21 December 2009

Maid oh Maid..

It's been quite an eventful weekend...

It starts on Friday morning. When pi & I just reached Lakeside MRT to go to work, pi received a call from home, and apparently, my MIL and the maid was quarrelling again! They have quarrelled for few times (some of it involves screaming, btw), but most of the time it's only a bit of high-pitch tone and that's it. In fact, lately they seems to get along better.

Initially that day I was taking half day leave to buy stuff for my family (since we're going back soon) and also do some window shopping peacefully (something that's difficult for me to do now!). I was really looking forward to having my own sweet time during that half day leave. But since got that "incident", I have to go home early, so finally I can't even enjoy my only "free" time :( Was quite upset that day..

When I reached home, all was peaceful already, but the maid and my MIL was not speaking to each other. The maid only kept herself busy reading magazines instead of doing housework. She must've been really upset.

It was just a small matter actually, we asked my MIL to ask the maid to change the light bulb in our toilet. 

My maid version: she replied to my MIL that she doesn't dare to do that, then my MIL gets angry and say that the maid doesn't want to do what she (my MIL) ask her to do, and that she can do it herself if the maid doesn't want to, and at the same time hitting her own chest hard. That caused the maid to be angry also coz my MIL was using high pitch and hitting her own chest.

My MIL version: the maid replied that if not me/my hubby ask her to do it personally, she won't do it. So my MIL gets so angry when she heard that.

OK, I don't know who's telling the truth here.. Both side saying different things. I think there are only 2 possibilities:

  1. My MIL has some kind of "prejudice" that the maid will reply like that to her, and she was so sure that the maid will say that. So even if the maid reply something else, what my MIL thought she was hearing is the one that she expects to hear. Hey, it's possible!

  2. The maid has two-face. In front of my MIL she will say A, but in front of me she'll say B.

But now I think it which one is correct doesn't matter anymore lah. Let's just take possibility no 2 as the correct one.

The next day (Saturday morning), the maid was already packing her stuff and ready to go. And since both my MIL and FIL doesn't want her to stay at our home already, we didn't forbid her to go. My MIL even said that if we still want to hire her, she'd rather go back Indonesia, coz her heart can't take it anymore with this maid -_-

So pi called the maid agent to come and pick her up. While waiting for the agent to come, my maid refuses to do any housework! She was just sitting and reading magazine, even when I ask her to do stuff, she'll do it very half-heartedly and want to refuse to do it. Quite an attitude hor? I mean, she was still working at my place! But anyway, I just close 1 eye lah, no need to think too much about it.

When the agent came, he shouted at her loudly and scold her loudly too. Oh.. I think he'll scold her even more after they left our place. Before going, we wanted to give her some extra money for her family, but she refused to take it. And she also cried while saying bye bye to Vio. Yeah I know that she loves Vio and treats him very well. Vio is sooo cute and lovable.. Who will have the heart to ill-treat him? ;)

Later that day, the agent came back and bring a new maid with him to see whether we're ok with the maid. The maid looks quite young but looks patient (she's a Javanese, maybe that explains). I hope this maid can get along well with my MIL. One thing for sure, this maid can get along well with Vio! She also has a 1 year old baby back home. Vio likes the new maid once he looks at her, and Vio wants to play with her too. The cute thing is, when the maid went back with the agent, Vio cried!! Wow.. saw her for few mins and he started to miss her..

I hope that's a good sign.. hehe.. We'll only get the maid fastest by this coming Wednesday/Thursday. We shall wait and see :)


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