11 December 2009

On Egg Tart

About a week ago, we bought few Prima Deli egg tarts, which was actually meant for my FIL who just love egg tarts. When Vio saw the egg tarts, he drools... And I mean really drooolllsss... Not the normal type of drools.. He wanted the egg tart sooo much that he drools a LOT until all parts of his chin are covered and the drool drips to the floor... And his face look like he's looking at the most yummiest food in the world.. If only I take photo of his expression that time.. It was so funny!

And yes, in the end we did give him some.. How can you have the heart to resist when a baby shows that kind of face?


gisela said...

uhh... getting miss how delicious the prima deli's cake is..

ourlittleblessing said...

hmmm.. i thought the cakes in jakarta are much nicer?

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