11 August 2010

Vio's New Toy

... Yeah yeah, new toy (again)! It seems that buying toys is kind of an addiction.. wahahahaa...

Monday was a public holiday, so we brought Vio to Toys R Us at Forum Mall (since we still have the $40 Toys R Us vouchers not utilized yet). There were 3 things on my mind that we can buy for Vio:

  1. Train track set

  2. Garage set

  3. Lego/Megabloks brick set (Vio has a brick set which is nonbranded, but I find it to be so lousy. Difficult to put together, and sometimes difficult to take out, or sometimes too easy to came off.. and the color not so interesting too)

With these things on my mind, we arrived at Toys R Us at Forum Mall, which was apparently quite bigggg.. It occupies the whole level! Hmmm.. next time we can go here again if we got somemore vouchers.. waahahhaa...

I was so happy to see that Lego Duplo was having some promotion... But first we went to see Thomas train tracks.. Oh oh there were soooo many types! I was so tempted to get 1 for Vio coz he doesn't have any train track set yet.. But then... apparently the age guideline was for 3+ kids. I read somewhere that we might be tempted to buy toys that are too "big" for our babies, but it's better to follow the guidelines written in the toys... Hmm maybe the guideline is right.. Vio may not be ready for a train track set yet... I'll wait 1 more year before getting him one.. hahaa... oh, and there were many many types of tracks.. all so nice til i dunno which one should we buy (next year, I mean). But let it be next year's problem.. hahahahaa..

For the garage, we saw there's 1 from Tonka which was not bad, then we decided to go see the Lego/Megabloks first. On the way, I spotted this really cute pooh chair, and Vio happily sit on it and put on his octopus mouth style for mommy to take photo.

[caption id="attachment_1537" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Mommy asked me to sit in this chair"]Mommy asked me to sit in this chair[/caption]

Hey, I didn't really ask him for octopus mouth. I asked him to SMILE. But that's the face he gave me.. sigh..

Taking a look at the bricks section, we quite like the brick box set from Lego Duplo series. Seems quite interesting. Megabloks one was very standard (no wheels, I mean). So finally we decided to buy this one:

[caption id="attachment_1538" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Lego Duplo"]Lego Duplo[/caption]

It's Lego Duplo Large Brick Box! It's quite nice coz it has got wheels inside (very important piece!!), got figurine, and also got windows to make houses.. hehehee.. really not bad. Back at home, Vio love the new brick blocks set a lot. The quality is far more superior than the non-branded blocks Vio has.. (Well, of course good stuff doesn't come cheap hahaa) And he really likes playing with the "uncle" figurine. Now that I think of it, I should've intro the figurine as "koko" hor... But nvm, now is too late.. Vio already keep calling for "uncle" hahaha...

Oh yeah, on that day, we also visited ELC, which has really nice toys with really nice price tag too. And the shopkeeper gave Vio a baloon! Wow Vio was soooo happy that he kept kicking the baloon... -_-  I hope it won't "explode" soon..


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lego nya dah jadi apa?? di post yah..hehhee..cucu kepo nih...

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