20 August 2010

The Foot Print

For the longest time, I've wanted to get the hand and footprint of Vio ... even before he was born!

When I was heavily pregnant, I was considering whether I should get the clay-mould type (where the baby foot and handprint will be shaped in a mould, which then can be framed or integrated with a photo album), or ink-type (where all we need to do is apply the baby-safe ink to baby's hand and foot, and voila! We have the hand and foot print on paper, or anywhere you want it to be). After much consideration, I decided to go for the ink-type. We can make many many hand and foot print and have it in many papers!

.... But I was shocked to see the price... $24.90 for a small pad of baby-safe ink!! OMG that must've been daylight robbery! So in the end, I didn't buy it, and afterwards Vio was born, and this "wish" was kinda half-forgotten in the midst of chaos, being a new mommy and all.

... Until recently, that is.

Somehow recently, I remembered about this unfulfilled wish of mine, and was determined to purchase the baby-safe ink, before it's too late (i.e. Vio's hand and foot no longer "cute" to be stamped anywhere, though it's kinda late already now). And being me, I tried to source it anywhere that I can think of (to find a cheaper alternative, that is). I saw it being sold in Amazon with a much much cheaper price and decided to buy from a spree. However the nice organizer was saying that according to Amazon website, the packaging might be big, hence higher shipping cost, so not worth it to spree from there. I looked around in online shops in Singapore, but it's selling at the same price ($24.90). In the end, I gave up the search.

So one fine day, I stopped at Raffles MRT to buy the baby-safe inkpad from one of the stop there. For $24.90 of course. Sadly the ink doesn't come in black color. I'd have to choose between blue and pink. So in the end, of course I chose blue color. Though black would've been ideal..

[caption id="attachment_1562" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="Baby's Touch Inkpad"]Baby's Touch Inkpad[/caption]

Going home in my excitement to try out the inkpad, I chose a bright scrapbook paper for Vio to "ink" his hand print there. I showed him how I did it with my own hand, and he was happy to make a right hand print on the paper! Yay!! I was so happy!!

.. Then it was the left-hand turn... He was happy to ink his hand with the inkpad, but when it comes to put his hand on the paper, he suddenly look so scared... hmm.. I wonder why he feel scared ya?? He already did it with his right hand... So I let the matter rest for that day...

Another day, another try.

I let Vio ink his hand and stamp his handprint to a paper, he'd happily do it. Then I took out the same scrapbook paper, and... he refused to do it. Again. I'm wondering why?

[caption id="attachment_1578" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Half-Successful Attempt"]Half-Successful Attempt[/caption]

So finally, I just took a clean blank paper from his drawing book, and... Voila!! He happily stamped both of his hand print there! Not only the hand, the foot was also stamped! Heeee... I suppose I gotta be satisfied with this.. After all, better than no stamp at all? :)

[caption id="attachment_1579" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The End Result!"]The End Result![/caption]


nicholas said...

wow.. that's cute! where did you buy the inkpad from? is the ink easy to remove?

ourlittleblessing said...

hellooo... i bought it from a shop selling baby things in raffles xchange... if u want, faster buy!! hehehee... (before nicholas getting bigger and bigger) :D i think i saw it last time in robinsons too.. and there are online shops selling it too (can just search for baby safe inkpad or something like that)... yeah it's easy to remove (just use baby wipes will do) ;)

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