15 December 2009

Get Well Soon..

Last Friday, I was surprised to receive an sms from my dad (who were going for a holiday with my mom to China, again) that my mom was admitted to hospital that morning because she can't close her right eye and her mouth. The doctor there did an MRI, and all turns out good, and the doctor said maybe it's just a cold (masuk angin). FYI, it was winter there and it was very cold and windy. My mom was then discharged from the hospital. My dad says her conditions is already better now.

Since the air ticket can't be brought forward, they still stayed in China until yesterday, the scheduled time to go home. And they transit in Singapore for 2 hours. So I went to see them at the airport yesterday.

Amazingly, I found this "Intercom" place where we can talk to and see the people inside the airport, with a glass panel in between. Changi Airport really good.. The tool to talk to each other via the glass panel is also provided!

Anyway, my parents managed to find their way to the Intercom, and when I see my mom, I feel so sad... Her right eye can't blink (so it's always open as normal), and she can't move her right side of the mouth to make a smiling face. So if she smile/talk, the left side of the mouth will go up and down, while the right side stay put. So sad to see her in that condition :( Luckily I managed to hold my tears when they were there, otherwise I think my mom will be even more sad.. :'(

I hope it's not actually a stroke.. They will try to look for medication in Jakarta first. If things don't get better, they will come to SG again for the medication.

I hope my mom can get better again soon.. And show her smiling face again.. Please help to pray for her..

Some updates:

Thank God it's not stroke. It is diagnosed as "Bell's Palsy". It is a condition that causes the facial muscles to weaken or become paralyzed. It's caused by trauma to the 7th cranial nerve, and is not permanent. There is a good chance of recovery. Oh.. I'm so much more relieved now.. I hope she'll recover soon!


reffine said...

nananana.. wish your mom can recover soon yahh.. dont worry.. last time my mom also like that, got bell's palsy, but now she's ok already :)

ya that one think because of too tired or the part of the body is too often expose to cold weather like i.e. aircon..

reffine said...

oh ya.. btw i didnt know got the Intercom room at changi hehe.. how u know about that?

ourlittleblessing said...

oh yeah i also didn't know until yesterday.. hehe.. just walk around to see where's the closest "point" that I can meet my parents lo.. then happen to find the intercom.. I was at terminal 2, level 3. It was just behind Sakae Sushi

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