25 August 2010


Vio was giving us a "surprise" last night.

We were having dinner, and Vio also ate his dinner with us. Sitting in the same table, with his own plate and spoon, trying to scoop the contents to his mouth using the spoon, all by himself.

Among the dishes, one of them was perkedel, something that's seldom seen on our dining table. At one moment, I put some cut perkedel in his plate (without telling him what it is), and he scooped it out and taste it. And do you know what he say?


Wow I should say we're all surprised. He can recognize the taste/texture of potato!! We didn't tell him what we're giving him, neither did we tell him it was made from potato. But he just knew! So proud of my little boy :)


w said...

Such a Smart Boy! huuuu miss him so much...^*^ muaachhh for vio..

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