05 March 2010

Becoming Less Wiser?

I have just had one of my wisdom tooth extracted yesterday! But of course, it does not making me less wiser.. wahahahaha..

Early last week, my gum was swollen, and according to the dentist, I need to extract my upper right wisdom tooth coz it's getting "longer" such that it's biting my gum now. And the bottom wisdom tooth is not out yet. I hope it won't be out ever!!

So since my parents is coming to SG, I scheduled the extraction to be yesterday. At least I'm getting an MC on that day, so I can accompany them going around before the extraction.. kekekekee.. So yesterday, I brought them (and Vio) to IKEA, which is near to Alexandra Hospital, where my tooth will be extracted.

It was their first time going IKEA, and they quite like it. And Vio love it a lot. According to my parents (who was taking care of Vio when I went to the hospital for a while to get my tooth extracted), Vio was sooo happy he kept running around, and wanting to climb the tables, and also busy spinning the TV console base for TV.. ahahaa.. He kept walking around for about 1 hour.. wow... amazed he didn't feel tired.. hehehee..

Oh, anyway, the extraction process was (luckily) simple one. And it was so fast!! Just when I thought the lady doctor is going to start doing it, she said that it was done already! I was so amazed... Not much of "krrkkkk" sound that I was expecting (it's the sound of teeth roots I guess).. The process was like.. less than 10 minutes.. (including the anesthesia injection!)

And sadly, since it was just considered a simple extraction, she didn't give me MC for the next day. I was kinda hoping she'll issue an MC on the next day (so I can accompany my parents going around again) hehehee... hey, even my boss this morning said to me: "oh, so finally you didn't extract the wisdom tooth? Why are you here today?" *sigh sigh sigh*.. I want MC!

Well, honestly, since this morning I saw some bleeding again, I was tempted to go to a doctor to get an MC for today.. After all, I got an "excuse" to get an MC.. Hahaa! But in the end, my conscience stop me.. kekekekekee... That's a proof that I'm not becoming less-wiser without 1 of my wisdom tooth, eh? ;)


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