03 February 2010

Graduating from Daddy's and Mommy's Bed

After 13 months of having our bed hi-jacked, pi & I finally decided that it's time for Vio to graduate from our bed, and move to Nai2's bed. Partly also because Nai2 wants someone to accompany her sleep.

Don't get mistaken by Vio's size! Though he's slim and the smallest compared to pi & me, he took the biggest space in the bed, and leave mommy and daddy very little space to sleep, barely able find a spot to sleep on the bed. That's because he loves to toss and turn and toss and turn, which will end his foot on either my tummy or pi's tummy. And also, he has 2 favorite sleeping style:

  1. sideways, with his hands and legs stretched out in front, hence taking much space

  2. face up, with his hands and legs also stretched out to the side, hence taking much space too

[caption id="attachment_996" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Style 1: Sideways"]Style 1: Sideways[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_997" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Style 2: Face Up"]Style 2: Face Up[/caption]

Anyway, 2 nights ago we tried for the first time to make him sleep at Nai2's room, but no success. He was crying, coz the night light was toooooo dark that he feels afraid, and if the big light is on, he can't sleep either. So for last night, pi moved the side lamp in our living room to Nai's room to be the night light. And... voila!! Vio can finally sleep at his new room!

Well, of course when he first woke up and find me not to be there, he kept crying until he sees me, then he fall asleep again (which is always the case normally. Even if the daddy/nai2 try to make him fall asleep again, he will keep crying and looking for mommy.. hehehe..) But subsequently for last night, he can fall asleep again as long as someone is there beside him.

And last night, going to bed without seeing Vio taking over the whole bed, pi & I missed him a lot. Is it the parents that feels the separation anxiety more than the baby?? LOL.. We're used to see his face and shower him with hundreds of kisses each night before we go to bed, and last night we can't kiss him already. Somehow it feels like something's missing. But maybe it's better to "graduate" him now, before he's getting even more attached and more difficult for us to move him to sleep in another room.

But anyway.. that also means that I can use my bolster again.. oh my bolster, I miss you so much! When Vio's sleeping with us, I can't hug my bolster because there's no enough space for it.. haha..


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