09 March 2010

First Visit to the Zoo

On Sunday, we brought Vio for the first time to the zoo. The zoo friends card (from pi's company) was already booked 2 months in advance. That time, it was the earliest available timeslot for the card.. Wow! Seems like this card is so hot.. Anyway, actually that day my parents were also in SG, but they weren't interested to go to the zoo again, so they chose to go around SG themselves.

So we also brought my MIL and our maid to the zoo (since there are 4 adults that can go to the zoo for free). We went with full enthusiasm, thinking that Vio will be very excited to see all kinds of animals.. Elephants, tiger, monkeys, etc etc..

We started off from home at about 9:30am. Yeah it was quite late already... annddd... apparently that's the timing of taxis change shift... We waited for 1/2 hour for a taxi to stop and pick us up! Tsk tsk tsk.. And during the journey in the taxi, Vio fell asleep... And he was still sleeping when we reach there, and watch the first show about monkeys and other rainforest animals. He woke up during the 2nd show that we watched, which is mainly abt sealion. But it was soooo crowded that I think he can't see much.

So after that, we brought him to see the elephant show. And guess what? .... He's not interested at all! When we pointed the elephants to him, he pointed back the "fan" that's rotating above our seats.. -_-  Apparently, fan is more appealing than the biggest animal on earth.. LOL..

And when we brought him to see a polar bear, he didn't feel interested to see the gigantic bear swimming around. Instead, he keep saying "ball.. ball.. ball.." as there's a ball in the pool where the polar bear is swimming..

Apparently, Vio is still too young to appreciate the zoo. We felt quite disappointed that our visit to the zoo didn't turn up to be the way we expect it to be. As in, Vio didn't really enjoy the zoo, maybe coz it was so hot... Or maybe coz he has not enuff energy to be excited (as he refused to eat almost anything). 

Maybe we should try again next year or even later than next year..

[caption id="attachment_1075" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Singapore Zoo"]Singapore Zoo[/caption]


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