29 November 2011


At 7.5 months, Caitlyn can start crawling! And she can move forward! Clap clap clap.. quite fast ya.. though still often fell down on her tummy while trying to crawl, but somehow she persevere and can move forward bit by bit.

And nowadays when she sees me, she can call "mamamamama.." like that.. oh so smart and so cute!

Here's a latest photo of her. she's now 8.2 kg btw, and is at 60th percentile.

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23 November 2011

Caitlyn 7 Months

At 7 months old, Caitlyn can sit steadily by herself. She can even lean forward to grab something and sit back straight again to "admire" her new findings. She also looks like she wants to crawl! She can lift her body and "stand" on all 4 (arms and legs). And amazingly, she can move backwards!

Her legs are also quite strong, can support her body weight. And just as last month, she still enjoys jumping a lot... which is why... we finally bought her a Jumperoo few weeks back!

Yeah it's kind of late I know... But when we brought her to try out Jumperoo in the shops in 3 different times, she loves it a lot! She kept jumping and jumping and smiling. Felt very happy to see her smiling :)

Though after few weeks of having jumperoo at home, she seems to start getting bored of it.. oh no! Maybe she has spent too long time in it and being "ignored" by other people? (i.e. noone play with her when she's in it).. Well I guess so :( But anyway, she has had great time with the jumperoo and that's the most important thing yeah? ;)

Oh.. not forgetting the big brother.. here's a pose of Caitlyn and Savio together!

I {Heart} Solid Food

Very very (super) belated post.. Haha... My apology.. As I've been very busy with my new "shop", I almost have no time for writing blog :p You can find the link to my newly reopened Etsy shop in the sidebar! (I will link it soon after writing this post.. :D )

When Caitlyn was exactly 6 months old, we gave her a taste of her first solid food. It's been a while since she shows high interest in what we eat (she looks like she wanna eat what we eat too). So she was super happy to see that we bring a bowl and spoon for her.

What was served? It was Rice Cereal from Happy Baby! (Though sadly, apparently 2 days before, she was already served Nestle Brown Rice Cereal by my MIL). But since I wasn't at home that day, there's no photo of her eating her first ever solid food.. hiks..)

And how was it? OK I should say that she LOOOOOOOOVE it so much that she wanna eat the spoon and the bowl as well!

And that was the story of... more than a month ago.. LOL.. ever since, we've introduced many food for her, and she seems to like all of them (especially fruits): apple, pear, papaya, carrot, brocolli, spinach, asparagus, honeydew, avocado, banana.. hmm that's all that I can remember as of now.. But I'm sure there are somemore that I haven't mentioned..

Anyway, she loves eating much much more than drinking milk :( Yeah when she see milk bottle, she can cry liao... haiz.... this baby doesn't like to drink milk... so we put more milk in her cereal... hopefully it's enough for her..

A side note: when she saw the food is ready for her in her bowl, she'll make a noise and look like almost cry, because she can't wait to eat! Tsk! This is one impatient baby :p

10 November 2011

Series of Sickness

We've had a pretty bad weekend.

It all started on last Saturday early morning (around 6 or 6:30 am). We got a sudden knocking on our room door, apparently it was the maid, and she was saying that vio is sick.

We quickly went to his room and was SO SHOCKED to see him. His eyes were looking at the upper right corner, his limbs all shaking and he didn't response to our call. Oh my goodness! He was having a seizure! It was a scary sight I don't wish to remember.

The night before he was alright. Playing and laughing like normal. Except that he refused to eat (which is also quite normal), and he refused to drink milk (well, this is unusual), and before sleep he told me his tummy painful. But then he slept after that so I didn't think of it seriously. Apparently pi said that vio was having a bit of fever after I slept that night (i happen to sleep early that night).

Luckily the seizure happen for a short while only, about 2 or 3 mins. Afterwards he was in a daze, like didn't hear what we said.

We quickly brought him to NUH children emergency. On the way there he was already able to respond to us, even start to smile.

Once the nurse gave him medicine, within a short time he was already ok and behaving like normal! Luckily the doctor said that we shouldn't worry as it doesn't have any effect to his brain. Phew!

Returning home, Caitlyn was having diarrhea for a few days already. Luckily its a mild one.

And.. the next day I started to feel unwell too, a bit feverish. This, later I found out, was because of the blocked duct I had.

Hope that all's well after this. No more seizure please!!
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02 November 2011

On My Bike

One of vio's fave toy now is his bike! We got him a new bike sometime.back, and he utilise it to the fullest :p

He especially like uneven surfaces, such as from kitchen to dining room, the floor is not of the same height. So he purposely go back and forth with his bike in that area. No surprise that the back wheels now looks like its going to come off one day in the not so far future..

He also love to do acrobatic moves on his bike. At first it was scary to see him do that! But now since he seems to do it everyday, I close one eye liao :p

And he's so proud of being able to do that, he'll say proudly: mommy, you see! You see! Haha.. somehow I feel that its one of his way to get our attention, now that he's no longer the single super star in the house.

And just few days back, when he was playing bike, suddenly I heard a loud sound. The bike has fallen! I quickly went to him, thinking that he's going to cry loudly. But you know what? He was actually posing on the floor! So he purposely fall down from the bike! -_-
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