17 December 2009

Hao Bao-Bao

"Hao bao bao.. hao bao bao... wo yao zuo yi ge hao bao bao.."

Yeah that's part of the lyrics of Vio's current favorite song.. He learned it from the Chinese children song DVD that we bought for him sometime back. He loves it a lot! He can stare at the TV for a long time if we're playing the DVD for him. And somehow he gets all excited when the song title came out, he'll make some sounds like "uh.. uh.." and his eyes open wide wide..

And lately he's getting smarter. Yesterday, he can take the DVD box, pass it to us mumbling something that sounds like "hao bao bao" (and according to pi's mum, he started to pressing the button in the DVD player). He asked us to play the DVD for him! Tsk tsk tsk.. what a smart boy...

Aside from the song, Vio loves to clap hands nowadays.

[caption id="attachment_910" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Clap clap"]Clap clap[/caption]

If other people are clapping, or if he knows that he's doing something good, or if someone sing for him, he'll clap his hands!


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