10 March 2010

Our Honeymoon (Taiwan) - Part I

Ahem ahem... I know this is kinda late to write the details of our honeymoon, but hey, better late than never? ;) Before my memory starts to fail me, I better write about this first!

Pi has heard many positive "review" of Taiwan from his friends/colleagues, so he wanted to go Taiwan for our honeymoon, and I'm the type that will be happy to go anywhere.. Hahaa.. So one day, we went to this Natas Fair at Singapore Expo, and saw that one of tour package from SA Tours had the places we wanted to visit (the must-visit place was Alishan and Taroko Gorge), so we booked it straightaway. I remember we actually booked it for 26th Dec 2007, so we don't need to take so many days of leaves. But somehow, the person handling our booking must be blur or something, she wrote it as 13 Dec 2007! And that day I was in a rush, as I remember I need to go home early to watch Swan Lake show with Allie. So after booking, we only checked some fields, such as our names (that's the most important thing right?) and kinda assume that the date would be correct!

Oh yeah, I think I should mention this, for the first time ever, pi & I was quite lucky! There was a promo that we will get a sure-win thing if we pay using Citibank credit card. Initially I thought, with our luck, maybe what we'll be getting is... hmm, let me see.. Pen? Book? LOL... But guess what? We got a Electric Steamboat & BBQ set! Waaaaaahh.. Soo happy.. Ahem, not that we use it often.. I think so far, we have used it twice only.. LOL...

Reaching home, we put the form aside, and kinda forget about it, until few weeks (or was it months?) later, when someone from SA Tour called me, I think it's about the briefing or remaining payment or something, then she mentioned the date "13 Dec 2007". And I was saying that our departure date was "26 Dec 2007", but she said she was sure it's 13 Dec and ask me to check the form again. To my horror, the form did write it as 13 Dec!! Aiyoooooooo.. and by then, nothing we can do to change it back to 26 Dec since it was already few weeks before departure date. Felt kinda upset, coz what we paid should be for more "peak" period (well, 26 Dec must be a super peak period right?) but in the end, going for a not-so-peak period. But there was no use keeping ourself upset about this, just let it go and enjoooyyy the trip ^^


Oh oh, finally our departure day was coming. I remember we were quite excited. We're meeting the tour guide in the airport in the afternoon, then we checked in (our flight was China Airline, about 3pm+). And a pleasant surprise is.. The plane was quite full, so we were upgraded to Business Class! Yippeee...

The journey was about 5 hours+, and the movie played during the journey was The Bourne Ultimatum.

When we reached Taipei, it was already quite late, I think about 8pm - 9pm. And once we went out of the airport, it was sooooo collddd we literally run to the bus. OK not as cold as snow season of course, but it's our first time going to a place during winter time, even though not as cold as snowy places. And considering we're from Singapore where it's hot hot hot hot hot summer all year round... Hmm.. the coldest weather in Taiwan that time I guess should be about 10-15C..

Since it was already late at night, the tour guide (we have 1 tour guide from Singapore, Gene, and another local tour guide, Tony) brought us to a nearby mall (Tai Mall) where we have our dinner in the foodcourt.

[caption id="attachment_1079" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="First Meal in Taiwan"]First Meal in Taiwan[/caption]

We bought beef sukiyaki served in hot plate. And I must tell you.. It is veeeeeeeery delicious. Moreover compared to Singapore food that's mostly bland in taste.. LOL.. And the mall was cutely decorated with cute figurines for Christmas.. I love it!

[caption id="attachment_1080" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Tai Mall"]Tai Mall[/caption]



We woke up very early morning to start our journey.. But we didn't feel sleepy, coz we're too excited maybe.. kekekekeee...

After breakfast, we took a bus to Jioufen Old Street, which was, as the name suggest, and old street.. LOL.. The street was quite narrow and the decoration was traditional Chinese. It was nice! There were many small shops along the street, selling food and other stuff. Here we tried (and bought) a lottt of packets of mochi. The mochi there are niceeeee! We bought quite a lot for our family and friends. And here we also bought some ocarina, which is Taiwan's traditional music instrument.

[caption id="attachment_1081" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Jioufen Old Street"]Jioufen Old Street[/caption]

Oh yeah.. we reached there quite early morning, so most of the shops were still closed. But not long after, the shops started to open.. And you know what? Small cars and motorbikes are also going thru this street! Tsk tsk tsk.. such a small street and yet some cars still wanna go thru the street..

Afterwards, we took a train, followed by bus, to go to Taroko Gorge, which was huge huge huge mountains of marbles. The view was amaaaazing. We suddenly felt like we were just small small ants as compared to the nature.

[caption id="attachment_1082" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Taroko Gorge"]Taroko Gorge[/caption]

I think the photo doesn't really do the place justice. The real one was muuuccchh nicer.

That night, we stayed overnight at Promised Land resort.

<< to be continued >>


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