25 February 2010

Our New "Toys"

From a long long long time ago, pi had wanted to have a game console, but then it was always a "wish" until recently. When we went to Iyok's place for a gathering, we played with his Nintendo Wii and it was quite fun actually, especially for gatherings.

After that, the thought of having a game console was much stronger. And it was only between Nintendo Wii and PS3. Since PS3 price was much more expensive, and there were only little games launched for PS3 so far, we decided to go for Nintendo Wii. And..... at the same time, a friend of mine happen to think of selling her Wii!

[caption id="attachment_1052" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Nintendo-Wii"]Nintendo-Wii[/caption]

So in the end we bought the Nintendo Wii over from my friend, and ever since then, pi was playing it everyday. OK, we got it only 5 days ago, so it's not that bad. Haahahaa...

We tried the Wii Sports (pi's mum also playing the Bowling game, btw. And she defeated pi & me!). I love the bowling and tennis game. After that, pi started playing Wolverine. I've asked my brother in law to help us get some pirated games at Jakarta, and he did! At Rp 10.000,- per piece only. Wowwww... less than $2!! Jakarta is really the best place for getting pirated things.. Hahaa!


a0z0ra said...

Erna... coba New Super Mario Brosnya deh.. really addicting group game :D... Rockband/Guitar hero juga

renata said...

wie boleh maen juga gak???

mupeng* mode on*

ourlittleblessing said...

ga bole! ahahahaa

we said...

peyit!!! huuu..

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