01 December 2009

First Visit to... the Library!

Over the weekend, we decided to bring Vio to the library. He seems to enjoy "reading" his bed-time book so much that we thought he'll like books.. (By enjoy, I mean flipping and tearing the book)

As usual, he gets all anxious, agitated, worried (you get what I mean).. when he sees daddy already change to going out clothes and he hasn't. He's soo afraid we're not going to bring him out. Even when we're changing his clothes, he'll keep screaming until he's seated at the stroller.. Oh no.. is that called tantrums?

First reach the library, we chose some board books for him. He was all excited to see all the books..

[caption id="attachment_855" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Books books.."]Books books..[/caption]

And we were seating at the children's table and chair..

[caption id="attachment_856" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="reading with mommy"]reading with mommy[/caption]

But apparently his excitement of reading did not last for long. He was busy throwing the books around within a few minutes.. And he wanted to walk around and take the books down from the shelves... *sigh*

But well the good news is.. lately he's willing to walk around.. I hope he can walk by himself soon :)

And ah.... before I forget... the 4th teeth (front, top right) finally emerges this morning!! Vio has officially 4 teeth now! 2 nights before, he kept crying in the night for few times... I supposed he feels pain in his gum.. and yesterday I saw it swollen and in the place where now is his newly emerged teeth was red-color... My poor baby must be feeling very not comfortable that time..


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