29 September 2011

The Secret

Finally.. the secret of sleeping Caitlyn is revealed!

After weeks of her getting up hourly at night, we decided to try something new.. that is.. to switch off the light completely. And.. amazingly it works!!

Previously we used a dim sleeping light but maybe that's still too bright for Caitlyn. Apparently she prefers total darkness to sleep in.

Well she still wakes up but at least not hourly! Even sometimes she sleep straight from 10pm to 3.30 or 4 am.

Wow that's certainly a blessing :)
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26 September 2011

Caitlyn 5 month: sit supported

At 5 months, Caitlyn can sit well while supported. She can also laugh at people's joke (especially vio). She loves to go out and loves to smile to strangers that smile at her.

She seems to dislike to be put on her tummy. If she accidentally go to tummy position by herself, she'll cry! So cute ya..

At night, she wakes up more and more often as compared to the previous months. Hopefully it will not happen again in the months to come! :P

Oh.. she can also start to lift her hands up if she want to be carried! And if she see mommy's home but not carrying her, she'll cry..

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22 September 2011

So Cute Together

Don't you think that Vio and Caitlyn just look soooo cute together here?

The photo was taken earlier this morning and I just love it! :)

Actually the more I see them together, they actually look more and more alike! Haha..

21 September 2011

I Love You = I Bite You?

It's really heartwarming to see Vio and Caitlyn play together. Though this actually only means making high-pitched sound (kinda similar to screaming) at each other. But they both seems to enjoy it. And Caitlyn seems to really like playing with her big brother.

Caitlyn seems to be a bit scared (but excited) to see what Vio did (most of the time was jumping). Every time Vio made a sudden move, she'll blink her eyes, scared to see what's going to happen next but yet, excited. Haha..

Few days back, when they were playing together happily, suddenly Caitlyn cried very very loud, and we saw her fingers shaking. When I see closer, OMG! There's a bite-mark on her finger! And it was rather deep! Sigh... Vio bite Caitlyn (again). He likes to do it on purpose though we told him not to, many times. Though he loves his mei-mei, I'm wondering why he would purposely bite her... :(

13 September 2011

Sleeping Time!

I was so happy that Caitlyn wanted to sleep in the baby cot (unlike Vio who refused to sleep in the baby cot). But I guess I was happy too soon.

For the last few days (or is it weeks?) Caitlyn refused to sleep in the baby cot. Once I put her down, within minutes she'll open her eyes, look left and right and left and right again, and then start to cry. But if I put her in my bed, she's ok! Sigh.... Vio and Caitlyn is the same after all.. Just that Caitlyn can sleep in the baby cot for longer period.. Haha..

And talking about sleeping, lately she wakes up reaaaaaallll often at night. Last night, the ones that I remember were: 2:30am, 3:30am, 4am, 4:30am, 5:30am, 6:30am... Arrrggghhh.... And not to mention those that I don't remember.. LOL... Her mouth will be like a fish, rooting for milk. And once I fed her for a little while, she'll fall asleep but not for long.. She'll wake up and do the same again... -_-

Not sure whether is it because she's still hungry?? But when morning came and she roots for milk again and I dun wanna give her, she'll wake up with happy face (full of smile). And when we bring her out, she doesn't look like a hungry baby. She's still full of smile and want to play (not asking for milk). Sigh........ Will the time when she can "sleep through the night" come soon? I hope so! :p

12 September 2011

A Bday Celebration ^^

I'm officially in my last year as a 20-something =p

Heard that Vio was the one choosing the birthday cake! As usual, he chose pink color. Seems like he likes pink color (just like his mommy) hahaha...

In the afternoon, we planned to go to the city area, as pi mentioned there's a laser show in Marina Bay (and I never heard of it before!). But I wanted to eat in Asian Kitchen. Somehow I missed their noodles. Haven't eaten that for about 2 years I think.. LOL... So we went to Marina Square as according to internet, there's a branch there.

Sadly....... apparently the Internet wasn't updated... We couldn't find any Asian Kitchen there... So in the end we had Thai Express instead :D

But it's a good thing that we went to Marina Square. Apparently they were having an event for toddlers. There were some free games, and one of them was bowling game with a very big ball. Being a ball fans, Vio was suuuuuuuuper excited to see the game and wanted to play it.

Luckily the queue wasn't too long :p

Next we went to Esplanade, and sit along Singapore river, relaxing and hoping that we can catch the laser show from there. Walking to where the laser show is was way tooooo far....

Just when the show was about to start..... it was drizzling... Dotzzz.... So in the end we didn't watch the show... Hahahaa... Well, there's always next time ;)

08 September 2011

Playing Together

It's really cute to see that Savio and Caitlyn can start to play together!

Savio loves to jump around, and at first Caitlyn will be a bit scared she closed her eyes everytime Vio jumped. I think she's scared on what her brother's going to do next.. But after sometime, she'll start to get excited and laugh out loud. And Vio, upon seeing there's a happy audience, will be more than happy to keep jumping around to entertain his audience :p

06 September 2011

An Infection

Our poor little princess is down with an infection on her skin... :(

It started about a week ago when some rashes started to show on her left armpit area. The rashes became bigger and with pus inside. Then some dries up but it was spreading.. More and more rashes can be seen around the area... She didn't look disturbed nor does she look like she wanna scratch around the area. So the good news is that it's not itchy :p

So today I decided to bring her to PD. The PD mentioned that it's a fungus infection. Not dangerous but can spread quite fast. He then gave us some cream and powder to apply. I hope the rashes will be gone soon! ;)

Oh.. yeah... today we weighed her and she's 7kg now! She looks quite chubby ya :D

Eeks.. Why does the pic came up as rotated.. Haha.. nvm... Well this little princess of ours lately are always mesmerized by her fingers and toes... She loves to play with them. Pretty soon she'll be able to suck on her toes! :p

And here's her smile. She really love to smile ;)

03 September 2011


Yesterday when I brought Vio for a playdate in choa chu kang, when the mrt passed by bukit batok, Vio suddenly shouted excitedly: "Mommy you see! You see! McDonald's house!"

Boy, I was shocked! (there was a quite big McDonalds in bukit batok). Have we brought him too often to eat McDonalds? Hmmm.. No.. We seldom eat McDonalds, and even if we do, I'm pretty sure that I never mention the name McDonalds before.. Did he learn it in school??

And just when the mrt passed by bukit gombak, he shouted again: "McDonald's house!" what?? There was no McD in sight. And after that he said: "Old Macdonalds.." oh!!! I sighed with relief. Apparently what he meant was the buildings roof in bukit batok and bukit gombak area are similar to the ones pictured in old Macdonalds song. Wahaha!