05 December 2009


How many times in a day do you kiss your baby? For me.. hmm... I would say... uncountable!!! Well, definitely more than 20 times a day.. Everytime I see his cute face and pinchable cheek, I'll feel like kissing him again and again. Just love him tooo much! =)

Over the weekend, Vio can understand the sentence "Kiss Mommy" and "Kiss Daddy"! When we ask him to kiss mommy/daddy, he'll shift his head to be closer to our cheek and muackss! Our cheeks will then be wet with his drool.. haha.. but of course, it's really sweet... Who would't be happy to be kissed by a baby? ;)

And Vio's understanding of words has increased a lot lately.. When we asked "where's lamp?" he can point it with his fingers. He also knows door, fan, ball, keys, jesus, mommy, daddy, nai2, yeye.. so smart of him!

For the weekend activity, as Saturday was raining, we didn't really bring him out (except for a haircut, which will be in another post). So for Saturday morning and afternoon, Vio was busy playing.. balls.. of course it's balls.. what else?? haha.. Balls are still his fav so far.. and the 2nd fav would be to destroy the pile of blocks that mommy is building.. he seems to enjoy this activity.. when he sees the blocks piling high high, he'll quickly go to the blocks to "destroy" it.. maybe he likes the loud sounds it makes?

[caption id="attachment_872" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vio the destroyer"]Vio the destroyer[/caption]


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