04 December 2009

Important Announcement!

OK.. Uhm uhm.. I have an important announcement to make.... For all who don't know yet... I'm opening a small online scrapbook shop!! That explains why lately I'm rather slow with my own scrapbooks and also blog-updating.. I got a new "baby" to take care of ;)

After thinking for a loooooong time, finally I decided to give it a name Aimee Creation. "Aimee" is from a French word which means Beloved. Why I choose this name? Well, because all of the products are made with love! This shop provides premade scrapbook layouts and handmade cards for various occassions, and also custom scrapbook layouts according to your requirements.

Just for a sneak preview, here's some of the layouts I did for Aimee Creation:


Feel free to visit the shop at http://aimee-creation.blogspot.com


wie said...

i like the owls'..very cute..

aa said...

Waaaaaa... hebat kamu!!!! Congrats on the blogshop opening =D. Semoga sukses :) :) :)

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