning to speak, and yet he can sing something with a bit of tune...

Nowadays the song that he likes is Barney's "I Love You" and "ABCD.....". Yes yes he can sing the complete alphabet from A to Z... Isn't it amazing?

Here's a video of him singing I Love You, though my voice is more obvious. But if you listen carefully, you might be able to catch some of the words he's singing... ;)

My baby is a future soccer player and singer too! =)

06 September 2010

Science Center

On Sunday, we brought Vio to Science Center for the first time. (The last time we went to Science Center was 2 days before Vio was born!) It was a rainy day, so our plan to let Vio play in the outdoor water play couldn't be done.. Though Vio was sooo excited to see the water play.. Nvm, there's always next time..

Before going off, as usual Vio happily posed for Mommy's camera..

[caption id="attachment_1622" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Posing for Mommy"]Posing for Mommy[/caption]

And not forgetting, another pose for Mommy again. But this time, with 2 balls! And if you're wondering, yes, Vio really did stand and pose purposely for the camera, and after that he'll run off to Mommy to see how the photo turns out to be..

[caption id="attachment_1623" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Me & My Balls"]Me & My Balls[/caption]

In Science Center, the first thing that caught our attention was this cute thing that can detect our face and put up some accessories on it.. Haha.. This is how Vio looks like..

[caption id="attachment_1624" align="aligncenter" width="199" caption="Little Pirate"]Little Pirate[/caption]

We spent most of the time in Discovery Zone, which was aimed to young children. Vio enjoyed it quite a lot, especially the part where there is a big screen showing his shadows in 3 colors. He got all excited and keep dancing in front of the screen. It was sooooo cute... Too bad I video-taped it too late. By the time I started, he was about to stop dancing.. Anyway, here's a preview of it..

And here's somemore photos we took in Science Center..

[caption id="attachment_1625" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Little House"]Little House[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1626" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Learning about Lamp"]Learning about Lamp[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1627" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="So many balls!"]So many balls![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1628" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Woo this is fun!"]Woo this is fun![/caption]

We also watched a show in the "Sound" part, which was apparently not so fantastic. By the time we wanna go home, Vio was so tired he fall asleep within minutes when we put him in the stroller.

But all in all, we had a good time =)

03 September 2010

Gymnastics Baby

[caption id="attachment_1617" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Hello!"]Hello![/caption]

Hello everybody! My name is Savio. I'm currently 20 months old, and a soccer-player (or basketball-player)-wannabe.

This is my daily warming-up routine. It is good to prepare me for a whole day of ball-kicking, bouncing, and throwing activity. :)

02 September 2010

The Pose

We were going to the church, and suddenly I remember: oh... it's been ages since Vio wore a jumper!! He had quite a number of them, but seldom put them on, because the weather is hot, and quite troublesome to put on and take out, and also coz most of them are too small for him already.

So I dig dig dig Vio's wardrobe, and found this brand new jumper that he never worn before! (It was one of his first birthday gift) hahahaa.. and it still fits him! So here he is.... tadaaaaaaa...

[caption id="attachment_1612" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Vio in Jumper"]Vio in Jumper[/caption]

Hmmm do you think that he kinda look like a big boy in baby clothes?? Nvm nvm, better wear it while it still fits...

And when I asked him to pose for the camera... He run off to the usual place he like to pose, and pose there purposely for the camera! Tsk tsk tsk..

[caption id="attachment_1613" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Posing for the camera"]Posing for the camera[/caption]

At a completely different time, I asked him to pose for the camera, and he ran off to the same place with the same pose again!

[caption id="attachment_1614" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Vio Posing Again"]Vio Posing Again[/caption]

Wahahaaa... I don't know what's with him and the pose! Do you find the pose familiar? That's coz I've posted a photo of him doing exactly the same pose, in yet another time! You can see again it here.

01 September 2010

Mommy's New Shoes

Wow mommy's bringing home something new in a plastic bag! I should be the first one to open it up! <opening of the box> ooohhh look! It's a new shoe!! Wowowowow... I wanna try it on!

[caption id="attachment_1607" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Mommy's Shoes 1"]Mommy's Shoes 1[/caption]

Wah mommy, look! I can put it on myself without any help. And the shoes fit me just nice! Next I should try to walk around in it..

[caption id="attachment_1608" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Mommy's Shoes 2"]Mommy's Shoes 2[/caption]

Wah I can walk very well in this shoe. Mommy, do I look handsome in this shoe? Can I have this shoe, please??