12 August 2010

Bad Habit

Vio had a really bad habit that's difficult to cure: he loves to poo just before he sleeps at night. And I mean it's when he has finally settled down to sleep (after about half hour playing on the bed), he'd suddenly keep quiet, and suddenly there's a "nggggggg...." sound... *sigh* well, you know what he was doing when there's that sound.. And after poo-pooing, he'll start to close his eyes, ready to sleep... eeeksss! Sooo gross!

What I normally do is: quickly get his changing pad, change him, and then make him sleep (again. Another half an hour!). Well, that's the ideal situation. Sadly, once I open the diapers, he'll suddenly realise that he can't sleep yet (and he's very very sleepy already). Then he'll start crying and try to sit up anywhere (and we'll try to stop him from doing so). And the poo-poo can go all over the place... the bed sheets, his clothes, foot, yuckssss! It's a mess!

Last night, the same thing happens. After half an hour of play on the bed, he wanted to settle down to sleep, and... "nnggggg"... then after sometime, he start to close his eyes, face sideways, hugging his beloved hippo, and want to sleep. And as usual, I wanted to check whether he really poo. But this time round, he didn't let me! He kept crying once I start opening his pants.. It's just like he's crying out: "I wanna sleep! Don't disturb me!!"  And it's happening few times. So finally we just let him sleep, waited until he's in deep sleep, then start to change him.

Well I tell you... changing when he's sleeping is much easier actually. He didn't jump out or try to sit on the bed with his dirty buttock. We can change him peacefully and he didn't try to stop us. 

Hmmmm maybe we should really ask him to poo-poo before we bring him to the room to sleep (though yesterday he refused to poo-poo before going to the room)...


w said...

wadouhh..kok vio bandel banget.... sleep with poo poo... iyaks... i think he's getting comfort with something cold cold thing under his pants.. yaks!

talk to him to pup b4 go to sleep ?

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