12 March 2010

A New Addiction

I was sooooo bored in the office this week, with most of my jobs already finished (waiting for my system to be tested now. I'm sure when the user starts testing, I'll be super duper busy!)

So since I was so bored, and with nothing much to do, I started looking for something new to do... and then based on recommendation from a friend, I started my journey on... Restaurant City in Facebook! LOL.. Hey, I don't normally play any game in Facebook at all, ok.. This would be the 2nd game I tried on facebook (out of sooo many games and so many people playing for so long already.. yeah I know I'm kinda late...) and I like it!

In this game, we can design the layout of our restaurant, where we want to position the table, chair, door, window, other decoration.. And based on the coins we have, we can buy new furniture, flooring, etc to decorate our restaurant. And we can also learn new recipe if we have the ingredients. Sounds kinda normal, but I tell you, it's addictive! Hahaha! We can even design the toilet and garden in our restaurant.. I love this kind of designing thing :) Just that, the coins never seem to be enuff to buy the nice nice decoration/table/chair/etc to put in the restaurant..

Oh, I was quite confused on what to name my "restaurant".. For now, I name it "Munch House" kekekekee... not so creative ya? Still looking for a new creative name now...

[caption id="attachment_1085" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Restaurant City"]Restaurant City[/caption]

That's the current layout of my restaurant. I think I want to change the flooring. Brown, pink, and yellow is just toooooooo "dangdut", don't you think? Hahhaaa.. Wait wait til I have more coins first.. I also want to change all the chairs and tables.. wah I guess that wun be so soon... Changing all will needs loooooots of coins.. LOL...

Oh yeah, one thing I also like about this game is that we can hire our friends to be our employees.. They'll be either a cook/waiter/janitor.. hahaaa... Hmm.. now my hand is itchy to start playing on this game again... But must endure!! Can't let my boss see me play this during office hour.. LOL.. Just now he saw my screen and commented: "Wah.. Restaurant City ya.. my son also playing it.." LOL.. Lucky it was still considered lunch hour... Ahem.. before 2 pm is considered lunch hour la hor? ^^


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