26 August 2010

Hippo Oh Hippo..

No doubt Vio's favourite for bedtime is still Hippo. Vio always call for Hippo if Hippo is not in sight (for example, if Vio happen to lie on top of the poor Hippo, then Vio will start calling for "Hippo? Hippo?")

So what does Hippo do? He'd "sing" & "dance" to the song that mommy sing for Vio. He can also "tickle" Vio, and Vio like to tickle Hippo back too. Hahaa.. Sometimes Hippo will also wear Vio's pajamas (on the days Vio refused to wear pajamas. Once he sees that Hippo's wearing his pajamas, he'll immediately ask us to put on his pajamas on him.. hahaa).

Other than that, Hippo's most important role is to be there to be hugged by Vio while sleeping, and to have no complaints as Vio bitten on every part of his body repeatedly every night. No doubt Hippo is getting thinner and thinner, and smell of milk! (ps: he used to be a fluffy one). And not to mention, he's getting more and more yellowish... Sad thing is we can't buy a new one for him... We never see it selling in the stores, and we can't see the brand anymore (Vio bite it too much until it can no longer be read).

Nevertheless, here's a photo of the 2 bestfriends sleeping together :)

[caption id="attachment_1601" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Vio & Hippo"]Vio & Hippo[/caption]


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