24 December 2009

Christmas Holidays!

We'll be away to Jakarta for our year-end holidays! We'll be back on 5th Jan 2010 for somemore updates!

This little santa here wants to wish everyone a ..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

[caption id="attachment_923" align="aligncenter" width="266" caption="Little Santa"]Little Santa[/caption]

22 December 2009

Small Birthday Celebration

On Saturday (19 Dec 2009), we had a small birthday celebration for Savio in our home.

I bought a mini log cake for him. And it really is mini. Actually I wanted the medium-sized log cake (since last year pi mentioned he want to try log cakes), but sadly, only have the big ones or the mini ones. So in the end, bought the mini one. Can't buy the big one of course.. Who'll finish the whole cake??

Nai2 also prepared some ondeh-ondeh (glutinuous rice balls) and red eggs.

[caption id="attachment_916" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="food food food"]food food food[/caption]

To start the celebration, we placed 3 different items and ask Vio to choose which one he wants. Well, maybe just to "forecast" what he wanna be when he grows up? Hehe.. The 3 different items are calculator, book, and toys. And guess what he choose? He chose.... *drumroll* ..... CALCULATOR! Wow.. maybe he wanna be a banker? Haha.. but well, the 2nd time we ask him to choose again, he chose books.. Hmmm...

[caption id="attachment_917" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Book, Calculator, or Toys"]Book, Calculator, or Toys[/caption]

After that we're going for the cake-cutting, and of course, eating!

[caption id="attachment_918" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Gimme the cake"]Gimme the cake[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_919" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Eating my cake"]Eating my cake[/caption]

Overall, Vio had a great time! Partly because we give 1 piece of cake for him.. He loves it!

Now we're counting down to Vio's real birthday party in Jakarta on 3 Jan 2010. My sister is the main coordinator. I hope everything goes smoothly and a lot of guests are coming..

Til the next update, cheers! =)

[caption id="attachment_920" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="mommy & me"]mommy & me[/caption]

21 December 2009

Maid oh Maid..

It's been quite an eventful weekend...

It starts on Friday morning. When pi & I just reached Lakeside MRT to go to work, pi received a call from home, and apparently, my MIL and the maid was quarrelling again! They have quarrelled for few times (some of it involves screaming, btw), but most of the time it's only a bit of high-pitch tone and that's it. In fact, lately they seems to get along better.

Initially that day I was taking half day leave to buy stuff for my family (since we're going back soon) and also do some window shopping peacefully (something that's difficult for me to do now!). I was really looking forward to having my own sweet time during that half day leave. But since got that "incident", I have to go home early, so finally I can't even enjoy my only "free" time :( Was quite upset that day..

When I reached home, all was peaceful already, but the maid and my MIL was not speaking to each other. The maid only kept herself busy reading magazines instead of doing housework. She must've been really upset.

It was just a small matter actually, we asked my MIL to ask the maid to change the light bulb in our toilet. 

My maid version: she replied to my MIL that she doesn't dare to do that, then my MIL gets angry and say that the maid doesn't want to do what she (my MIL) ask her to do, and that she can do it herself if the maid doesn't want to, and at the same time hitting her own chest hard. That caused the maid to be angry also coz my MIL was using high pitch and hitting her own chest.

My MIL version: the maid replied that if not me/my hubby ask her to do it personally, she won't do it. So my MIL gets so angry when she heard that.

OK, I don't know who's telling the truth here.. Both side saying different things. I think there are only 2 possibilities:

  1. My MIL has some kind of "prejudice" that the maid will reply like that to her, and she was so sure that the maid will say that. So even if the maid reply something else, what my MIL thought she was hearing is the one that she expects to hear. Hey, it's possible!

  2. The maid has two-face. In front of my MIL she will say A, but in front of me she'll say B.

But now I think it which one is correct doesn't matter anymore lah. Let's just take possibility no 2 as the correct one.

The next day (Saturday morning), the maid was already packing her stuff and ready to go. And since both my MIL and FIL doesn't want her to stay at our home already, we didn't forbid her to go. My MIL even said that if we still want to hire her, she'd rather go back Indonesia, coz her heart can't take it anymore with this maid -_-

So pi called the maid agent to come and pick her up. While waiting for the agent to come, my maid refuses to do any housework! She was just sitting and reading magazine, even when I ask her to do stuff, she'll do it very half-heartedly and want to refuse to do it. Quite an attitude hor? I mean, she was still working at my place! But anyway, I just close 1 eye lah, no need to think too much about it.

When the agent came, he shouted at her loudly and scold her loudly too. Oh.. I think he'll scold her even more after they left our place. Before going, we wanted to give her some extra money for her family, but she refused to take it. And she also cried while saying bye bye to Vio. Yeah I know that she loves Vio and treats him very well. Vio is sooo cute and lovable.. Who will have the heart to ill-treat him? ;)

Later that day, the agent came back and bring a new maid with him to see whether we're ok with the maid. The maid looks quite young but looks patient (she's a Javanese, maybe that explains). I hope this maid can get along well with my MIL. One thing for sure, this maid can get along well with Vio! She also has a 1 year old baby back home. Vio likes the new maid once he looks at her, and Vio wants to play with her too. The cute thing is, when the maid went back with the agent, Vio cried!! Wow.. saw her for few mins and he started to miss her..

I hope that's a good sign.. hehe.. We'll only get the maid fastest by this coming Wednesday/Thursday. We shall wait and see :)

17 December 2009

Hao Bao-Bao

"Hao bao bao.. hao bao bao... wo yao zuo yi ge hao bao bao.."

Yeah that's part of the lyrics of Vio's current favorite song.. He learned it from the Chinese children song DVD that we bought for him sometime back. He loves it a lot! He can stare at the TV for a long time if we're playing the DVD for him. And somehow he gets all excited when the song title came out, he'll make some sounds like "uh.. uh.." and his eyes open wide wide..

And lately he's getting smarter. Yesterday, he can take the DVD box, pass it to us mumbling something that sounds like "hao bao bao" (and according to pi's mum, he started to pressing the button in the DVD player). He asked us to play the DVD for him! Tsk tsk tsk.. what a smart boy...

Aside from the song, Vio loves to clap hands nowadays.

[caption id="attachment_910" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Clap clap"]Clap clap[/caption]

If other people are clapping, or if he knows that he's doing something good, or if someone sing for him, he'll clap his hands!

Some Layouts to Upload.. Finally!

Oh wow.. seems like quite long time since I last posted updates on my scrapbook layouts hor.. Yeah lately getting busy to create layouts and cards for Aimee Creation, but of course, in between I can still squeeze few layouts for my personal one! :)


This LO is for "remembering" Vio's unique style while crawling.. lol.. 

Materials used:

  • Papers: Prima, My Minds Eye

  • Embellishment: 7G stickers, Basic Grey Chipboard, My Little Shoebox Diecuts, Me&My Big Ideas Rub-Ons

[caption id="attachment_902" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Reborn 1"]Reborn 1[/caption]

This is actually only half of the Baptism LO, but the other half is not done yet!

Materials used: 

  • Papers: Fancy Pants Little Sprout

  • Embellishment: Fancy Pants Daily Grind Chipboard, Lily Bee Diecut, 7G stickers

[caption id="attachment_903" align="aligncenter" width="295" caption="2 years"]2 years[/caption]

 Keke.. yeah this LO is for our 2nd wedding anniversary.. ^^

Materials Used:

  • Papers: MME Beloved

  • Embellishment: Bo Bunny Cardstock Stickers, K&Co chipboard, Thickers

10 months - Love to Go Out and About
10 months - Love to Go Out and About

Wow.. this is for Vio's 10th month which is.. almost 2 months ago.. kekekeke.. now then got time to do this one :D

Materials used:

  • Papers: DCWV Cardstock, remaining of Crate Paper Little Sprout

  • Embellishment: Crate Paper Diecuts, MLYB Journaling

  • Alphas: Adorn it, October Afternoon

15 December 2009

Get Well Soon..

Last Friday, I was surprised to receive an sms from my dad (who were going for a holiday with my mom to China, again) that my mom was admitted to hospital that morning because she can't close her right eye and her mouth. The doctor there did an MRI, and all turns out good, and the doctor said maybe it's just a cold (masuk angin). FYI, it was winter there and it was very cold and windy. My mom was then discharged from the hospital. My dad says her conditions is already better now.

Since the air ticket can't be brought forward, they still stayed in China until yesterday, the scheduled time to go home. And they transit in Singapore for 2 hours. So I went to see them at the airport yesterday.

Amazingly, I found this "Intercom" place where we can talk to and see the people inside the airport, with a glass panel in between. Changi Airport really good.. The tool to talk to each other via the glass panel is also provided!

Anyway, my parents managed to find their way to the Intercom, and when I see my mom, I feel so sad... Her right eye can't blink (so it's always open as normal), and she can't move her right side of the mouth to make a smiling face. So if she smile/talk, the left side of the mouth will go up and down, while the right side stay put. So sad to see her in that condition :( Luckily I managed to hold my tears when they were there, otherwise I think my mom will be even more sad.. :'(

I hope it's not actually a stroke.. They will try to look for medication in Jakarta first. If things don't get better, they will come to SG again for the medication.

I hope my mom can get better again soon.. And show her smiling face again.. Please help to pray for her..

Some updates:

Thank God it's not stroke. It is diagnosed as "Bell's Palsy". It is a condition that causes the facial muscles to weaken or become paralyzed. It's caused by trauma to the 7th cranial nerve, and is not permanent. There is a good chance of recovery. Oh.. I'm so much more relieved now.. I hope she'll recover soon!

14 December 2009

A Wedding

Would you like to see Vio's all 4 teeth now?

[caption id="attachment_893" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I got 4 teeth!"]I got 4 teeth![/caption]

He looks so big now.. Remembering the times when he was still so small and fragile.. and toothless.. hehe... Anyway, this photo was taken when we brought Vio out to attend a wedding.  We attended Auntie Melani's sister's wedding at Blessed Sacrament Church.. and.. here's Auntie Melani and Uncle Ricky posing with Savio before the mass begin!

[caption id="attachment_894" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="With Uncle Ricky and Auntie Melani"]With Uncle Ricky and Auntie Melani[/caption]

Vio was veeeeeeerryy naughty during the mass.. He just can't keep still! He will make noise until we bring him out of the church.. And he just love to walk around and greet people with a sweet smile.. It's getting very tiring to bring him out now.. But of course looking at his very happy face while going out, we don't mind ;)

[caption id="attachment_895" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Out Together"]Out Together[/caption]

Hmmm.. I can imagine if Vio starts to talk and run around, he'll surely keep pestering us to bring him out! He just loves to go out! Lol...

11 December 2009

On Egg Tart

About a week ago, we bought few Prima Deli egg tarts, which was actually meant for my FIL who just love egg tarts. When Vio saw the egg tarts, he drools... And I mean really drooolllsss... Not the normal type of drools.. He wanted the egg tart sooo much that he drools a LOT until all parts of his chin are covered and the drool drips to the floor... And his face look like he's looking at the most yummiest food in the world.. If only I take photo of his expression that time.. It was so funny!

And yes, in the end we did give him some.. How can you have the heart to resist when a baby shows that kind of face?

Reminiscing The Good Old Times..

Sometime ago, my bestfriend during Junior High School (waving to Yeniffer) mentioned about the diary we wrote together during junior high school time.. Then I was like.. "huh?? diary?? we got write diary together?" OMG yeah that's how bad my memory is.. I can't actually remember having a diary together that time! -_- Isn't that so sad?

Well, I remember having a diary together with my Senior High School friend, Anna, which (the diary) is now gone with the wind.. as in.. dunno where it is liao... Even though I reaaaaaalllyyyy want to read it again.. It must feel really funny now if we read our old diary again, don't you agree? ;)  And I also remember that our high school teacher forfeit 1 of our diary.. OH NO! It was so full of "gossips" of our teachers! Until now I still wonder whether the diary goes around in the teachers office or not... I certainly hope not! But well, of course now we've graduated from Senior High School so it doesn't matter anymore.. haha..

Oh yeah... back to the diary with Yeniffer, today she passed me our old diary.. yayyy.. I was soooo happy!! When I first open the book, I see an unfamiliar handwriting and I ask whose handwriting is that.. and she said it was mine!!! Wow... I don't recall my handwriting ever look like that... hehe..

And reading the first 2 pages.. I wanted to laugh out loud.. haha... The topics written inside is just.... so... "unimportant" haha.. of course they were important for us at that time, but while reading it again now, it just feels so funny to imagine how we actually felt excited/sad coz of those things that time. And we're also using many broken english to write in our diary... When I see the English I used there... I feel so paiseh... So many errors!! Well... the positive side is... that means my english have improved a lot now.. (I hope) kekekeke...

Can't wait to go home to read the rest of the book....

09 December 2009

Hair Cut == Naughty?

Is there any relationship between getting hair cut (to army style) and getting much naughtier? Pi & I observed that right after Vio get his haircut, he starts to be muuuucccchhh naughtier...

Yeah it's quite impossible to control him now.. If he wants something, he'll struggle til he get it.. And difficult for us to forbid him, unless we distract him with something else. But of course this method doesn't last long as he got better memory now. He can remember what he wanted initially!

If we try to forbid him from going somewhere/getting the thing he wants, he'll be upset and cry loudly and throwing his body backward.. wah.. so small can throw tantrums liao hor!

Good thing is, lately he keep wanting to learn walking.. That's a great news! But of course, bad news for our back side.. So tiring to bend and help him walk around..

Over the weekend, we brought him to IMM again to play. He was so happy to play the cars that go round and round.. And I have to follow him go round and round and round until @_@

[caption id="attachment_883" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="The Little Driver"]The Little Driver[/caption]

And it's near to Christmas already! So the mall was decorated with some christmas trees... Oh yeah we're planning to go Orchard on the 20th to bring Vio see the lights.. He must be excited to see so many lights!

[caption id="attachment_884" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Oh Christmas Tree.."]Oh Christmas Tree..[/caption]

After few hours in IMM, Vio starts to get tired and be super cranky.. Not happy to sit in stroller, not happy to be carried.. He want to walk... But IMM was so crowded that day that it's difficult to let him walk.. Oh-oh.. I guess going out with Vio won't be so easy liao from now onwards..

08 December 2009

The chance that I've been waiting for

Yesterday my boss was asking me (for the 2nd time, btw) whether I can travel to Europe for 6 months or not.. Europe!!! It's my dream to go Europe!! I've always wanted to go there.. but 6 months.. is quite long.. of course he said can come back in between, but still..

The first time he asked, my answer was: "Can.. if I bring my baby along.." hahahaa.. The 2nd time round, I started to do more thinking.... and the more I think, the more I feel I want to go. This is the chance that I've been waiting for for years. And I think this kind of chance won't come twice.

But quite in a dilemma... I don't want to miss Vio's cute everyday moments too.. But of course impossible for me to bring him there... who will take care of him when I'm working?

So confused now.. But now the travel arrangement is not out yet... I hope it will be a good one.. like maybe... can go back every month for 1-2 weeks? If like that then I'll consider going... Then in between the 6 months, pi can visit me there for few weeks (bringing Vio along)... oh oh.. isn't it so wonderful? But then, it's still a dreaaaaam.. dream dream dream...

05 December 2009

Vio's New Hair Style

We brought Vio for his 3rd hair cut.. This time, no more botak! As the previous visits, we brought him to a salon in Taman Jurong. Actually it was rather late when we went out, near to 7 pm. All because we're waiting for Vio to wake up from his beauty sleep. He naps for 2.5 hours that day... so loooooong.. amazing hor..

Anyway, the first few cuts using the razor, Vio was still confused, and keep looking at the hairdresser, maybe thinking "what are you doing?" After sometime, he started crying and crying and crying.. so loudly.. aiyo so poor thing.. So in the end, almost all have been cut, except the sides (the area above his ears). But nvm lah, he looks much tidier (and naughtier) now!

[caption id="attachment_876" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="New Kids on the Block"]New Kids on the Block[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_877" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="My New Side View"]My New Side View[/caption]


How many times in a day do you kiss your baby? For me.. hmm... I would say... uncountable!!! Well, definitely more than 20 times a day.. Everytime I see his cute face and pinchable cheek, I'll feel like kissing him again and again. Just love him tooo much! =)

Over the weekend, Vio can understand the sentence "Kiss Mommy" and "Kiss Daddy"! When we ask him to kiss mommy/daddy, he'll shift his head to be closer to our cheek and muackss! Our cheeks will then be wet with his drool.. haha.. but of course, it's really sweet... Who would't be happy to be kissed by a baby? ;)

And Vio's understanding of words has increased a lot lately.. When we asked "where's lamp?" he can point it with his fingers. He also knows door, fan, ball, keys, jesus, mommy, daddy, nai2, yeye.. so smart of him!

For the weekend activity, as Saturday was raining, we didn't really bring him out (except for a haircut, which will be in another post). So for Saturday morning and afternoon, Vio was busy playing.. balls.. of course it's balls.. what else?? haha.. Balls are still his fav so far.. and the 2nd fav would be to destroy the pile of blocks that mommy is building.. he seems to enjoy this activity.. when he sees the blocks piling high high, he'll quickly go to the blocks to "destroy" it.. maybe he likes the loud sounds it makes?

[caption id="attachment_872" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vio the destroyer"]Vio the destroyer[/caption]

04 December 2009

Important Announcement!

OK.. Uhm uhm.. I have an important announcement to make.... For all who don't know yet... I'm opening a small online scrapbook shop!! That explains why lately I'm rather slow with my own scrapbooks and also blog-updating.. I got a new "baby" to take care of ;)

After thinking for a loooooong time, finally I decided to give it a name Aimee Creation. "Aimee" is from a French word which means Beloved. Why I choose this name? Well, because all of the products are made with love! This shop provides premade scrapbook layouts and handmade cards for various occassions, and also custom scrapbook layouts according to your requirements.

Just for a sneak preview, here's some of the layouts I did for Aimee Creation:


Feel free to visit the shop at http://aimee-creation.blogspot.com

03 December 2009

Mr Hippo

After Mr.Bear being the favorite soft toys when Vio was still a small baby, Vio now has a new favorite soft toys... it's Mr Hippo!

Vio loves to "kiss" Mr Hippo on the lips before he goes to bed. Actually it looks more like he want to "eat" Mr Hippo, but nvm, let's just consider it a "kiss".. Especially when daddy or mommy is playing with Mr Hippo, Vio will take Mr Hippo and kiss its mouth.. so cuteeee..

[caption id="attachment_863" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sleeping with hippo"]Sleeping with hippo[/caption]

02 December 2009

The Art of Drinking

Vio has now mastered the art of drinking using straw! He just love his Pigeon mag-mag cup, and I can't get over how cute he looks while drinking and holding his own cup..

[caption id="attachment_860" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Slurrrppp.."]Slurrrppp..[/caption]

He can hold his own milk bottle too if he wants to.. but that makes milk-drinking slower as he'll play with the bottle instead.. he'll move the bottle in and out and in and out his mouth and bite on the teats..

We have tried to let him drink from a cup too.. yes yes.. Vio has got a cute piyo-piyo cup! But of course, all will be veerrry messy if he drinks from the cup.. but he loves it! Coz he feels like he's drinking like an adult does..

01 December 2009

First Visit to... the Library!

Over the weekend, we decided to bring Vio to the library. He seems to enjoy "reading" his bed-time book so much that we thought he'll like books.. (By enjoy, I mean flipping and tearing the book)

As usual, he gets all anxious, agitated, worried (you get what I mean).. when he sees daddy already change to going out clothes and he hasn't. He's soo afraid we're not going to bring him out. Even when we're changing his clothes, he'll keep screaming until he's seated at the stroller.. Oh no.. is that called tantrums?

First reach the library, we chose some board books for him. He was all excited to see all the books..

[caption id="attachment_855" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Books books.."]Books books..[/caption]

And we were seating at the children's table and chair..

[caption id="attachment_856" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="reading with mommy"]reading with mommy[/caption]

But apparently his excitement of reading did not last for long. He was busy throwing the books around within a few minutes.. And he wanted to walk around and take the books down from the shelves... *sigh*

But well the good news is.. lately he's willing to walk around.. I hope he can walk by himself soon :)

And ah.... before I forget... the 4th teeth (front, top right) finally emerges this morning!! Vio has officially 4 teeth now! 2 nights before, he kept crying in the night for few times... I supposed he feels pain in his gum.. and yesterday I saw it swollen and in the place where now is his newly emerged teeth was red-color... My poor baby must be feeling very not comfortable that time..

30 November 2009

11 Month

Wah.. Vio is 11 month today.. time reaaaaaally flies too quickly.. I feel that he's so big now (as compared to few months back). Vio looks sooo tall now. Even when we went to the church, we met a little boy and his family, the little boy's grandma was saying "xx, say hello to didi.." then "wah how come didi looks bigger than you?" And apparently, that little boy is already 2 years plus.. haha...

As usual, every 29th of the month is Vio's "photoshooting" timeee... This time, I took photos of him with... his BALLS!!

[caption id="attachment_850" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Master of the Balls"]Master of the Balls[/caption]

It's amazing how he's not getting bored with Balls after being "mesmerized" by it for few weeks liao. Normally with other toys, the "chemistry" don't last that long.. After few minutes of play, he'll get bored of it liao. But not with balls.. The whole day, he can just keep chanting "balls.. balls.. balls..." and busy crawling around the house to catch (and throw) his balls..

.. which is a good thing actually.. considering balls are cheap and long lasting! As in they won't spoil coz you throw them too much. They are meant to be thrown around!

[caption id="attachment_851" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Posing with the ball"]Posing with the ball[/caption]

26 November 2009

3rd teeth

[caption id="attachment_847" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Sucking my pointing finger"]Sucking my pointing finger[/caption]

Right after I'm wondering why Savio still has only 2 teeth, while other babies of same age have 4 or more teeth liao, Savio's 3rd teeth finally emerge! It was first noticable on 21 Nov 2009. But of course, it was still so tiny that almost impossible to take photos of it.. And I also don't think he'll voluntarily open his mouth wide wide in front of the camera.. haha..

This time it's the top left teeth... Well.. I think very soon his 4th teeth will emerge... Til then, stay tuned! ;)

24 November 2009

Vio's Many Styles

During weekend, Vio has invented some "new" styles that are Truly Savio!

  • Turning his whole body in a circular motion, using his buttock as the pivot. You know what I mean? It's like using his feet to move in circular motion while sitting down, so he's moving 360 degrees and still at the same position! Haha!

[caption id="attachment_841" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Vio Posing"]Vio Posing[/caption]

  • After clapping his hands, Vio now likes to..... pose! Yeah, right.. pose! It's different poses each time. It's the hand that doing the poses..  He will fold his hands in front of his body just like an adult does... but much much cuter!! And the pose can last for few seconds each time.. haha..

And that's not all.. check out Vio's other poses during the weekend...

[caption id="attachment_842" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dolphin Style"]Dolphin Style[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_843" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Ain't I Sexy? ;)"]Ain't I Sexy? ;)[/caption]

So.. which style is the cutest?

23 November 2009

Tragedy at the Escalator

Something bad happened today...

Today as I'm going back to office after lunch time, I saw this Malay teenage guy with his grandma walking slowly. They stopped in front of the escalator and it seems like the grandma is scared to ride on the escalator. The guy tried to show his grandma how to take on the escalator. After few tries, the guy happen to accidentally ride on the escalator without the grandma. So the grandma is still stunned at the foot of the escalator.

And there I was, standing behind the grandma. And trying to be a good person, I wanted to help her ride the escalator. So she ride on the escalator while holding my hand. But somehow, both her feet is not at the correct place (I suppose they're at different edge of the escalator) so she lost balance and I tried to pull her but her hand slipped off mine, and bhum! She fell down... I think she knocked her head a bit against the escalator too.. Luckily someone quickly stop the escalator after that..

I was so shocked when she fell down.. and feeling really guilty that I can't pull her such that she didn't have to fall down... and also for trying to be a good person but then... the grandma fell down.. I shouldn't have tried to help her get to the escalator.. Maybe if I just let her wait for her grandson to come back from his escalator ride, she'll ride on the escalator successfully.. *sigh* feeling so guilty now :(

But luckily too, after the incident, the grandma seems to be perfectly alright. She can walk and say that she's fine.. But still.. I'm feeling bad coz indirectly, she fell down because I wanted to help her :(

19 November 2009

A Baby & His Balls Collection

For a 10.5 months baby, I think Vio has an amaaaaaaaazing collection of balls. Yeah, his most favorite toys now are balls. He looooooves to throw balls around, catch them, and throw them, and catch them... and go on and on and on..

[caption id="attachment_834" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Going to catch my balls"]Going to catch my balls[/caption]

Leeeet me try to count.. Hmm.. I think he has at least 8 medium-big sized balls.. (those are the ones I can remember for now) anddddd (that's not all!) at least a dozen of small ones... wow.. that makes it 20 balls or even more!

[caption id="attachment_835" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Busy playing"]Busy playing[/caption]

A note: the photos above are not "showcasing" all of his balls. Some are still scattered somewhere around the house and has yet to be "found"..

And he has THIS many balls is because not long ago, a neighbor that Vio often meets almost daily in the park, gave him 4 balls. 4! at the same time! and when my parents & brother were here last month, they also bought him about 7-8 balls.. ahaha and he just love it!

And talking about balls, Vio can say "ball" now.. OK actually it sounds more like "bah" instead of "ball" but anyway... we think he's trying to say "ball".. ;)

And he can also say "bewwhh".. Make a guess on what it means? Haha.. it means "bird"! (He's referring to the birds sticker on my bedroom walls).

A Scrapbook Class!

I just joined a scrapbook class yesterday at Laines. It's my 2nd time joining a class, the 1st one was at MWL where we created 3 LOs using MME Bloom & Grow collection.

Yesterday I took the Yummy Scrummy class, which is a mini album class using Fancy Pants Mixed-Media album. Initially I'm not too sure whether or not I should join, but I have a $35 class voucher expiring end of the month, and I felt like joining a class. But when I saw the sample, it seems so simple that I'm not sure whether or not to join it. But well, in the end I did, and I'm glad I did!

Yeah the project itself was quite simple to do, but I had fun doing it. Learnt some new technique: painting the chipboard and do glitter embossing. That's the 2 things I won't do at home, coz it's messy messy messy... ^^

Just to share, this is the front cover of the sample album... Mine will be about the same, just without the stitching.. I'll be too lazy to stitch.. hahahaa... My album will be used for Vio's 1st bday party album.. so will be 2 more months before I upload my finished "product"

[caption id="attachment_830" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Yummy front cover & messy sb table"]Yummy front cover & messy sb table[/caption]

And talking about classes, few weeks back, when I was at laines registering for this class, I overheard an ang-moh asking the cashier: "Can I register my maid for classes?"  I was like... "huh?!?!?!" and thinking... why don't you register me instead?? haha.. that's one very lucky maid hor?

18 November 2009

A Wedding in a Sunday Afternoon

OK yeah I know, this post should come before the previous post. But anyway, as have been mentioned in the previous post, we went to attend a wedding at SFA on Sunday afternoon. It was Willy & Nadya's wedding! The wedding was quite memorable as they're such a fun couple, they did a Latin dance in front of everybody! Wow.. something that I think I don't dare to do.. hehe.. And they also decorate the place with lots of balloons.. which I think is very smart! The place looks quite different with all the balloons..

[caption id="attachment_823" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Noo.. don't bring the balloon near me!"]Noo.. don't bring the balloon near me![/caption]

And we also met many other babies there... there were Caelia, Iggy, Allen, and Claire (Yulia's daughter)!

[caption id="attachment_824" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Handsome + Pretty = Nice Match!"]Handsome + Pretty = Nice Match![/caption]

Overall the party was great! And Savio was happy too as he gets to eat the strawberry, kiwi, and peaches from the tart (and mommy gets to eat the plain tart leftover).. hehehe... but it was so hot outside that Vio was so tired when he reached home..

[caption id="attachment_826" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Who's the most handsome one??"]Who's the most handsome one??[/caption]

Ten Little Toes

[caption id="attachment_816" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Ten Little Toes?"]Vio's Little Toes[/caption]

Oops now that I realized that it looks like only 9 little toes instead of 10! Haha! Dun worry... the 1 little toe must be "hiding" behind the quilt! Kekeke..

The story goes like this... One lazy Sunday afternoon, after going out to attend a wedding party that I haven't written about yet, Vio was sooo tired, he slept right after he had a shower. AND of course, as usual, he doesn't like to sleep alone. He'll keep crying every pre-defined time interval (which is about 10 - 15 mins) if I put him to sleep in his own cot... And based on many many past experiences, he'll sleep soundly if I put him in my bed.... But since Vio's getting active nowadays, we're always scared that he'll wake up without crying, and fell down from the bed! So.... *sigh* I need to accompany him sleeping.

Not that I want to sleep, really. I was just lying there beside him to keep him company. And after close to 1 hour, I started to get bored. 1 hour lying down (and not sleeping or doing anything at all) can be rather boring, yeah? So... I started to snaps Vio's sleeping photos (again)!

And I was in sephia kind of mood..

And so.. I captured 2 of Vio's favorite sleeping style!

[caption id="attachment_817" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sleep Style #1: following mommy"]Sleep Style #1: following mommy[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_818" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sleep Style #2: the whole bed is mine!"]Sleep Style #2: the whole bed is mine![/caption]

So.. which style is cuter? ;)

Oh luckily.. not long after, the Taiwanese drama Ai started.. so I can watch it while keeping watch at Vio in front of the door.

And we thought that he'll only wake up the next morning. But alas, at 8:30pm, right when the drama was in the climax, he chose to wake up (after close to 3 hours sleeping!)

Ah.. talking about sleeping... I also measured his height.. and it came out to.... 83 cm!!! Woah.. that's fast...

17 November 2009

Mini Album - Genting

Wow.. it's my 4th mini album so far!! 4! OK it might not be that much, but for me it's quite a lot.. hehehee... the 5th one is still in the planning stage (read: the photos are not yet chosen and printed!) :)

For this mini album, I made my own 6x6 accordion album! So it means it can be opened from either side.. The materials are mostly from Cosmo Cricket Earth Love collection that I reaaaallly love..

[gallery orderby="title"]


  • Papers: Cosmo Cricket Earth Love

  • Embellishment: Cosmo Cricket Early Bird chipboard & stickers, Thickers accent, Maya Road sheers, Making Memories Spiral Journaling Book, 7G stickers, Prima flowers, Pink Paislee Fetching rub-ons, Fancy Pants rub-ons

  • Alphas: Thickers

16 November 2009

Family LOs

Hmm... I guess I must be in a family-kinda mood as my LO for this "batch" is all about family ;)

[caption id="attachment_792" align="aligncenter" width="295" caption="simply irresistible"]simply irresistible[/caption]


  • Papers: K&Co Wild Saffron & Studio K

  • Embellishment: K&Co Wild Saffron Tag Pad, MME Die Cuts, Making Memories Jumbo Brads, Kaisercraft Rhinestones, 7G stickers

  • Title: MME Rub-ons

[caption id="attachment_793" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="grandpa, grandma & me"]grandpa, grandma & me[/caption]


  • Papers: K&Co Studio K, Cosmo Cricket Early Bird, Fancy Pants Delight

  • Embellishment: K&Co Wild Saffron Tag Pad & Chipboard buttons, Hambly stickers, Umbrella Thickers accent, 7G stickers

  • Title: Thickers, Doodlebug alpha stickers

[caption id="attachment_794" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="times like this"]times like this[/caption]


  • Papers: K&Co Studio K

  • Embellishments: Basic Grey stickers, Hambly Overlays, 7G stickers, K&Co Blue Awning Journaling Pad

13 November 2009

Captured Moments

There are 2 expressions of Vio that I can't capture using my own digital camera. I'm so happy that our last photoshoot can capture these 2 valuable expressions..

Throwing the balls

This is the first one. It's a photo of Vio closing his eyes tight while throwing something. Oh yeah, he likes to do that. He will close his eyes tight tight if he feels scared of doing it, such as throwing things around, opening the door to see daddy's behind it. Isn't his expression cuteeee?

Crying face

Haha.. this is the 2nd one.. it's his crying face!! Look at how he can arch his mouth to form a n-shape.. kekekekek... it's also difficult for me to capture his cry.. well.. if he's crying, i can't possibly be "busy" taking photos of it right? ;)

Our 2 Years Celebration ^^

We had a worthy-to-remember anniversary celebration yesterday! And the day began with.. something sweet!

[caption id="attachment_780" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="A Card & A Cookie"]A Card & A Cookie[/caption]

Hmm.. Isn't the cookie looks just yummy? I got it from Famous Amos, but we haven't tried it yet til now actually.. And in response to this, pi was commenting "why 2? Isn't it our first anniversary?" -_-    Apparently he kept thinking that it's our 1st anniversary since Vio is about to turn to 1 year old! Haha...

Anyway, that's only a small "surprise" I've prepared.. the real one is coming sooon.. We went off from our house at 10+ am, and I didn't wanna tell pi where we're going.. Let him be curious.. hehe.. isn't it more fun? ;) And so.. we stop at Bukit Batok MRT Station..

Pi: Are we going to St Mary church?
Me: No.. we're going to CSC..
Pi: (A bit frowning) Huh? What do they have there?
Me: (Giggling but still no answer)

Only when we reached CSC, I finally told pi: we're gonna have a couple spa! Hehe.. Yup yup it's our first ever couple spa!! Have always wanted to try it out, but normally it's quite expensive. But since currently got a 1st-trial promo from UOB, I decided to try it out, and doubled as a gift for pi ;)

We had our spa at The Ultimate, located at level 5. The place was nice! And the spa was biiiiiiiiggggg.. at least much bigger compared to other spa I went to (with the exception of True Spa, which was also biiigggg..)

[caption id="attachment_781" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Couple's Spa"]Couple's Spa[/caption]

We chose to have a Balinese massage with red wine. It was niiiiiicee.. (But few hours after, both pi & me are feeling aching on whole of our body.. hehe...) And the couple's room have a jacuzzi inside it, so we soak in it after the massage (with red wine too) for about 20 mins. Oohh.. it was so comfortable. I wish they let us stay in the jacuzzi longer! And it was so romantic too, as the light was dimmed and the jacuzzi have many different light colours.

After the whole thing was done, both of us feel so sleepy. If only they provide a bed there so we can sleep! But of course they don't.. And luckily, they didn't hardsell the package to us.

So after that, we continued our "journey" to Westmall, where we had our lunch at Swensens, completed with the sundaes! Yummy yummy!

[caption id="attachment_782" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sweet Treats"]Sweet Treats[/caption]

And not to forget, I think I should show the newest "accessories" to my-otherwise-boring cubicle...

[caption id="attachment_783" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="A Gift from My Darling ^^"]A Gift from My Darling ^^[/caption]

..and what is that, you wonder? It's a digital photo frame! It can show jpeg files from SD card or USB drive. Pi said since I love to look at Vio's photos at home, he's giving me this one so I can see Vio's photos at office too. Ooohh.. I love it! Thank you darling =)

[caption id="attachment_784" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Happy together - 2 years"]Happy together - 2 years[/caption]