19 November 2009

A Baby & His Balls Collection

For a 10.5 months baby, I think Vio has an amaaaaaaaazing collection of balls. Yeah, his most favorite toys now are balls. He looooooves to throw balls around, catch them, and throw them, and catch them... and go on and on and on..

[caption id="attachment_834" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Going to catch my balls"]Going to catch my balls[/caption]

Leeeet me try to count.. Hmm.. I think he has at least 8 medium-big sized balls.. (those are the ones I can remember for now) anddddd (that's not all!) at least a dozen of small ones... wow.. that makes it 20 balls or even more!

[caption id="attachment_835" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Busy playing"]Busy playing[/caption]

A note: the photos above are not "showcasing" all of his balls. Some are still scattered somewhere around the house and has yet to be "found"..

And he has THIS many balls is because not long ago, a neighbor that Vio often meets almost daily in the park, gave him 4 balls. 4! at the same time! and when my parents & brother were here last month, they also bought him about 7-8 balls.. ahaha and he just love it!

And talking about balls, Vio can say "ball" now.. OK actually it sounds more like "bah" instead of "ball" but anyway... we think he's trying to say "ball".. ;)

And he can also say "bewwhh".. Make a guess on what it means? Haha.. it means "bird"! (He's referring to the birds sticker on my bedroom walls).


wie said...

He is so smart boy!

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