23 February 2010

Walking... Finally!!

Yayyy... The moment that we've been waiting for a long time is finally here! Vio can muster the courage to walk by himself well now.

It started on Thursday, when he just suddenly walked all by himself (without anyone tell him to) to another room. But that time, he still prefer someone to hold his hand while walking. By Saturday (20 Feb 2010) he can confidently get up from sitting position and walk by himself, quite stable. So just consider him to be able to walk at 13.5 months. kekekekee..

[caption id="attachment_1037" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Walking around the house"]Walking around the house[/caption]

It's kinda cute to see him walk.. Feel sooo unusual to see our baby can finally get up on his own feet.. Will be a matter of days before he start running around, hor? Well, he tried it already, actually. When we wanna brought him out, he walked to the lift in front of us. And I guess he was happy to be the first one to walk in front, and his walking pace was faster and faster, until it was too fast for his legs that he fall down, his cheek was touching the ground). And yes, of course he cried loudly! Haha..

And while walking, his fav toys is still... yeah yeah you guess right.. what else but BALLS! I wonder whether he really want to be a professional football player when he grows up.. hahahaaa.. he can now start kicking the balls (while walking by himself). And of course he can throw (and go after, then pick up) the ball like an adult do. And also walk around while holding onto the ball. Quite amazing hor? Well, he practised with balls days and nights, every single day.

And if the ball he throw happen to go under something (table, bed, chairs) and he can't pick it up, he'll do this..

[caption id="attachment_1038" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Where's my ball?"]Where's my ball?[/caption]

Kekekeke.. he's such a unique boy.. And not to mention that he can remember where the ball is... if let's say the ball is stuck under the bed (and nobody but him knows about it), the next time he goes to the room with us, he'll do just that movement to let us know that the ball is under the bed (and so, we need to get the ball for him).. kekekee..


wie said...

can't wait to play with him....

* send a very big hug for him n kissess...

wie said...

tinggi yah...he's taller than my 3 years old nursery student..

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