12 February 2010

Hello.. ? Helloooo?

Ah ah.. Savio is getting smaaaaarter at imitating adults... For a few weeks now, when he see a phone or handphone (and last time even remote control!), he'll press it to his ear, pretending to call.. hahahah!

[caption id="attachment_1010" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Hellooo.."]Hellooo..[/caption]

And he can use remote to on the fan, the aircon, and the tv! (but he doesn't know how to aim yet.. He just press the remote towards the thing he wants to on, sometimes successful, sometimes not)  Tsk tsk tsk.. kids nowadays are just so tech-savvy! Kekkekeeee..

Oh.. same thing if he see a comb.. He'll put the comb on his hair, looking at the mirror, and trying to comb his hair while smiling.. Wahahhahaaa.. what a cute scene..


wie said...

wah..he's getting smarter..muaachh...love u so..

@ vio :Hallo...

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