28 May 2009

A kiss from Vio

Ok, not exactly a kiss, but more of a "suck" hahaa.. Pi and I likes to "ask" Vio to kiss us by putting our cheek to his lips and say "kiss daddy kiss daddy" or "kiss mommy kiss mommy". Normally he won't do anything other than opening his mouth wide. But last night, he suck our cheek! haha.. feels like he's kissing us..

27 May 2009

Still dun want to drink milk :(

Getting worrying.. Vio still refused to drink milk unless if he's half asleep. When he see the bottle, he'll cry.. *sigh* and his left eyes got a bit of infection yesterday night.. it looks a bit red.. I hope it'll be better soon. We're thinking to go to PD if it's not getting better.

Today I went for lunch with Pamela from HR. We went to Kiddy Palace and I bought some cute piyo piyo bowl and spoon for Vio. So happy =) Was looking for piyo piyo bibs as well, but can't find.. if they have, it'll be cute! All in 1 set.. hahaa..

26 May 2009

Savio's First Solid Food

Initially we planned to give Vio first solid food at 6 months, as recommended by doctor.. but lately he refuses to drink milk.. yesterday he even only drink milk in the morning! The rest of day he only drink at most 20ml or so. We're worried that he's not getting enough nutrition, so last night decided to give him his first solid food.

I haven't prepared anything for this. Haven't bought any cutlery set for him, the rice cereal also I haven't bought. Lucky my gynae gave some sample from Nestle Brown Rice cereal.

First spoon in.. the rice cereal flows out together with the saliva.. haha.. we persisted and finally the whole bowl finished! But dunno whether going to his mouth or his bibs.. hahaa.. but at least he seems to like it.. since his tongue keeps licking.. 1 thing for sure, he loves the snoopy bowl we used, coz he keep wanting to grab it from my hand.. :D

I didn't bring any photo of last night session to office yet.. Will upload some photos when I do =)

Here comes the photo!

[caption id="attachment_27" align="aligncenter" width="336" caption="Yummy!"]Yummy![/caption]

25 May 2009


Just to share that a very generous fellow forumer (dorcas) is giving out a RAK! Head over to her blog: http://dorcasyhj.blogspot.com/

Her RAK is super generous.. I've been RAKed by her twice, and really love it to bits! :)

OK I think I should share what I got from her RAK before.. it's here:

RAK from Dorcas

Isn't it amazing! I was soooo happy when I received it and kept smiling whole night! haha.. thanks again dorcas! You really made my day =)

Monday again

Weekend has just passed.. but it was a great one! Savio was very cute on weekend.. he likes to smile and play with his saliva.. he can actually blow the saliva out til very far u know haha.. hmm.. ok daddy is teaching him a bad thing here.. =)

yeniffer also came for a visit on sat, vio was so happy playing with someone "new". He amazed auntie yenn with his legs which were kicking so fast! just like in a race.

I also managed to finish Color Challenge #1 (it's an online scrapbook class I joined, together with other fellow forumers from SingaporeMotherhood). It was really fun and difficult at the same time. I spent HOURS doing it, but overall quite happy with the result even though it's quite simple.

[caption id="attachment_14" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Good Friends"]Good Friends[/caption]

I was using the photo that I want to scrap since long ago.. the photo was taken on our "vain" xmas photoshoot end of 2007. I remember it was so difficult to take this photo! We were using Budiman's camera which was put on the road side and in the end.. he forgot that his camera was set to a low resolution! dotz.. anyway the result is quite good..

22 May 2009


This is my first official post here =)

Today I'm very sleepy.. and that's because our dearest baby woke up for dunno how many times last night! My hubby said Vio woke up every hour.. but i honestly can't remember.. hahaa.. I guess I was too sleepy and blur while carrying him to sleep and feeding him. I hope he can sleep well tonight!

Today is my sis in law 26th bday. We have prepared a little gift for her. Hope that she likes it. I'll buy a cake on the way home for us to celebrate her bday. Hmmm.. I'm planning to buy the cake from Sweet Secrets from International Plaza.. the cakes there are simply delicious! I still remember that I like their tiramisu and cheese cakes.. I wonder which one should I buy later.. *stomach growling*  Anyway it's 25 more mins to weekend!! Yippie! Have a nice weekend everybody :D


OK, have to admit that I'm a VERY forgetful person. Notice the caps there. Today I was chatting with my friend Melani, and we're talking about blogs. I totally forgot that I actually have a blog at both blogspot and multiply! OMG! How bad is that!

So I decided to have a fresh start in the blogging world.. hahaa.. let's see how long I can last.. I simply wanna record the little moments happening in our lives now, since I know that with my memory, 1 year down the road, I'll forgot about the happy little things that's happening in my life =)