10 November 2009

Imitating Adults

Oh yeah... Vio looooooove doing whatever the adults are doing..

  1. Switching on/off the lights.

    [caption id="attachment_764" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I wanna press that switch!"]I wanna press that switch![/caption]

    Yeah he loves to point at the lights now. He'll point his tiny pointing finger towards the lamp when he sees one. He can even switch on & off the light!

  2. While eating papaya.. if we give him the papaya with his spoon or with our hands, he'll turn his head away "hng!" and shut his mouth tight. But when he sees us eating papaya with fork, and we offer him papaya using fork, his mouth will open big big! -_-'

  3. [caption id="attachment_765" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Brushing your hair"]Brushing your hair[/caption]
  4. He loves it when we're brushing his hair, maybe feels like daddy who's combing his hair? But since Vio's hair is still so "botak", he's still using the step 1 brush :p

  5. One of Vio's favorite activity of the day is.... Brushing Teeth! Heheee.. He's currently using finger brush.. and when he sees the brush, he'll open his mouth big big.. so cuteeee... and if I pretend to put the brush in my mouth, his hand will "direct" my hand to put the brush in his mouth instead. And brushing teeth once only is not enough for him. 3 rounds and he's still opening his mouth to ask me to brush him somemore! Haha.. and he still has only 2 teeth...

  6. He also loves to drink from his cup, even though the one who drinks more is his clothes! Most of the water will drip down to the clothes instead of to his mouth. But he still enjoys it. 1 cup is not enough, mommy! I want more!


wie said...

I want to see while he was brushing his teeth and giggles at the same time... mauuu yah

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