08 December 2009

The chance that I've been waiting for

Yesterday my boss was asking me (for the 2nd time, btw) whether I can travel to Europe for 6 months or not.. Europe!!! It's my dream to go Europe!! I've always wanted to go there.. but 6 months.. is quite long.. of course he said can come back in between, but still..

The first time he asked, my answer was: "Can.. if I bring my baby along.." hahahaa.. The 2nd time round, I started to do more thinking.... and the more I think, the more I feel I want to go. This is the chance that I've been waiting for for years. And I think this kind of chance won't come twice.

But quite in a dilemma... I don't want to miss Vio's cute everyday moments too.. But of course impossible for me to bring him there... who will take care of him when I'm working?

So confused now.. But now the travel arrangement is not out yet... I hope it will be a good one.. like maybe... can go back every month for 1-2 weeks? If like that then I'll consider going... Then in between the 6 months, pi can visit me there for few weeks (bringing Vio along)... oh oh.. isn't it so wonderful? But then, it's still a dreaaaaam.. dream dream dream...


Annz said...

woooowww... u hv to go there.. definitely!! :))

Annie said...

Just GO!!!

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