16 March 2010

Changing PD!

I'm soooooooo gonna change PD that Vio is seeing...

Last night, since Vio still refused to eat for 2 weeks now, we decided to bring him to the PD we normally bring him to. Actually from the beginning I didn't really like the PD that much... But since it's very near to our place and he also has after office hour consultation, so I thought nvm la.. Anyway we normally seldom bring Vio to see a PD, and we will bring him only after we're back from work..

Apparently the queue was suuuupppeeeerrrr long yesterday. There are more than 10 patients before Vio's turn! Woah.. We waited for about 1 hour before it's finally our turn.. tsk tsk tsk.. Oh yeah, before I forget, @ 14.5 months, Vio's weight now is 11.4kg, and the height is somewhere around 84cm. Which is more than enough for a 2 year old boy...

The thing I don't really like about the PD is that he's not really spending time to say "hellooo" to the baby to make the baby feel at ease with him. He also doesn't really want to explain about things, just say everything as "it's normal".

So yesterday, as usual, the PD was wearing a mask (which of course scare the baby, don't u think?) I've checked with my friend, and according to her, her PD is not wearing a mask, and her baby loves to go there.. oh yeah.. soo.. yesterday, as usual, my PD didn't try to be "friendly" with the baby, just talk briefly to us, then want to check on the baby directly. And Vio, seeing that a stranger want to touch him and insert something alien in his clothes, cry incontrollably. He cried and cried and tried to escape from this "scary person".  And I can see that the PD was quite upset because of it. Everytime Vio saw that the PD is approaching, he started crying sooo loudly that I can hear other babies in the waiting room started crying. Crying is contagious, eh?

I've never seen Vio cried until like that. He almost vomitted from too much crying! The PD was saying that Vio was having a stranger anxiety and that we need to bring him out more. Then I was thinking: hey, he was perfectly fine with other people, even people he doesn't know and only pass by at the lift, Vio will normally smile at them, and sometimes want to shake their hand! Well, I think if the PD at the first place at least tried to smile or play for a while with Vio to make him feel more comfy, Vio didn't need to cry until like that :(

And in the end, as you can guess, the conclusion from the PD was: Vio is perfectly normal. He's just going thru a normal phase of choosy eater. Even when I say Vio can just take 2 spoon for a whole meal, he said it was fine. Can you imagine: only 2 spoon for the whole meal, and the PD is not concerned at all? I'm not sure whether I can trust the PD's words or not :( He still can say that at Vio's age, he should be getting more nutrition from solid instead of milk. So we should give him solid more. But how can we give him solid if he refused to open his mouth while seeing we're going to feed him something!

Actually we wanted to have the next dose of injection for Vio at the same time. But seeing how much Vio dislike the PD, we decided to look for another PD to do the injection. Hopefully Vio will like the other PD... And pi&I was saying to each other that we're not gonna go to that PD anymore...

Ah, talking about crying... here's a photo of Vio wanting to be out of the stroller. No, it's not taken yesterday.. Just a cute photo of him pretending to want to cry.. hahaa..

[caption id="attachment_1096" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Let me out!!"]Let me out!![/caption]


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