04 November 2009

Favorite Word of The Week: Ba!

Vio is just so cute.. He can say the word "Ba!" clearly and correctly! When we're playing peek-a-boo (or the Indonesian word is "Ciluk-Ba!"), he will say "Ba!" while uncovering his face (with blanket or cloth or something else), and then he'll cover his face by himself again. Also if we pretend to "surprise" him by coming out of our hiding place behind the door, he can say "Ba!" haaha.. isn't he so cuteeeeee...

And last night, pi showed him a video of him saying the word "Ba!" and he loved it! He asked pi to play it over and over again, and he'll laugh while watching the video. Arghhhh... How I miss my baby now. I wish I can go home now! =)


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