05 March 2010

At His Own Time

It's just amazing to see that a baby can suddenly do something by his own..

Like for example, we have this little doughnuts stacker, the baby's supposed to put the doughnuts through the standing "stick" base. And since the box has the sign "6m+", which means that the toy is for 6 months+ baby, when Vio was 6 - 7 months old, we kept trying to show him how to put the doughnuts thru the stick. But he didn't seem to be interested at all. All he was interested in was to either bite the doughnuts or throw them around!

That goes on until we kinda give up teaching him to put the doughnuts thru the stick. And then, the stacking toy was kinda "buried" under all other toys, and Vio didn't get to see them much, until recently when I tidied up the toys, and he saw the doughnuts again.

When he started playing them again, it was justtt.. amazing! Without us telling him that the doughnuts need to go thru the stick, he put them thru the stick! Isn't that amazing?

[caption id="attachment_1064" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Stacking the doughnuts - Savio Style!"]Stacking the doughnuts - Savio Style![/caption]

Ahem, of course for now he's stacking them as according to which doughnuts his hand can reach first. but sometimes he's getting it correctly too.

[caption id="attachment_1065" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Stacking the doughnuts - correct way!"]Stacking the doughnuts - correct way![/caption]

Now, next stop is.... shape sorter! Kekekekee.. since Vio 11m+, we have started showing him how to put the correct shape to the correct hole. But again, he doesn't seem to be interested. All he does with the small shapes is... spinning them or throwing them around, only to catch them and throw them around again. Soo... all the small shapes are now scattered around the house, some maybe hidden under the sofa or under the bed or under the TV console, I'm not sure... but I know for sure that the number of shapes we are left to play with is getting lesser and lesser.. WHAHAHAA.. I hope when it finally occurs to him that it would be fun to put the shapes into the holes (instead of spinning/throwing them around), there's still some shapes left for him to play with.. hehehee..


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