08 March 2010

The Trouble Eater

For the past few days, Savio refused to eat!! This time more serious than ever, since he's not even willing to open his mouth to try the food. When he sees food, his mouth will shut tight. I wonder what's wrong with him? There are so many possibility of the causes, and we don't know which one is the real cause:

  1. The big teeth is coming out?

  2. He has sorethroat/ulcer?

  3. He's bored with all food?

And he even sometime rejects milk. Sooo worrying! When I tried to give him the biscuit that he once love, he'll open his mouth, but after few seconds, spit the biscuit out. And he doesn't even want to eat banana, the fruit that he loves so much! But there's a new biscuit that he just tried, and he can finish it. Maybe he's just bored of the old one?

I'm not sure whether it has any relation with the method used by my old maid to make him eat: she'll say that she's giving him biscuits, and hang the biscuit in front of his mouth to make him open his mouth. Once he opened it, she'll slip the spoon full of porridge to his mouth instead of the biscuit. I didn't agree with the method, actually. But since my MIL seems like didn't mind the method (as long as the baby's eating), I just closed 1 eye. But now I kinda regret. Maybe somehow it now caused Vio to dislike mealtime? And maybe not believe in what we'll give him to eat? *sigh*

He's getting skinnier again now, and I feel that when he walk, is not as stable as before. As in, he'll fall down easily because the feet is not strong enough. Well, he doesn't have enough energy coz he didn't take any food! He even doesn't want bread, which he normally like very much too.

Out of desperation, finally on Sunday we brought him to... KFC! LOL.. Yeah not a good place to bring a baby for a meal, but better than not eating at all, right? So we let him try the mashed potato.. and he likes it! He can finish the whole bowl! Wah I was sooooooo happy.. At least there's something that he's eating that day! hahahaa...

So going back home, my MIL tried to imitate the mashed potato, even reuse the same packaging from KFC. But somehow, Vio just knew it.. He didn't even want to open his mouth to TRY.. *sigh*

Well, today I met a friend during lunch time, and she mentioned that her baby (same age as Vio) is also going thru exactly the same phase! He refused to eat anything after breakfast. Not even milk, bread, etc. Feel so relieved that there are other babies going thru the same thing. So tonight I'll try making the breakfast that my friend's baby like: Swedish Muesli.. sounds nice hor? Kekekkeee.. I hope Vio will want to eat it tomorrow morning! ;)

PS: we've also just bought a multivitamin for Vio to boost his appetite. I hope it's working! Otherwise, need to bring him to see paediatrician liao :(


Annie said...

why not ice cream?! hehe

ourlittleblessing said...

oh.. already given him liao! Hahaaa.. but only few spoonful...

wie said...

klo gak salah inget ...vitamin b1 itu bikin pengen makan deh..tapi g ga tau works for baby or not..karna yg nyoba temen g..hehehe

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