01 March 2010

A Blessing in a Bad Day

I won't deny that I hateeeeeee hate hate supporting one of a system at work. Sadly, I'm the only one supporting that system and all the problems will come to me. The system was soooo utterly very very poorly developed, and the database design is really cannot make it.. I've never seen a system so badly developed as that one. I think not even in my university time I'd develop something that bad. I'm not exaggerating here.. If you need to support the system, you'd know what I meant. The processing and all was actually supposed to be simple, but the developer made it such a way that it's complicated, and even so troublesome and time-spending to maintain.

And last friday, the big boss requested to change some of the figure in the report. And with this so-called "great" system, it's not just a matter of changing the value in db, and "poof!" the report is changed. Well, I think a system should behave that way! Sadly, this system design makes things difficult since it copies the data from one table to another table, and from the other table to some other table etc etc etc.. so I need to trace the code to see which data need to tweak and which process need to be re-run... And instantly, on Friday I was such in a baaaaaad mood!

To lighten my mood, on 11am, I decided to go for Laines make&take session. (Laines is a local scrapbook store in SG). Well, initially I didn't intend to join it, as the thing to make isn't that interesting. But hey, going to a scrapbook shop will certainly brighten my day, won't it? ;)

So finally I went to join the make&take, we made a Valentine's door hanger. Not bad, at least I can hang it on my door! haha.. And the thing I love about make&take is... having a discount voucher for shopping! That day the promo was 4 item for 40% off. And so I grab 4 items that I like, and I see this 1 paper that I like! But that makes it as 5 items, right? So the additional 1 paper would need to be paid as a normal priced item.

When I went to the cashier to pay, the conversation goes like this. FYI, I frequent the shop so often (most of the time to see see and oh-ah only, and sometime to buy something small), until almost all the shopkeeper know my face liao :">

Cashier: You own a VIP card, right?
Me: Umm.. No, I'm a privilege cardholder
Cashier: Waaattt? You've been coming here for so long, how come still holding privilege cardholder? Currently we have a promo: spend min $50 and you'll get upgraded to VIP (normally must spend a LOTTT to be a VIP member, that explains why I'm not a VIP yet hahaaa)
Me: Oh.. I think my items are less than that... No need la..
Cashier: Hmm.. tell you what.. I'll give 15% discount for the normal-price item (that's the VIP discount), and issue you a VIP card.

Waaaaaaahh.. I was so happy! The cashier girl was so nice to me! I got Laines VIP card now... (15% off normal priced items) kekekekee... At least I got something happy in the blue day :)


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