30 August 2010

The First Peek

First I'd like to say thank you all for the well-wishes! =)

So last Friday we went to a gynae. I've decided not to go to my previous Gynae (Dr Adelina Wong) because not so satisfied with her during the delivery itself. From all the raves in the internet, I wanted to try Dr Joycelyn Wong, which have very very good review in the internet. Surprisingly when I call the clinic, the 1st available appointment date is 21 September. 21 SEPTEMBER!! My goodness, it's 1 month from now. Tsk tsk tsk.. and it's not even a Saturday! So finally decided to go to Dr Eunice Chua, which was my ex-colleague's gynae, and also have many good reviews in the internet.

So we (pi, Vio, and me) went on Friday, ready to wait for at least 1 hour before seeing the gynae. (Normally we'd have to wait about 1 hour). Surprisingly, that day not many people in the clinic. Maybe also because it's a weekday where most people are working. We waited only for 5 minutes before seeing the doctor.

She is a very nice lady (which has 5 kids, btw). And she asked many questions that I somehow feel are more sincere compared to the previous gynae I went to. (My old gynae will be very efficient, so your time inside the office will be very short). When she did the ultrasound, there was nothing much shown in the screen. Apparently the baby is still too small, and my bladder is not full enough. But she said I'm definitely pregnant, because there's the water bag in the right place.

And then she offered whether I want to do internal scan. And of course, I frowned. No one would want something poking thru, right? So in the end, she told me to drink lots of water and wait until the bladder is super super full.

So we went out and I drink sooooo much water (I'm sure must be more than 10 cups!) until I feel sick and want to vomit out the water already. Then we wait wait wait wait... After 20 mins, we went in again, and... the bladder still not full enough... Sigh... So we wait again for another 10-20 minutes....

And finally finally finally! We can see something in the screen!

[caption id="attachment_1604" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Week 6"]Week 6[/caption]

Oh oh yeah that's my baby... though it looks more like a bean now.. And only 0.56 cm long. I can see the heart beat. And the gynae also try to let me hear the heart beat. I think I heard a little bit... Though not very clear. Now that reminds me, my old gynae didn't offer me to hear the heart beat at all! Tsk tsk tsk....

Oh yeah.. the due date now is 18 April 2011. :)

26 August 2010

Hippo Oh Hippo..

No doubt Vio's favourite for bedtime is still Hippo. Vio always call for Hippo if Hippo is not in sight (for example, if Vio happen to lie on top of the poor Hippo, then Vio will start calling for "Hippo? Hippo?")

So what does Hippo do? He'd "sing" & "dance" to the song that mommy sing for Vio. He can also "tickle" Vio, and Vio like to tickle Hippo back too. Hahaa.. Sometimes Hippo will also wear Vio's pajamas (on the days Vio refused to wear pajamas. Once he sees that Hippo's wearing his pajamas, he'll immediately ask us to put on his pajamas on him.. hahaa).

Other than that, Hippo's most important role is to be there to be hugged by Vio while sleeping, and to have no complaints as Vio bitten on every part of his body repeatedly every night. No doubt Hippo is getting thinner and thinner, and smell of milk! (ps: he used to be a fluffy one). And not to mention, he's getting more and more yellowish... Sad thing is we can't buy a new one for him... We never see it selling in the stores, and we can't see the brand anymore (Vio bite it too much until it can no longer be read).

Nevertheless, here's a photo of the 2 bestfriends sleeping together :)

[caption id="attachment_1601" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vio & Hippo"]Vio & Hippo[/caption]

25 August 2010


Many people say that I look more like mommy.

As a matter of fact, only my eyes look like mommy's one (small eye with no eye lid *sigh*). My face shape follow daddy's, and I think so does my mouth.

Do you think I look like daddy here??

[caption id="attachment_1597" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Father & Son Grin"]Father & Son Grin[/caption]


Vio was giving us a "surprise" last night.

We were having dinner, and Vio also ate his dinner with us. Sitting in the same table, with his own plate and spoon, trying to scoop the contents to his mouth using the spoon, all by himself.

Among the dishes, one of them was perkedel, something that's seldom seen on our dining table. At one moment, I put some cut perkedel in his plate (without telling him what it is), and he scooped it out and taste it. And do you know what he say?


Wow I should say we're all surprised. He can recognize the taste/texture of potato!! We didn't tell him what we're giving him, neither did we tell him it was made from potato. But he just knew! So proud of my little boy :)

24 August 2010

Attending the Wedding

On Saturday, mommy and daddy brought me to daddy's friend's (Lando & Lily) wedding. As usual, the moment I'm most excited about is when my clothes are changed, and I'm just waiting impatiently to go out of the door to go to new places! Just look at this. I'm ready with my "cute" style on (this is one of the style that mommy missed in the post here).

[caption id="attachment_1589" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Cute Style"]Cute Style[/caption]

And this is me again.... posing intentionally for the camera!

[caption id="attachment_1590" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="My Pose"]My Pose[/caption]

Ah... I especially love it when it comes to foooooooood part... Mommy and Daddy let me eat lots of yummy food.. All in all, I ate 2 round pizza bread, 1/2 potato croquette, 1 banana cake, a bit of noodle, a bit of quiche, a bit of crab something, a bit of nugget, 1 cheesecake, and not forgetting.. 1 full eclair all for myself! Wow the eclair was definitely yummy yummy! I love it so much that by the time I finish 1, I was asking for somemore. But too bad... All the eclair was already taken by then.. no more for me.. haiz...

[caption id="attachment_1591" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I'm so FULL and Happy!"]I'm so FULL and Happy![/caption]

23 August 2010

Coming Soon....

After weeks of feeling tired and always hungry (though don't feel like eating), I took a test to confirm my suspicion... Is there someone coming soon.....?

OK actually I took the test 3 weeks back (coz of the same symptoms). To my surprise, the test result turns out to be..... negative. Hmmm.. after I did the test, then I saw the indications in the box. That the test can only be done 1 day after the period is due. Ok, maybe that explains the result. Oh dear, that's a good $10+ wasted :D

So last Saturday, 2 weeks after my period is due, I decided to take another test. Also because I feel that my tummy is bulging, bigger than normal. (If the test result turns out to be negative again, I'd better go on diet soon!!). So pi & I waited for the result curiously, and it seems like it's taking ages to show up.

Then we see.... a line... 1 line only.. And I started to wonder: why then, am I having all these symptoms if the result is (yet) another negative? And then.. just then.. another line shows up.. clearer and clearer... It is.. positive!! Yeah yeah Vio is going to have a little sister! (or brother) :)

[caption id="attachment_1586" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Test Kit"]Test Kit[/caption]

And according to the pregnancy calculator available in the internet, I should now be 6 weeks pregnant, and the EDD would be... 12 April 2011. Wow, that does seem fast!!

20 August 2010

New Face for the Blog!

Woah-hooo.. New "face" for the blog is finally done, and it's sooner than expected..

I tumbled across this new "service" available in the internet, called TypeKit. Apparently we can now use nice nice fonts in our web/blogs if we subscribe for their service! (even though the client browser doesn't have this nice font installed locally) Yay! No more needs to convert the nice fonts to an image to display it in our website.. hohohoo... It's a very good service, I'd say. And somemore, there's a free trial option too. Though limited, it's worth the try :)

So tell me, what do you think of the blog's new face? ;)

The Foot Print

For the longest time, I've wanted to get the hand and footprint of Vio ... even before he was born!

When I was heavily pregnant, I was considering whether I should get the clay-mould type (where the baby foot and handprint will be shaped in a mould, which then can be framed or integrated with a photo album), or ink-type (where all we need to do is apply the baby-safe ink to baby's hand and foot, and voila! We have the hand and foot print on paper, or anywhere you want it to be). After much consideration, I decided to go for the ink-type. We can make many many hand and foot print and have it in many papers!

.... But I was shocked to see the price... $24.90 for a small pad of baby-safe ink!! OMG that must've been daylight robbery! So in the end, I didn't buy it, and afterwards Vio was born, and this "wish" was kinda half-forgotten in the midst of chaos, being a new mommy and all.

... Until recently, that is.

Somehow recently, I remembered about this unfulfilled wish of mine, and was determined to purchase the baby-safe ink, before it's too late (i.e. Vio's hand and foot no longer "cute" to be stamped anywhere, though it's kinda late already now). And being me, I tried to source it anywhere that I can think of (to find a cheaper alternative, that is). I saw it being sold in Amazon with a much much cheaper price and decided to buy from a spree. However the nice organizer was saying that according to Amazon website, the packaging might be big, hence higher shipping cost, so not worth it to spree from there. I looked around in online shops in Singapore, but it's selling at the same price ($24.90). In the end, I gave up the search.

So one fine day, I stopped at Raffles MRT to buy the baby-safe inkpad from one of the stop there. For $24.90 of course. Sadly the ink doesn't come in black color. I'd have to choose between blue and pink. So in the end, of course I chose blue color. Though black would've been ideal..

[caption id="attachment_1562" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="Baby's Touch Inkpad"]Baby's Touch Inkpad[/caption]

Going home in my excitement to try out the inkpad, I chose a bright scrapbook paper for Vio to "ink" his hand print there. I showed him how I did it with my own hand, and he was happy to make a right hand print on the paper! Yay!! I was so happy!!

.. Then it was the left-hand turn... He was happy to ink his hand with the inkpad, but when it comes to put his hand on the paper, he suddenly look so scared... hmm.. I wonder why he feel scared ya?? He already did it with his right hand... So I let the matter rest for that day...

Another day, another try.

I let Vio ink his hand and stamp his handprint to a paper, he'd happily do it. Then I took out the same scrapbook paper, and... he refused to do it. Again. I'm wondering why?

[caption id="attachment_1578" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Half-Successful Attempt"]Half-Successful Attempt[/caption]

So finally, I just took a clean blank paper from his drawing book, and... Voila!! He happily stamped both of his hand print there! Not only the hand, the foot was also stamped! Heeee... I suppose I gotta be satisfied with this.. After all, better than no stamp at all? :)

[caption id="attachment_1579" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The End Result!"]The End Result![/caption]


Sometimes, I just don't get what's so interesting about peek-a-boo. Basically, all you have to do is:

  1. Cover your face with your hand (or something else)

  2. Say "peek-aaaa-" (with anticipation tone)

  3. Show your face while saying "booooooo"

Ah well, Vio loves it a lot. That's what's important, isn't it? :)

Much more especially if my head pops out of different places each time. Or if I made funny faces while saying "boooo". Or replacing "booo" with another cute word. That would surely make him giggle and giggle and giggle..

And here's Vio, playing peek-a-boo with me. I especially love it when he says "boooo" coz he'd say it with all his might and exaggerated facial expression. *smile*

[caption id="attachment_1573" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Peek-A-..."]Peek-A-...[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1574" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Booooo..."]Booooo...[/caption]

19 August 2010

Work in Progress

We're in the midst of giving "new look" to the blog. So please bear with us! There will be changes coming soon (hopefully, soon..) hahahaa...

In the meanwhile, here's Vio saying hellooooo to everybody with his big big grin!

[caption id="attachment_1558" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hello there!"]Hello there![/caption]

17 August 2010


Last Saturday must've been a very bad day for Vio.

It all started in the morning when pi & I brought him to his PD for his overdue injection. (He should've been injected on 18 months old, and now he's already 19.5 months!). It all started happy, and he was happily playing with the toys inside the PD's room, until the time where the injection was coming.

Vio has never like being pinned down. But we must pinned him down in the bed facing down, trying to stop him from moving. The nurse this time round has changed, the previous one was far more friendly to Vio, she'll try to play for few moments with Vio to familiarize him. But this one just shows up during time of injection, and directly hold Vio down. Vio, of course, while seeing a total new stranger holding him, cried incontrollably.

The nurse was saying "wah, this boy is very strong ya.." and we're trying to console (and hold Vio), while Vio kept crying out loud "mommy!! mommy!!"  It's like he wanted to say: "mommy! help me!!"

I doubt Vio actually feel any pain on the injection at all, maybe he was too focused on trying to be free such that he didn't feel the needle poking thru. Anyway he was happy that it was over, and afterwards the doctor gave him oral immunisation that he loves a lot.. hahaa...

Afterwards we went home and Vio had his afternoon nap..

After Vio woke up, we decided to bring him to Jurong Point and the library to return and borrow some more books. I was busy choosing the DVDs that we'll borrow for Vio when suddenly I heard Vio crying. And after sometime the cry still didn't stop.. When I go and see what happen... oh dear! Vio has fell down and his forehead knock into one of the shelf! The cut was small but it looks quite deep... Must be very very painful... *sob sob* my poor little baby...

We quickly bring him to Jurong Medical Center (which was located just next to the library), but it was apparently closed. Aiyo... how can such an important place close on weekends!! It's a mistery I can never know why... Tsk tsk.. of all the days, I'd thought that Sat and Sun will have more patients coming in!

So we brought him to Guardian instead to buy some antiseptic cream.. The pharmacist gave us alcohol swab to wipe thru the wound. I was skeptical, knowing that must be very painful. But then, a little bit pain will be better compared to an infection, right? So I wipe it thru once... and... "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" yeah yeah.. he screamed at the loudest... *sigh* poor little boy..... There goes our plan for dinner outside... we quickly went home so Vio can rest..

[caption id="attachment_1553" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Oh dear.. the cut must've been painful!"]Oh dear.. the cut must've been painful![/caption]

14 August 2010

My Many Faces

I can do many many faces and styles when asked. Mommy teached me all of these, though my favourite at the moment is "grumpy face" and "octopus mouth" face. I think you should've seen my "octopus mouth" style last time, so let me show you my many other styles now!

[caption id="attachment_1544" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Surprised (Kaget)"]Surprised (Kaget)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1545" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Happy/Smile"]Happy/Smile[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1546" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Cry"]Cry[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1547" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Grumpy (ngambek)"]Grumpy (ngambek)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1548" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Handsome!"]Handsome![/caption]

Once mommy mention what expression I must put on, you can see it almost immediately on my face! I'm such a smart boy, hor?

Uh-oh... I think mommy missed few styles here...

  • Octopus mouth face (as mentioned above, here's the link)

  • Mata Genit! (Flirting) (actually it's the same as cry face, just that "cry" comes with crying sounds too.. hahahaa...)

  • Shy face (mommy will post this next time once she found the suitable photo.. hehee)

  • Cute style (this is also coming soon! *smile*)

So.. which of my style do you love most? :)

12 August 2010

Bad Habit

Vio had a really bad habit that's difficult to cure: he loves to poo just before he sleeps at night. And I mean it's when he has finally settled down to sleep (after about half hour playing on the bed), he'd suddenly keep quiet, and suddenly there's a "nggggggg...." sound... *sigh* well, you know what he was doing when there's that sound.. And after poo-pooing, he'll start to close his eyes, ready to sleep... eeeksss! Sooo gross!

What I normally do is: quickly get his changing pad, change him, and then make him sleep (again. Another half an hour!). Well, that's the ideal situation. Sadly, once I open the diapers, he'll suddenly realise that he can't sleep yet (and he's very very sleepy already). Then he'll start crying and try to sit up anywhere (and we'll try to stop him from doing so). And the poo-poo can go all over the place... the bed sheets, his clothes, foot, yuckssss! It's a mess!

Last night, the same thing happens. After half an hour of play on the bed, he wanted to settle down to sleep, and... "nnggggg"... then after sometime, he start to close his eyes, face sideways, hugging his beloved hippo, and want to sleep. And as usual, I wanted to check whether he really poo. But this time round, he didn't let me! He kept crying once I start opening his pants.. It's just like he's crying out: "I wanna sleep! Don't disturb me!!"  And it's happening few times. So finally we just let him sleep, waited until he's in deep sleep, then start to change him.

Well I tell you... changing when he's sleeping is much easier actually. He didn't jump out or try to sit on the bed with his dirty buttock. We can change him peacefully and he didn't try to stop us. 

Hmmmm maybe we should really ask him to poo-poo before we bring him to the room to sleep (though yesterday he refused to poo-poo before going to the room)...

11 August 2010

Vio's New Toy

... Yeah yeah, new toy (again)! It seems that buying toys is kind of an addiction.. wahahahaa...

Monday was a public holiday, so we brought Vio to Toys R Us at Forum Mall (since we still have the $40 Toys R Us vouchers not utilized yet). There were 3 things on my mind that we can buy for Vio:

  1. Train track set

  2. Garage set

  3. Lego/Megabloks brick set (Vio has a brick set which is nonbranded, but I find it to be so lousy. Difficult to put together, and sometimes difficult to take out, or sometimes too easy to came off.. and the color not so interesting too)

With these things on my mind, we arrived at Toys R Us at Forum Mall, which was apparently quite bigggg.. It occupies the whole level! Hmmm.. next time we can go here again if we got somemore vouchers.. waahahhaa...

I was so happy to see that Lego Duplo was having some promotion... But first we went to see Thomas train tracks.. Oh oh there were soooo many types! I was so tempted to get 1 for Vio coz he doesn't have any train track set yet.. But then... apparently the age guideline was for 3+ kids. I read somewhere that we might be tempted to buy toys that are too "big" for our babies, but it's better to follow the guidelines written in the toys... Hmm maybe the guideline is right.. Vio may not be ready for a train track set yet... I'll wait 1 more year before getting him one.. hahaa... oh, and there were many many types of tracks.. all so nice til i dunno which one should we buy (next year, I mean). But let it be next year's problem.. hahahahaa..

For the garage, we saw there's 1 from Tonka which was not bad, then we decided to go see the Lego/Megabloks first. On the way, I spotted this really cute pooh chair, and Vio happily sit on it and put on his octopus mouth style for mommy to take photo.

[caption id="attachment_1537" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Mommy asked me to sit in this chair"]Mommy asked me to sit in this chair[/caption]

Hey, I didn't really ask him for octopus mouth. I asked him to SMILE. But that's the face he gave me.. sigh..

Taking a look at the bricks section, we quite like the brick box set from Lego Duplo series. Seems quite interesting. Megabloks one was very standard (no wheels, I mean). So finally we decided to buy this one:

[caption id="attachment_1538" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Lego Duplo"]Lego Duplo[/caption]

It's Lego Duplo Large Brick Box! It's quite nice coz it has got wheels inside (very important piece!!), got figurine, and also got windows to make houses.. hehehee.. really not bad. Back at home, Vio love the new brick blocks set a lot. The quality is far more superior than the non-branded blocks Vio has.. (Well, of course good stuff doesn't come cheap hahaa) And he really likes playing with the "uncle" figurine. Now that I think of it, I should've intro the figurine as "koko" hor... But nvm, now is too late.. Vio already keep calling for "uncle" hahaha...

Oh yeah, on that day, we also visited ELC, which has really nice toys with really nice price tag too. And the shopkeeper gave Vio a baloon! Wow Vio was soooo happy that he kept kicking the baloon... -_-  I hope it won't "explode" soon..

10 August 2010

Daddy's Back!

Daddy's finally back from his business trip to KL. Vio & Mommy sent daddy to the airport on Monday (2 Aug 2010). We also played around Changi Airport. Just got to know that there's a place called Aviation Gallery in Terminal 2. Vio quite like this place, as it has got "flowers" which he can turn turn turn turn...

[caption id="attachment_1534" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Aviation Gallery"]Aviation Gallery[/caption]

After daddy's checking in to the immigration, I brought Vio to play in Terminal 3 playground, which was very very small. However Vio can apparently play there for very long. I wonder whether he doesn't feel bored with it.. There were so little to play with... We also went for "crayon drawing" which was available in Terminal 3.

At 11am, I brought Vio to ride Kiddie's Fun Ride in Terminal 3. It was quite good, though apparently at 11am, it wasn't ready. So I chose the one that's already ready: baloon ride, in which I can ride together with Vio. At first I chose giraffe.. But apparently Vio was so scared of the giraffe coz it was very tall and big... He didn't dare to ride it.. :(  So in the end, I chose the cat. And Vio was excited he wanna ride it with mommy when he see it :)  It was quite ok... rather boring after few rounds, but nice to try.. hahahahaaa... And definitely cheaper than the rides in Vivo ($5 for 5 minutes!!) Tsk tsk tsk.. This one cost only $7 for 20 minutes... But in the end we ride only for 8 minutes then we decided to go down liao... Coz only going around the same path.. :p

When Daddy was away, Vio kinda miss daddy... Especially in the last day. He kept asking for Daddy... Well, that week really did feel slow...

And finally finally finally it was Saturday!! Before going to airport, I brought Vio to play in Iggy's place first. Wow, Iggy surely got loooooadddsss of toys... He got 2 train tracks set.. Tsk tsk... That one will be on my list to buy next time... hahahaaa.. There was 1 train track set that was just opened when we're there... and.. all of us (especially the adults) are sooooo amazed.. as it was apparently so high-tech... It's sending the beads here and there using Thomas train.. there are the tracks for train and a way especially for the beads.. Just amazing.. Don't think such things exist when we're small.. sigh sigh.. toys nowadays really make the adults envy.. wahahahaaa..

Anyway, we arrived at the airport just on time, but apparently Daddy's plane was delayed... So it was quite late when we finally see daddy again. Vio was rather shy at first (though when he saw daddy waiting for the luggage, he kept screaming "daddy daddy!!!"  But when the real daddy came out, he was shy shy, though in the end he wants daddy to carry him..

And daddy also bring home some toys for Vio... two of his favourite: ball and bus!! :)

06 August 2010

J8 Baby Triathlon

Oh yeah.. I was intrigued upon reading the advertisement on Baby Triathlon 2010 hold in Junction 8. It mentions that there are 3 categories in total: ball pushing, cruising and obstacle challenge. And the fastest 20 babies to complete all three will go to the final. Oh and I was so happy to see that Vio's age meet the requirement! So I quickly registered him in.

... And few days before the competition, they called me to confirm that Vio is in the competition! Hoho.. I was so excited.. It's Vio's first ever competition, after all..

So the competition day was last Saturday (31 July 2010). We're supposed to register on 11am. Thanks to the high difficulty in getting cabs nowadays, we're a bit late... and... Vio was sleeping... so in the end, I asked for Vio to be put in the next next next round. He was so sound asleep! Can't possibly wake him up, eh? ;)  So while waiting for Vio to wakeup, pi&I had lunch and walk around the mall.

1.5 hours later, Vio finally wake up! He had his lunch (Yoshinoya, which he loves).. And we registered him in time for round 6! Yay...

[caption id="attachment_1528" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Mommy & Vio before competition"]Mommy & Vio before competition[/caption]

In each round, there are 4 babies competing. And different from what's specified in the advertisement, the rounds are veeeeerrry easy (and with no balls.. sigh). I think the rounds mentioned in the advertisement are for older babies group.. Vio still belongs to the younger babies group..

First round... is CRAWLING round.. yeap yeap you read it right... the babies are supposed to crawl (no walking/running) to the finish line. On every round, only 1 parent can help the baby, while the other will be busy taking photos...

So the first round starts, and... somewhere nearing the finish line, Vio suddenly stop crawling and "observe" other babies.. Wahahahaa... He's a real observer.. So in the end, he finish it last...

The 2nd round was pushing a pushwalker to the finish line. It was quite an attractive one with some balls on top of it. Vio loves to turn turn turn the ball (and me busy trying to stop him and make him move forward)... As a result, he also finish the 2nd round last.....

[caption id="attachment_1529" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Round 2"]Round 2[/caption]

It's time for round 3 now! In this round, the babies are supposed to go through a tunnel, then there will be 3 ducks ahead, in which they must put the duck one by one to the bucket. So they must go to-and-fro the bucket 3 times (because there were 3 ducks).

[caption id="attachment_1530" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Round 3"]Round 3[/caption]

Vio was rather excited to see the tunnel.. (Quite surprisingly.. because previously I'd think he'll be scared of the tunnel. But I trained him at home liao with a pretend "tunnel"). So he dashes thru the tunnel rather quickly, and throw the first two ducks to the bucket rather fast. However, going to the 3rd duck, he was interested with his neighbour's duck that he keep wanting to take it for himself.. and... as a result... he finishes round 3 last too.. Wahahahahaa...

We've thought that it's impossible for Vio to be selected for finals. But unexpectedly, later that afternoon, I received a call from the committee, saying that Vio was selected into the final. Wow, quite surprised to hear that.. Maybe other babies in other rounds are taking even longer time to complete the rounds, eh?

But in the end, we decided not to go to the final round. One reason was the place was quite far from home. 2nd reason was the prizes are not interesting... and 3rd reason was... Vio can't possibly win the competition.. He prefers to "observe" ppl mah.. hehehehee... Anyway, glad that Vio has joined the competition. Feel good that we've exposed him to something "new" ;)

04 August 2010

9th Teeth!

After idling for very long, finally Vio has 1 more teeth just grown! It's his 9th teeth: the upper left caninetooth (gigi taring). Well, seems like his tooth is growing reaaaaally slowly as compared to the rest.. Nevertheless, quite happy that finally his tooth count increased! LOL..

[caption id="attachment_1524" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Hello Everybody"]Hello Everybody[/caption]