13 March 2010

Too Many Stressed/Lonely People?

I'm wondering whether the number of stressed/lonely people in Singapore increased lately?

This morning on my way to work, I'm standing near to of a guy, which I thought was inconsiderate. The MRT was full packed, people are standing like sardines in a can. And this guy was sitting sloppily, his legs are stretched to the front such that noone can stand in front of him. When I saw him this morning, I kinda thought that I think I saw him before.... And not long after, I remember clearly. I really did saw him before. Because he started talking to no-one! No, he's surely not talking on the phone, as he just turn off the handphone. He was just like grumbling and talking (to himself I suppose), I just pretended I didn't see or hear him.

And few weeks/months back, also inside MRT, few times I saw this old uncle, speaking loudly and singing (with a bit of dancing and clapping hands) inside the MRT! It's like he's having a show or something. And after finish with the chinese version, he also did another show in English. He first talk loudly, inviting people to watch him, then continue with the singing and clapping hands. His voice was quite nice, actually. But I can't help feeling sad and also scared.. Sad because they might do that coz they're lonely and need attention? And scared because... not sure how mentally stable they are.. How if they suddenly attack me or something? Kekekekee.. ok maybe I'm thinking toooooo far..


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