10 August 2010

Daddy's Back!

Daddy's finally back from his business trip to KL. Vio & Mommy sent daddy to the airport on Monday (2 Aug 2010). We also played around Changi Airport. Just got to know that there's a place called Aviation Gallery in Terminal 2. Vio quite like this place, as it has got "flowers" which he can turn turn turn turn...

[caption id="attachment_1534" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Aviation Gallery"]Aviation Gallery[/caption]

After daddy's checking in to the immigration, I brought Vio to play in Terminal 3 playground, which was very very small. However Vio can apparently play there for very long. I wonder whether he doesn't feel bored with it.. There were so little to play with... We also went for "crayon drawing" which was available in Terminal 3.

At 11am, I brought Vio to ride Kiddie's Fun Ride in Terminal 3. It was quite good, though apparently at 11am, it wasn't ready. So I chose the one that's already ready: baloon ride, in which I can ride together with Vio. At first I chose giraffe.. But apparently Vio was so scared of the giraffe coz it was very tall and big... He didn't dare to ride it.. :(  So in the end, I chose the cat. And Vio was excited he wanna ride it with mommy when he see it :)  It was quite ok... rather boring after few rounds, but nice to try.. hahahahaaa... And definitely cheaper than the rides in Vivo ($5 for 5 minutes!!) Tsk tsk tsk.. This one cost only $7 for 20 minutes... But in the end we ride only for 8 minutes then we decided to go down liao... Coz only going around the same path.. :p

When Daddy was away, Vio kinda miss daddy... Especially in the last day. He kept asking for Daddy... Well, that week really did feel slow...

And finally finally finally it was Saturday!! Before going to airport, I brought Vio to play in Iggy's place first. Wow, Iggy surely got loooooadddsss of toys... He got 2 train tracks set.. Tsk tsk... That one will be on my list to buy next time... hahahaaa.. There was 1 train track set that was just opened when we're there... and.. all of us (especially the adults) are sooooo amazed.. as it was apparently so high-tech... It's sending the beads here and there using Thomas train.. there are the tracks for train and a way especially for the beads.. Just amazing.. Don't think such things exist when we're small.. sigh sigh.. toys nowadays really make the adults envy.. wahahahaaa..

Anyway, we arrived at the airport just on time, but apparently Daddy's plane was delayed... So it was quite late when we finally see daddy again. Vio was rather shy at first (though when he saw daddy waiting for the luggage, he kept screaming "daddy daddy!!!"  But when the real daddy came out, he was shy shy, though in the end he wants daddy to carry him..

And daddy also bring home some toys for Vio... two of his favourite: ball and bus!! :)


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Bus! bus!!! ..

boool...boo.. hehehe... kinda miss the expression when he says it..

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