23 November 2009

Tragedy at the Escalator

Something bad happened today...

Today as I'm going back to office after lunch time, I saw this Malay teenage guy with his grandma walking slowly. They stopped in front of the escalator and it seems like the grandma is scared to ride on the escalator. The guy tried to show his grandma how to take on the escalator. After few tries, the guy happen to accidentally ride on the escalator without the grandma. So the grandma is still stunned at the foot of the escalator.

And there I was, standing behind the grandma. And trying to be a good person, I wanted to help her ride the escalator. So she ride on the escalator while holding my hand. But somehow, both her feet is not at the correct place (I suppose they're at different edge of the escalator) so she lost balance and I tried to pull her but her hand slipped off mine, and bhum! She fell down... I think she knocked her head a bit against the escalator too.. Luckily someone quickly stop the escalator after that..

I was so shocked when she fell down.. and feeling really guilty that I can't pull her such that she didn't have to fall down... and also for trying to be a good person but then... the grandma fell down.. I shouldn't have tried to help her get to the escalator.. Maybe if I just let her wait for her grandson to come back from his escalator ride, she'll ride on the escalator successfully.. *sigh* feeling so guilty now :(

But luckily too, after the incident, the grandma seems to be perfectly alright. She can walk and say that she's fine.. But still.. I'm feeling bad coz indirectly, she fell down because I wanted to help her :(


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