31 March 2010

Updated First 20 Words List

[caption id="attachment_1144" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Manyun"]Manyun[/caption]

Just look at that mouth!!

LOL. It's very cute hor? (but after sometime of seeing it, it'll start to be irritating.. hahaa) Vio like to make that kind of expression lately. So cuteeee.. and sometime he'll just do it and admire himself in front of the mirror.. hahaaa..

Anyway... sometime I go I posted Vio's first words, right... Now, I just remembered that there were some "missing words" not included in the list yet. So here goes the updated one!

  1. Ball (or Bo-a == bola)

  2. Mamama (mommy)

  3. Dadadada (daddy)

  4. Nanana (nai2)

  5. Jezzzzz (Jesus)

  6. Berrrhh.. (bird)

  7. Pa-po (referring to a chinese song dvd that he likes)

  8. Baaa.. (banana)

  9. Paaa.. (Opa)

  10. Ji taaaaa… (ji tan == egg)

  11. Pecah  (= break)

  12. Jatoh (= fall down)

  13. Daaa.. (da xiang = elephant)

  14. Mammmm.. (eat)

  15. Bobo (=sleep)

  16. Peee... (apple)

Wah.. 4 more words to go to reach 20 words!


we said...

jadi inget...gaya g waktu dia masih so little...and masih ompong...

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