25 February 2010

Sayonara to an Old Companion

After accompanying me in office for the last 1.5 years, my very old and slow computer finally decided to rest peacefully forever. In the morning, when I just arrived to office and decided that I should use the new LCD my office assigned to me, I tried to start up the computer as per normal. But then, it refused to on! It just hang there..... and when the IT guy came to check, he pronounced that the motherboard has reached its end of life...

So then, I had to use the new computer that I haven't got time to configure, and sadly, I also haven't got the chance to backup any data from my old pc. I plan to do it after the Purchase Request for a new keyboard&mouse for the new PC is approved. Yeah, the new PC is not actually new, it once belonged to an ex-colleague which has left the company for 2 months now. Since his computer is considered quite high-specs, I requested for his PC. Little did I know, people was already stealing the keyboard & mouse of this computer! Can you imagine!! So I had to raise a request to buy the keyboard & mouse, and there was sooo many layer for approval. But since my old one was already pronounced dead, my boss started chasing after people to approve the PR. Soooo today I can buy the keyboard & mouse!

Since I got nothing to do at office without a computer, my boss said that I can go and buy the keyboard & mouse. So off I went to Popular at Toa Payoh Central. I reached at 11am sharp, only to find there were already so many people waiting outside the gate, and I was wondering why.... Apparently, the door was stucked!! Popular is supposed to open at 11am, but today there was some kind of a electricity fault such that the gate can't be opened. After 15 mins of waiting, finally Popular employees managed to open the gate slowly, manually...

Heheee.. sooo.. now I started using my new pc.. let's hope that this one will be much faster than my previous one. The previous one was just.. can't make it! :p


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