20 March 2010

Love You, Daddy

[caption id="attachment_1118" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Muackss"]Muackss[/caption]

Awwww.. isn't it such a sweet thing? Vio loves to hug and kiss daddy from behind! Maybe it's his own way to tell daddy "I love you"? ;)

Oh yeah something cute... whenever Vio see daddy just came home, the first thing he'll do is.... to ask daddy to play with him! Like maybe he'll pick up a ball and go towards daddy.. Look like asking daddy to play with him. Whereas if mommy's the one who just came home, Vio will fast fast approach mommy and.. lift up his hand, asking to be carried! hahaaa.. maybe daddy's more fun to play with? ;)

Just for rememberance... the following is the list of words Vio can say so far, in the order that the word first came out of his mouth:

  1. Ball (or Bo-a == bola)

  2. Mamama (mommy)

  3. Dadadada (daddy)

  4. Berrrhh.. (bird)

  5. Baaa.. (banana)

  6. Ji taaaaa... (ji tan == egg)

  7. Pecah  (= break)

  8. Jatoh (= fall down)

  9. Bobo (=sleep)

Wah so far only 9 words yaa.. I hope the list is getting longer soon.. LOL..


wie said...


I' so Glad to hear that!!!

btw..ga di ajarin manggil kuku yah..hehehehe ^_^

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